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Recent jobs posted

Wash the exterior of a 3 bedroom 2 storey house with garage. Including external window cleaning. If available house spraying to protect from spiders. Job must be complete by 18th January 2018

My bathroom is in its original1940s design - bath/shower, toilet and hand basin. Flooring is currently lino and the walls are painted. I’d like a robust low maintenance bathroom with easy access shower (wet room style…

Painting of a 3 bedroom house with 2.5 bathrooms, living room, kitchen diner, hallway, stairs, landing & laundry. One colour all through the house. Will include the painting of woodwork, walls & ceilings Work…

My garden is about 250 squere meters and Lawn Mowing, need to he done and a general cleaning. I also need help to waterblast about 20 chairs for outside and 4-5 tables.

Require 3 phase instillation from street to switchboard, approx 15m, would like overhead to match current supply but it it must go under ground, ill gig trench and anything else to cut cost. also require 3phase…

Our toilet often runs only stopping when the water valve is switched off, and I have just noticed it appears to be leaking as there is water around the base (enough to wet the mat). I have been meaning to deal with…

Need splash back put in a newly renovated kitchen.

Looking at coating our roof, our house is 100m2 and is a unit joined to just on other, wanting to see what is involved and costs, Thanks

We would like to level out our back yard. Total area would be approx 25-30sqm.

plumber to attach new shower, toilets, etc.. job to start 8th jan approx

i have 2 to 3 bedrooms need wallpaper removed and plastered to be ready for painting..job to start 3rd jan approx

i want my bathroom renovated and 2 walls installed in house and some other minor things done. job to start jan 3rd approx

I bought a new gas stove. The fitting of the gas stove was done by one of the plumbers. Unfortunately, he has moved to Auckland and I can't find him. He was suppose to give me certificate of compliance which he hasn't…

Need to put new shelves in existing wardrobes and install sockets for curtain rods

I require a qualified builder to remove and replace some borer damaged beams and bearers under my house.

We have a large tall Puriri tree next to our deck which blocks the afternoon sun, we’d like to create a gap in area shown by trimming some back branches, so there is the possibility of sitting in a patch of sun. And to…

we have just built a house on a slope. The section is 730 sq meter with 250sq meter house. Once we agree on the design, the landscaping can be done over a period of time

My parents property perimeter is 17.069m x 31.014m. We’d like a gate and fencing around the property and removal of the old. The cheapest & most cost efficient materials would be preferred. A quote would be preferred.

I have some terrible electric wiring of plugs between rooms ( never done professionally to start with) need redoing, plus a number of new fronts to go on the switches around the house , plus new fronts on the 2 switches…

Need some washers changed in taps. A toilet is leaking.

Hi, I need an old toilet removed and replaced with a new p pan toilet plus new laundry tub taps installed.

We have 2 doors needing planing down to fit after re-carpeting, & 3 new door handles needing to be fitted. (windsor futura style).

Bottom of step in pool, water weeping from behind. Pool empty currently painting. Tried emerkit epoxy but still weeping. Would like pool up and running for Christmas. Can anyone help me out to do repair for this…

‘Fit’ a ceramic stovetop into the current cabinet. The current cabinet needs to be adjusted so the new stove can fit - the ‘hole’ is too small.

Need to run wiring from garage to new spa pool. Garage is approx 10m away from spa.