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Covid-19 coronavirus: Peek into Builderscrack reveals state of the tradie business

12 July 2020 – Figures from - where punters can post jobs that tradies pitch for - indicate robust activity that seems to go beyond a post-level 3 bounce – read more

COVID-19: Post-lockdown home renovation boom welcomed by tradies

11 July 2020 – The new roofs we feel is an indication of people investing in their homes - so it's not all just immediate repair work, it's actually building the value," Wyn-Harris says – watch

Homeowners keen on renovations should get a move on

10 July 2020 – I believe homeowners are making the most of availability at the moment. Usually tradies are much harder to get in the warmer months and a fair bit of lead time is required for larger projects,” said Wyn-Harris – read more

Lockdown spurs home improvement bonanza for builders and retailers

08 July 2020 – June saw our highest ever number of jobs posted on our platform at just under 8000 for the month,'' managing director Jeremy Wyn-Harris said – read more

Loft living: How to make the most out of your attic space

01 July 2020 – Marketing and communications manager of Builderscrack Jeremy Gray points out that a ceiling isn’t typically designed to be a floor, therefore structural reinforcement will almost certainly be required – read more

Spark's WeDo follows Lightbox and Morepork out the door

16 June 2020 – Meanwhile, Builderscrack managing director Jeremy Wyn-Harris says job postings on his company's site were up 11 per cent to more than 7000 in May this year vs May last year – read more

Building 101: So you want to build a sleep out...

10 June 2020 – The person that builds it definitely has to know what they're doing," says's Jeremy Gray – read more

A Side Hustle Story

5 June 2020 – "The most popular side hustle are people selling online, renting out a room, freelancing using tools like Trade Me, Builderscrack and UpWork" – listen (5:09)

What you can and can't get a tradie for during lockdown

2 April 2020 – Builderscrack has provided the following list of what tradies can and can't be called for, interpreted from the Government guidelines – read more

Household jobs that will help to keep your kids busy

27 March 2020 – Co-founder of, Jeremy Wyn-Harris said involving them in household chores would not only ease the burden for mum and dad but would also get them thinking about the risks in their environment and teach them safety skills from a young age – read more

Autumn projects to tackle when you're confined to home

17 March 2020 – Jeremy Gray of says heating is one of the first things to consider. "If you need firewood or diesel, it pays to organise this early" – read more

The real cost of building site and tradie vehicle break ins

14 November 2019 – spokesman Jeremy Gray says builders fear reprisals for speaking out – read more

It's Labour Weekend and time for some DIY property maintenance

24 October 2019 – We've talked to two experts who have plenty of good advice when it comes to sprucing up your property for summer – Stan Scott from Mitre 10 and Jeremy Wyn-Harris from Builderscrack – read more

When's the best time to book a tradie

22 October 2019 – "Despite November - February containing the Christmas break, it's actually a really good time to engage tradespeople across the board," said Builderscrack spokesperson Jeremy Gray – read more

This elegant renovation proves why all-white kitchens are here to stay

16 October 2019 – Polishing the wooden floor in the kitchen (we did the lounge, dining and hallway at the same time) was cheaper than retiling it. And we used Builderscrack to get quotes for small jobs – this saved us time spent calling around, plus tradies are competitive on there – read more

Why is there such a huge disparity in tradie quotes?

21 August 2019 – Watch Jeremy Wyn-Harris on the AM show talking about disparity in trade quotes and attempt to answer why Duncan's callout fees are higher than he expected – watch

How to tell if your builder is legit

09 August 2019 – spokesman Jeremy Gray says some builders won't mind coming in to brainstorm with you, but you might be better off batting ideas around with a consultant or an architect – read more

Common Home Gas Use Safety Questions Answered

24 July 2019 – Last week's gas explosion in Christchurch has put the spotlight on gas safety, but most of us know it's easy to fall into bad habits or miss potentially dangerous warning signs – read more

Wild Weather preparation: How secure your home for the storms ahead

17 July 2019 – Jeremy Gray of Builderscrack says: "Older trees can be prone to dropping heavy limbs, or toppling. Some species are more prone to toppling if the ground is already wet. If you have any doubts, get an arborist to inspect." – read more

How one woman used plastic wrap to insulate - saving almost $20,000

12 July 2019 – According to spokesman Jeremy Gray, the double glazing not only provides insulation but blocks noise too – read more

Online reviews may be fake but we still put our trust in digital word of mouth

9 June 2019 – When I had to get a gardner, I used Builders Crack. That was something that really influenced who I picked. One guy who replied to me had terrible reviews from people who had used him before and the other guy didn't – read more

BTW, reviews at BC are 100% real. Reviews can only be placed by homeowners who accept contact from verified tradies who chase the work!

