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Builders in Auckland

Finding a builder in Auckland can seem like such a daunting task at times! Where do you look, what qualifications and experience do they need and how much do they cost? Luckily we have made it simple here at Builderscrack to let the tradespeople chase you, rather than you chase them! Yet how will you know they can safely and correctly do your job?

Firstly it depends on the type of building work you want done. If the work is going to be structural, affect the water tightness of your home or involves designing a fire system, you have to use a Licenced Building Practitioner (LBP). For other building jobs, a builder who is not an LBP is okay to use, but you still could pick an LBP if you wanted. It is compulsory to use an LBP for those three types of work in order to ensure that all restricted building work (RBW) is done to a high standard.

How do I know if my builder is a Licenced Building Practitioner?

Once you have chosen one or more builders to find more details about, you can quickly check if they are an LBP by looking on the Licenced Building Practitioner website. This website holds a public register of all the LBPs in NZ. You can search for them by location, name or the details they will have on their LBP photo ID card. If you have not yet found a builder, you can also search the register to specifically find builders within the Auckland region who are LBPs.

There are six different types of building jobs in the register such as designers, carpenters and site or foundation specialists.  You'll need to make sure you hire an LBP who is registered to work on the type of job you want done. You will also need to check that they are certified to work on the type of building you are hiring them for. That's because there are three different categories of building types with each one requiring specific experience or qualifications from the builder.

What do I do if my builder is not an LBP?

While it is compulsory to use an LBP for all RBW, not every job you want doing needs an LBP. If your work is not restricted, then hiring a builder who is not an LBP is fine. There are two trade organisations which help regulate the building trade and provide homeowners with the confidence to hire a builder that they do not know or have had a recommendation of. They are the Registered Master Builders Association (RMBA) and the Certified Builders Association of New Zealand (CBANZ).

The RMBA checks out the financial records and building history of all builders before it will accept them into their association. They also require members to either hold specific industry based qualifications or have a certain level of experience too. Members will also have their work inspected by the RMBA mobile team a couple of times a year and must follow the Constitution and Code of Conduct the association sets. As a homeowner, another big plus is that your RMBA builder is required to give you a third party written guarantee on all work they have done for you.

A builder who is a member of the CBANZ will also have had to have specific qualifications or a certain level of experience before they will be accepted. Their members also have to follow the Code of Ethics and Conduct, provide insurance to cover their work for the duration of their contract with you and give you a 10 year Homefirst Builders guarantee on the job they’ve done.

We can help you to find a builder quickly and easily with the City of Sails. List your building job with us here today!

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Reviews of Auckland Builders

29 Rishworth Ave

11th January 2017

“Thanks to Mark and Marty for completing our project in a timely manor appreciate the effort

Call John Paniora 021772798 for a verbal reference”

Work carried out by the owner/operator

Roof Repair

17th July 2017

“Excellent Job. Highly recommend.”

Work carried out by the owner/operator

New Fence

9th November 2017

“Great job. very good communication and the job was done in a timely manner. kept me updated every step of the way.”

Work carried out by the owner/operator

Reply: “Very pleased that's you and your family are happy with your new fence”

Rot repair

15th November 2017

“Accidentally broke my Spa pool cover by standing on it, could be more careful.”

Work carried out by the owner/operator

Reply: “Sorry about miscommunication, painter admitted to breaking spa and advised us not to stand on it cheers”

Bits and bobs

9th February 2017

“Thanks Gus for doing the job promptly and within the timeframe.”

Work carried out by the owner/operator

Minor Repairs

29th September 2017

“Prompt communication, cost came in under quote. Great service”

Work carried out by the owner/operator

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The extension involves a new bedroom with ensuite and walk-in wardrobe, a new kitchen, dinning room and deck. All on the ground floor. Building and resource consents from Auckland Council have already been obtained. So…

Need to cut part of the wall

refurbish existing garage. 6.2 x 3.2 cm

To repair a damage to the frame of garage door, it was hit by car backing up. It's the frame around it, not the roller panel door itself.

We are after someone familiar with fire stopping as we have 3 holes in fire walls that have cables running through them and have not been patched correctly therefore we have not passed our building inspection. We…

i am securing a site to operate a GYM/Fitness center and require the construction of a changing room area to the already existing toilet facilities, there are rooms connected to the toilets which will be the place we…

Need builder (or good handyman) to help up mount a 4m long awning (it's relatively heavy and we need to add a structure to mount it on top of our pergola). Thinking this is ~few hours work. Happy to pay additional hour…

Prepare and pour concrete pad approximately 4m x 3m x 150mm using re-enforcing mesh, coloured to match existing pathway and smooth float finish . The area has already been prepared with gap7 basecourse layed in ready…

Hi I'd like an entrance built to a 70s unit as shown in the attached picture. I've attached two photos of the current one and another photo of how I'd like it built (with stained wood). Also need the current door…

I am wanting to reframe three wardrobe doors for higher doors

Hi, looking for a builder or experienced tradie to install Clear Vue roofing panels on to an existing deck pergola approx 20m2. Need someone familiar with Clear Vue product to measure, source material and install…