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we need a front fence built with a concrete foundation and concrete block columns with timber between. Approximately 15 ... do the timber ourselves if the concrete is done for us

we need a quote on renovation/repair, as our house has earthquake damage in the whole house area especially in door frames, windows and walls, water leaks when rains and floor has sunken in places.

replace small section of lounge ceiling where small amount of water has stained.

Job #81371
We need part of our raised garden with a retaining wall removed to allow more room for cars to turn around in driveway. This will require removing and rebuilding a new section of retaining wall and replanting a tree.…

Addition of stairs in a house to downstairs Laundry - house built into a bank and intended location of stairs would mean some earth removal and concrete cutting. After a site view we would like an idea of what's…

old villa, decking needs to be restore and replace totally. i need to bring the charecter back to the front house.

Have an upstairs bracing wall separating two bedrooms. I want to alter/replace this wall so that I can create a cavity for two opposite facing wardrobes.

Email only plz.... I live in Perth..will be in Hastings NZ week commencing 16 March..have property in Hastings which has underground irrigation system..popup type.runs from control panel with 2 stations on timer...Does…

A small area of our bathroom floor(vinyl) about 30cm x 30cm, is very spongy. probably rotten floor boards. We want any rotten timber replaced and to replace just the small area with vinyl. We want access to the shower…

Require dog door for Border Terrier (smallish dog). Have been told will need to replace current glass in back door with safety glass.

I want to put vinyl at the dining room at the entrance area, Floor area for dining room: 4450 X 2800 mm, entrance area: 3820 X 980mm

Something's wrong with the dishwasher and separately the oven but not too sure exactly what

Job #81362
I need some dirt moving and post hole digging! I am about to build a retaining planter bed in my front yard - basically need some dirt moving and digging of some post holes so we can concrete in the posts. then back…

Boardroom repaint required. Plaster over some screw holes, prepare and paint walls. Approximately 45sqm of wall surface.

Fix/replace rotten floorboards in louenge, roof fascia, brace deck

Also need time source a leak in a bedroom...

I have ceiling panels that need to be put in approx 2msquare and gibstopping completed. A sparkie to complete a list of jobs

My ramco aluminium boat has 3 holes at the bottom which need to be repaired.

Job #81357
We want bi-fold wardrobe doors in white and panelled. Width 1670mm approx. Height 2005mm at one end and 1995mm at the right side. Each door approx. 415mm. We live in an old cottage hence variation in measurements

Repair to damaged soffit and rotten timber at corner of eaves.

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