Cost-effective Kitchen Renovations

7 June 2019 – The cheapest option, DIY repainting plus new handles, should come in under $1,000, according to Jeremy Gray, marketing manager at Builderscrack, who has recently been renovating his own home kitchen – read more

Easter DIY: The best jobs for the longest of long weekends

19 April 2019 – marketing manager and keen DIY expert Jeremy Gray agrees, saying painting a small room, such as a study or children's bedroom is easily achievable in a few days – read more

13 expert tips you need to know before your bathroom renovation

28 April 2019 – Keep costs down by eliminating tiles. Keep the walls simple with paint and opt for vinyl or laminate flooring – read more

The 10 questions you’ve always wanted to ask a builder

7 March 2019 – Ask the builder for three or four references. It’s a good idea to check references from prior clients on before you even talk – read more

Busy Christchurch mum calls out 17 tradies in less than a year

4 February 2019 – But Michelle Mashal of Sockburn, Christchurch is doing neither of those things, yet she still managed to call out 17 tradies in the space of 10 months, beginning in March 2018, which thinks may be some kind of record – read more

A 10-step guide to planning and building your dream deck

Jan 2019 – Jeremy Wyn-Harris has helped us come up with the ultimate guide to planning your perfect deck. Jeremy is the co-founder and CEO of, an online service which connects tradespeople with property owners – read more

Jobs to do this Labour Weekend

18 October 2018 – Co-founder of, Jeremy Wyn-Harris, said Labour Day weekend was the perfect time to get your home ready for summer – read more

How to save money on your bathroom renovation

19 October 2018 – Jeremy Wyn-Harris, director of Builderscrack, says bathroom renovations on the site have recently ranged in price from $8,500 to $30,000, but $20,000 is a realistic budget to renovate a medium-sized bathroom – read more

Household jobs to keep your kids busy during the holidays

28 Sept 2018 – Co-founder of, Jeremy Wyn-Harris said involving them in household chores would not only ease the burden for mum and dad but would also get them thinking about the risks in their environment and teach them safety skills from a young age – read more

Household jobs to keep your kids busy during the holidays

28 Sept 2018 – Co-founder of, Jeremy Wyn-Harris said involving them in household chores would not only ease the burden for mum and dad but would also get them thinking about the risks in their environment and teach them safety skills from a young age – read more

Is it better to renovate first, or simply sell the potential?

16 August 2018 – Jeremy Wyn-Harris of agrees that over capitalisation – when you spend more than you get back in the sale – is to be avoided at all costs. He says it helps to understand the market for a house in your area pre-renovation, and the market post-renovation – read more

10 Kitchen Reno Hacks

July 2018 – Renovating your kitchen doesn't have to mean spending thousands - here are 10 easy ways to make the old feel like new (July 2018 edition).

Are Tradespeople creaming it?

18 July 2018 – Removalists in Australia earn the big bucks. $A93 an hour. Meanwhile, plumbers average $A83 an hour, electricians $A75 and general handypersons are on $A56. Jeremy Wyn-Harris of the Buildercrack trades website talks about how much tradespeople earn in New Zealand and what influences their rates – listen

Making money on the side

3 June 2018 – A Kiwi born and bred peer-to-peer site I've used successfully as a customer is It puts people needing trade work in touch with tradespeople who want the job, will turn up, quote competitively, and prize good feedback – read more

What an A4-sized patch of mould means for you

7 March 2018 – co-founder Jeremy Wyn-Harris said Auckland accounted for 45 per cent of mould related jobs in 2017, followed by Wellington (19 per cent) and Canterbury (11 per cent) – read more

Your home maintenance checklist for 2018

17 February 2018 – Co-founder of, Jeremy Wyn-Harris said it's important to make sure any necessary gutter repairs are done before winter sets in – read more

How does a house fare when the temperature climbs over 30 degrees?

