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I'm after a cheap or free home alarm system if I go on a monitoring contract

Job #120809
The garage door is a bit dented on the lower panel. It is necessary to straighten it up as much as possible without having to replace the panel, and replace the bottom aluminium rail as it is bent.

We are about to start a house extension on our villa. Apparently our sub floor is not up to standard and we need to re pile. We think only a few need redoing. You can stand up under our house so access is good.

"Hello There, Excavation is required to carry out my project where in we are adding value to our 670 sqmtr property on North Shore (Sunnynook) and would like to lift the house and move about 1-2 mtrs to add a…

"Hello There, We are adding value to our 670 sqmtr property on North Shore (Sunnynook) and would like to lift the house and move about 1-2 mtrs to add a basement and install on a new foundation. Since we have a bit…

"Hello There, All concent from council is granted and ready for work to be carried out..........We are adding value to our 670 sqmtr property on North Shore (Sunnynook) and would like to lift the house and move about…

Looking for a cleaner or team to do a post move clean of our house (bottom floor only) on Friday 26th of February at 3.30pm. This consists of: 2x lounges 1x bedroom 1xstudy 1xfoyer 1x kitchen /dining 1 x…

We have a leak between our existing House Roof and the sunroom addition. Though maybe a Rubberised Cement may help to seal?

Farm needs a lot of new and old fences installed/fixed for our stock. Need someone urgently. Located in goose bay, south of kaikoura

Attach / screw down a firearm safe to a concrete & tile floor. 4 mounting points.

Job #120799
We currently have a dog run with temporary fencing (a puppy play pen) and a pool fence panel which is not overly secure (just wedged in). We are looking for a more permanent solution - i.e. pool fence secured, and…

Install a pre-purchased 150cm weiss extractor fan in our bathroom. It will be replacing a current light fitting (as it is a duel purpose fan and light) so we will have a spare switch already in place.

porch required over entrance way.

Job #120797
Hi, Just found out some straight line cracks inside the house.Need foundation and structural analysis and quote to fix it.

Job #120776
Brick fence pillar moved to widen driveway. Gateway filled in to look like original brick fence. Some mortar needs to be filled in on fence.

need a sail cover 7x4 deck. two hooks on the exsiting roof then build two posts and hook on them.

We have a two bedroom unit that tenants have just moved out of. They did some damage to the paint with "removable" stickers and hooks etc. So we need some walls repaired and re-painted.

Job #120794
Window has been wedged open with a crowbar and the internal frame where the lock engages has been ripped around 10cm. Will need to be replaced or patched & paintedm though I should have some spare paint of the right…

We want to install laminate in our lounge an foyer. The floor is an old concrete slab and it was covered by carpet. The area is 24 square meters. It has some high spots that need to be ground prior to the installation…

I already have the lock to be fitted. Need a qualified locksmith to remove the existing lock, which has no key and so requires relevant tools (have had several builders look at it and a lock installer who didn't have…

Internal Floor needs lowering after earthquake damage. Room at the front of the house 2.9 x 3.4 needs to be lowered to make the house level (insurable). There are also external cracks on foundations may also need to be…

We are looking for a draughtsman to draw up some plans for kitchen/bathroom renovations in our 80m2 ex state house.

1. Repaint of front fence and repair and repaint of front gate. 2. Hang and paint new front door - owner supplied. 3. Repair fence and screen on eastern side of house. 4. Repair steps on Eastern side of house made of…

I have a bedroom 5m x 5m. Have lifted carpet. Tongue and groove underneath, some stained dark some not. How much to sand back and restain/polyurethane the room

Reroof about 81sq metre flat roof home. Plus carport. At the same time a builder needed to fix window frame.

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