How it works


Let us do the groundwork

We’ll match you with new clients based on your business details and preferences, you can then use the job description and photos to decide which lead invites you want to chase.

  1. Job posted
    We advertise Builderscrack to homeowners. They visit our site and tell us what they need help with using our online form.
  2. Match & distribute
    Our smart matching process will send you lead invites based on your settings.
  3. The chase
    Review job details and decide if you’re interested in the job. We’ll let homeowners know you would like to connect. They look over your profile and accept your request. Upon connection, we deduct tokens from your plan balance.
  4. Quote & complete
    Communicate through our platform, capture job details and provide a quote. The homeowner hires you and work starts.
  5. Review
    Once the job is done, the homeowner places a review on your profile.

Connect with confidence

When you chase a job, clients will look over your business profile to determine if they want to connect on the job.

Your Profile does the initial hard work of forming a great first impression — it’s a digital business card packed with information. This is your space to present your business to homeowners, with a business description, reviews, your trade accreditations, project photos and more.

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Frequently asked questions

No, we don’t offer a free trial. It’s free to create your account and once our team has verified your account details, a basic version of your business profile will be published on our Trade Directory. Clients will be able to send you a direct enquiry via your profile and you will need a paid subscription to access the details.

Your business profile is a professional listing which appears in our Trade Directory pages. It contains features for winning clients, including your BC reviews, accreditations and project galleries. Consider it like a digital business card, with essential business information that you can share anywhere with potential clients.

A lead invite is a job posted by a client. The majority of our jobs are posted to our website using a short job form, we then match the lead to suitable tradespeople and invite them to ‘chase’ the job. Clients can also post Direct Enquiries, this means they have posted the job details directly to the tradie they want to speak with. For both lead invites and direct enquiries, tokens are deducted when you connect with the client.

Each plan comes with an allocation of tokens. Once you have purchased a plan, you will see the breakdown of your token allocation and their lifetime on your balance page. Tokens are consumed when a client accepts your request to connect on a job. It is at this point of connection that we deduct the token value of the lead invite from your plan balance.

We follow up with the client on every job, reminding them to post a review. For each job you connect on, we advise asking the client to review you — they can review you for communications (if you weren’t selected to complete the job) or for workmanship (if you were selected to complete the job).

When you are new to Builderscrack, we encourage homeowners to connect and get to know you directly.

Our team runs ongoing digital marketing campaigns, using channels such as Google, Facebook, SEO and email to provide homeowners with a solution to their repair or renovation needs. We work hard to get our brand front of mind when homeowners have an idea or problem our trade professionals can solve.

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