31 January 2018 – "Wood can shrink when it loses moisture, and you may see places where this shrinkage has occurred – there will be a strip of unpainted timber or undercoat," says Jeremy Wyn-Harris of – read more

Easy homes fixes for a new touch before Christmas

16 December 2017 – Listen to Jeremy discuss easy fixes and new touch to add to your home before Christmas rolls around – read more

DIY jobs best left to the professionals

9 November 2017 – Jeremy Wyn-Harris from Builder's Crack says two-thirds of the posts seeking professional help on his site are from people who've either mucked a job up or underestimated the time needed to finish it properly – read more

When is a crack in the house a problem?

27 October 2017 – Jeremy Wyn-Harris of says every new house will settle on its foundations over the first few years, and most minor cracks will run vertically down the walls – read more

Connecting homeowners and tradespeople

16 October 2017 – Builderscrack owner Jeremy Wyn-Harris talks about how work dried up following the 2011 Christchurch earthquakes and how his service can be likened to Uber – read more

Have we forgotten how to DIY?

13 October 2017 – Jeremy Wyn-Harris, founder of, said he though we had become comfortable with "do it for me," instead of "do it yourself." – read more

How many Kiwis feel their home needs urgent maintenance?

August 22 2017 – "Jeremy Wyn-Harris, founder of, said "You really need to keep on top of what's happening - things can get out of control before you realise it." – read more

It's not too soon to start: Prepping for the big spring clean

July 31 2017 – "But it isn't, really. Jeremy Wyn-Harris of says now's a great time of year to get a jump on the indoor and outdoor chores that will set you (and your house) up to take full advantage of the coming season"

Who's right for the job? A specialist tradesperson or a handyman?

21 June 2017 – "Jeremy Wyn-Harris of says that while handymen can handle many household repairs, there are certain tasks that require specialised knowledge and licensing"

Deferring property maintenance will cost you more in the long run

8 June 2017 – "When it comes to maintaining a home, there's a big difference between what people think they can do and what they realistically can afford," says Jeremy Wyn-Harris, founder of

Should, Could and Shouldn't DIY

3 June 2017 – Jeremy talks to Leanne Malcolm about the DIY tasks the people with a mortgage should, could and shouldn't do – listen

How to keep your neighbours on-side when renovating

9 May 2017 – co-founder Jeremy Wyn-Harris says communication, consideration and keeping with the regulations are key factors that will help keep your neighbours on-side during a renovation – read more

Seven DIY jobs for a rainy weekend

13 April 2017 – Co-founder of, Jeremy Wyn-Harris, said a rainy long weekend was the perfect opportunity to tackle the household jobs that had been put off all summer – read more

Must-have items for the home tool kit

5 April 2017 – Jeremy Wyn-Harris of says the most important things in the tool kit aren't the tools

What to consider before adding a pool to your home

2 March 2017 – Even the smallest inground pool is going to take up a lot of space, says Jeremy Wyn-Harris, co-founder of

Kitchen renovations: Where to spend and where to save

10 February 2017 – Jeremy Wyn-Harris of believes the most important elements are the benchtops, flooring and sink, which all get the hardest work-out in your kitchen – read more

How to pick a tradie

29 December 2016 – Jeremy talks with Jessie Mulligan on Radio NZ about how to find the perfect tradie using – listen

What do tradies wish we knew?

21 December 2016 – But whatever the time of the year, there are ways to get the best out of your tradie, and it all comes down to communication and expectation, says Jeremy Wyn-Harris of online tradie sourcing website – read more

Which home improvements will add real value to your home?

