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Recent jobs posted

Seeking indicative pricing/options for job to be done in mid-late May. Requiring help to move contents of a small 2-bedroom house, plus the contents of an small office cabin, plus a portable spa pool, from Nawton to…

I need some decking built in our outside entertainment area. Area is flat with concrete. Measures 8m x 7m. Basically a rectangle.

Seal replacement on oven door (Paprika Fisher&Paykel) Replacement of 1 screw for the right door hinge of the oven (same unit) Washing machine tap washer/seal replacement

patching and stopping required to walls after existing Vinyl removed.

Paint 18 ft Caravan roof - clean, prepare, prime, top coat. The van is NOT moveable. Trade can stay on site in own van or on site van.

construct, install and fill gabion baskets to a small slumped tomo. Face dimension 5m x 2m high. I can carry rock to site with FEL / trailer. Expect 5M3. site is pretty well dried out after heavy rains but footing…

Repainting interior walls of a 1940's 80m2 rental property; 2 x double bedrooms - both have windows approx. 8m2 in area, 1 x Lounge - windows approx. 8m2, Hallway, 1x Bathroom (approx. 3x3m) - window approx. 1m2, 1 x…

ashphalt strip along side of building approx 600-900mm x 55m fill cracks in to meet MAF approval for container arrivals.

We need someone to pave our back yard. It is currently filled with gravel. Would be good to get a quote for removing the gravel as well as doing the paving work. There is also a small rockery which will need to be…

I have a whiteboard, ... , that needs to be put on a wall. ONe end will need to be packed out as the other end will be over a window frame. The board will need to be have the screw holes put in it. This is in an office…

Help with rodent control stopping house invasion

Small job. Curtain railing in my boutique's fitting room has come away from the ceiling (screw has come loose) and have been unable to reattach myself.

Our garage needs repair as the raining water peeps in from all sides. We need somebody and come and view the current condition suggest improvements and quote.

Looking for someone to come and replace the bathroom skirting/ trimmings as it is a pretty shoddy job at the moment! (So edgings need to be removed and replaced. We would also like 2 new doors fitted and the one of the…

A SMALL AREA OF CARPET NEEDS RELAYING using carpet from a large mat of the same carpet.

Need to concrete my driveway most cost effective Just has metal on at moment keeps washing away

I need prices on two aspects 1 ) fixing a small hole in wall - GIb board. Also mounting a broken shelf that is and patching a hole on a portable bar 2) Taking out a vanity and replacing the skirting board and…

need 2x Holes in the wall fixed in bathroom and Toilet and Re - Painted

Surveying boundry of drive way

Install shower in laundry in new house with concrete floor and reorganise laundry tub.

To take down the old fence between myself and the neighbour. Then to erect a new fence measuring approx 26m. The terrain is flat.

I'm just after a general price reference to replace a corrugated roof with colour steel roofing. To remove old roofing and install new coloursteel. Per square metre would be good as a price guide or say 100 sq m house.…

I need a metal handrail made and fixed to a wooden ramp that is 5.2metres long. The ramp is for my mother in law who has mobility issues (uses a walker).

The track on our sliding door needs fixing.

Small tiling job - tile above bath/shower (in place of plastic wall liner), approx 6m2 of tiling. Will need at least some of it to be waterproofed. ... tiles Keen to get underway ASAP