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Recent jobs posted

Need new fence built approx 15 metres and remove old one

Install towel rail, change some lights, change extractor fan

Clear weeds from all beds and paved areas, cut grass, cut back hedges and shrubs. Clearance and removal of all green waste.

Due to water damage from burst pipes I need repairs firstly to the floor in my ensuite and part of the walk through wardrobe before upgrading the whole area - new toilet, ( which I have bought) tiling etc. …

I need to get a decent size exhaust fan installed on the roof possibly in my workshop to get the fumes out of the spray paint.

Have a small patch (... ) on the wall that we tried to fix but the repairs are uneven and the color doesn't match the original. Need someone to smooth the surface and get a color that matches accurately as it is a…

Need a new front door installed (hung, handle and lock put on) as current one has some extensive rot set in and is catching on bottom. Rot has also made it's way into lower sill so need that tidied up too (probably just…

renovating bathroom, ive stripped it back to studs so now looking for a plumber for some minor changes, putting in a new vanity so will need the pipes capped as the heights will increase and can then line the room.…

We want to add a pad to the driveway to park a small car on. and concrete a pad for the wheelie bin. The areas have been dug out, the volume is 1.8m3 and will need screeding for the driveway.

Lay carpet upstairs three bed room stairs hall way. New carpet supplyed

Guest toilet : Gib walls prepared for paint finish, plumbing altered and new toilet fitted, new handbasin to be fitted, I need a tiler for the floor. 1300 x 1500 toilet, basin and tiles are already…

Good morning Under our house is a stepped earth bank that has started to crumble. I am looking for someone to recommend a soloution that will stop it crumbling further ( such as a retaining wall)as the pilings of our…

I need to build a timber column of around 300x300mm on a concrete base, for support

Install SunMate 2.0 into house which already has Smart Meter and Solar Panels. SunMate installation using wireless transmitter since smart meter is too far away from fuse box for standard wired approach. SunMate 2.0…

Need the chippie funnel removed and patched over and a few broken concrete tiles on roof to be repaired

We have a Fisher and Paykel Paprika stove in our rental. The oven top element needs replacing and one of the cooktop elements does not regulate (only full on or off). I would prefer that the work be carried out 10th…

Plant - by spraying on with mulch to deter birds - red and white clover seed in 300m2 orchard. The area has been sprayed out over the last year so as clear of weeds as possible. There are septic lines throughout but…

I would like the doors taken off my hot cupboard and relocated on the dining room wall side (involves cutting into part of the wall, new framing for a new door)

Hi there I am renovating my kitchen and bathroom and wish to install a piped gas connection. I have already checked Vectors website and it appears to be available for my property. 1. I need a gas fitter to dig…

My bedroom floor is damp and there are signs of particle board disentegrating in the wardrobe. The house is over 100 yrs old and sits on a brick foundation on the outside walls. I am on a VERY limited budget.

Im looking for a plumber to fix my shower.the water just dribbles out of the shower water pressure at all.

We are relocating our house retaining 12 - 17 July and will need a builder after this to do the following: 1. Put a wooden skirt / frame around relocated house (80 sq m house - very small, rectangular) 2. Build stairs…

Need an electrician to do wiring on a wall oven coming out and a wall oven going in to the wall in kitchen and also a builder to do work on where the old oven is coming out from. (New oven has to be higher than the old…

Stove top elements heat not adjusting

Old roof has begun to leak and needs replacement. House dates from 1950s. I need a quote please.