19 December 2016 – According to Jeremy Wyn-Harris, co-founder of, here are the upgrades, from easy and cheap, to difficult and expensive, that will make a real difference

Fun DIY ideas that will appeal to the kids this Labour Weekend

21 October 2016 – Wyn-Harris reckons not every job around the house over Labour Weekend needs to be a chore. Sometimes, you just have to plan a bit of fun, and doing some DIY with the children is a great way to build something in the process – read more

It's Labour Weekend and time for some DIY property maintenance

21 October 2016 – Wyn-Harris says this is a good time to get appliances checked that have run all winter. Gas fires, DVS systems, heat pumps, and also chimneys should all be checked or cleaned annually – read more

The Block winners come to the rescue

3 October 2016 – When Ruby put out a call on Facebook asking for help, she certainly wasn't expecting the reply she received. Sam and Emmett came to the rescue along with some help from their mates at Builderscrack

5 websites every home buyer should know

20 September 2016 – Carly Flynn and Stephen Hart discuss how the BC estimator can give you an instantaneous cost estimate, and how you can use it to find tradies for any job (even a tap on a quiet Monday)

Want the job done by Christmas? Book your tradies now

12 September 2016 – Wyn-Harris says November is the peak month for consumers to post jobs that need doing, and that painting is the most frequently listed home improvement project – read more

Switch on to better lighting

17 August 2016 – Every little bit counts when you're selling your home. And even the bulbs in your light fittings can woo buyers. That's if they're modern, efficient LED bulbs – read more

Uniting to save tools of the tradies

19 June 2016 – Officers behind Operation Resolve, established by Auckland City Police in March after a Herald investigation revealed more than 93 per cent of burglaries went unsolved last year, have approached tradies' website – read more

Finding a tradie

5 March 2016 – Jeremy Wyn-Harris talks to Carly Flynn about and why it's good for both homeowners and tradespeople – listen

How much should you spend on your renovation?

21 January 2016 – Kitchens and bathrooms may be the most expensive rooms to renovate, but they’re also the most popular, according to Tracey MacKenzie of, who found that these two rooms were the most commonly quoted on the site – read more

Renovation trends for 2016

1 January 2016 – co-founder Jeremy Wyn-Harris talks about upcoming trends in 2016 – listen reaches milestone

18 November 2015 – co-founder Jeremy Wyn-Harris says the 100,000th job milestone happened at exactly 7.58pm on a Monday night – read more

How to increase your house sale price

5 November 2015 – Jeremy Wyn-Harris of tradie-search website says kitchen and bathroom renovations may return one to two dollars for every dollar spent – read more

When it's time to turn from DIY to DIFM

20 October 2015 – Kiwis are shifting from DIY to DIFM (do it for me), as busy work schedules and social commitments create a shift in priorities – read more

Makeovers need lots of talk

18 October 2015 – Jeremy Wyn-Harris shares expert tips to get the most for your bathroom refresh and renovation efforts – read more

A French Restoration

18 August 2015 – A couple of years back, TeAra Bergstrom and her husband Seth headed to France (and got paid) to help restore a 300 year old house they found out about in Builderscrack – listen

Makeovers need lots of talk

25 February 2015 – Mark Dickson, co-founder and director of Builderscrack, says the main thing homeowners need to do when hiring a contractor is to make sure they ask plenty of questions before work begins – read more

How much should you spend on your renovation?

17 November 2014 – Kitchens and bathrooms may be the most expensive rooms to renovate, but they’re also the most popular, according to Tracey MacKenzie of, who found that these two rooms were the most commonly quoted on the site – read more

Small business: Advertising

17 July 2014 – Our most effective advertising isn’t really advertising at all – it is customer word of mouth. Customer referrals are our largest and most effective source of new customers, so our prime focus is to give customers a great experience, and we know they then tell their friends – read more

Trade website filled a crack

14 June 2014 – People can't write reviews unless they've posted the job, so you can't get your mum to go on and write a nice review. And when a tradesperson chases a job, they know they'll be reviewed, so they do put their best foot forward – read more

Neighbour and building company help disabled woman

7 May 2014 – Norton Fencing did not finish the fencing work and didn’t install the electric gate. They would not return to the job despite months of phone calls. Joan’s neighbour Irene, through the Builderscrack website, found a company willing to finish the job for free

The virtually failsafe way to find a decent tradesman

27 April 2014 – The virtually failsafe way to find a decent tradesman is to use You post your job and tradespeople reply. A rating system shows you what previous customers think of the tradesman. He or she knows they need to do a good job to get decent feedback – read more

Mark Dickson on NZI Business talking about finds kiwi builders in France

Pauline uses to find builders in Paris

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