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Recent jobs posted

Put post in and attach gate and fence. Small job approx 3 metres Plus put in single gate as well Plus put in clothesline

Im going to relocate a residential dwelling to Martinborough. So need assistance to get the necessary resource and building consent to relocate the dwelling.

The frame on the tilted double garage door rots and needing to get fixed or replaced.

Trees trimmed in garden in Titirangi

Remove old vinyl and lay new vinyl in my toilet and bathroom.

Moving out of the house...want to clean bathrooms (x3), toilets (x3), kitchen (with 2 ovens + surfaces) + clean skirting boards & vacuum all carpets. House will be mostly empty...big furniture will be gone.

P trap under laundry tub is leaking. Needs tightening / re sealing.

my name is vaka vave .im a professional painters. I can do interior and exterior painting. Stip the paint and spay painting as well .I have been painting for more than 15 years. I have lot of confidence and very…

We are wanting to update our bathroom (mid 90s) also has a wet patch outside shower. looking to Fit out as is or other options considered Come give us a quote and ideas.

Hi, I want to complete our concrete driveway. The job will have to include all of the preparation. Am looking for the job to be completed by the end of April.

Looking for a quote to build a 4m x 9.8m deck off our living area.

Need to install an exhaust duct for a drying machine, will imply drilling holes through walls to take the duct to the outside which is not further than 2m

We need to replace our roof, carport and small out house. Floor space of about 130 square metres. Also need to remove and dispose of existing roof. Would like completed before winter

Undertaking batthroom renovation. Require builder to take out existing fittings, re-gib and remove non load bearing wall. bathroom size 2770 x 2360. time frame 9th April onwards start

There is a wooden fence/gate that got old and was unable to open and shut. It eventually had to be taken off. I'd like an idea of how it could be fixed (the post it was attached to seems to be slightly warped) or…

Replace the skirting on the front door frame and replace the door. I can purchase the door from hardware store.

Urgently need Plummer late morning tomorrow

There is a security light on an exterior wall that was knocked off during some recent housewashing. It needs to be reattached or replaced.

We are renovating our kitchen and require the following work to be done. 1. old kitchen to be removed and disposed 2. New door way into kitchen to be created through internal wall. 3. Install in kitchen.

I am looking for someone to help setup and fix a shade sail. I have the sail and fixtures. Really just need someone to dig and concrete in a 2 posts and fix the brackets to the fascia / bargeboard. Posts will…

We have two holes in the wall where the door stops have been removed and the door handle has gone through the wall. We'd like them repaired and painted please asap.

1x fly door to be fitted correctly , 1x inside door also to be fitted and also gap above door to be covered up, see pics, also an awning on out side of house to be fitted, there is another project I have , I need to…

We have 3 holes from light fittings in the ceiling that require patching. They are approximately 15cm in diameter.

Hot water cylinder leaking some damage to floor need a quote

Hi we would like someone to install a timber fence on our property the size is 40 metres long and 1.8 high and a gate. It’s going to be on a side fence and a gate for the driveway. Supply and fix. Needed for the next 2…