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Your guide to Carpet Laying in NZ

Recent jobs posted by Carpetlayers Nationwide

Small job to cut and relay carpet which new (6 months old) and was recently pulled back to install wardrobe.

A room was water damaged and the carpet and underlay have been removed and it’s now dry. Need to match as best as possible current carpet in rest of house size of room that needs new carpet 3150mm x 6900mm.

Carpet 2 bedrooms and Living Room Vinyl Bathroom and Kitchen

We need old carpets removed and new carpets installed in our home please. Thank you

needs to change the carpet.

I am looking for a carpet layer to install near-new carpet that I will supply in a sleepout. The sleepout is 5.3m X 2m with a small.6m X .6m addition at the doorway. Existing smooth edge. Underlay required. I have two…

Needs to be done end of next week. Carpet to be completely down by 3rd feb. double bedroom to be done.

We got an ironer burned on the carpet and we like to repair a piece of 15x30cm carpet. Located in Auckland City Center.

We have the carpet and under lay to be installed in a bedroom/office. We so not have any materials for laying such as smooth edge etc. Concrete floor. The room will be cleared and old carpet removed.

We have an excising carpet and underlay approx 2 years old which needs to be reinstalled. Everything is on site and ready to go on concrete floor.

We are looking for experienced carpet layer to supply and patch bedroom carpet approx 1.3m x1.3 m. Job is urgent.

So I noticed my carpet was all wet a couple of days ago. Washing machine had been leaking a little.... over a long period of time. I have now fixed the fittings and no more leak, hooray. Unfortunately carpet has…

Lay carpet to one room approx 5.00m x 2.800m I have purchased a piece of Solution Dyed Polypropylene carpet 5.4 x 3.66m which needs cutting to fit the room. I am using the existing underlay and there is some wooden…

Edge of a carpet cut when new vinyl flooring put in, needs an edge put on it. A 2m section and a smaller doorway.

Threads have come out of carpet, I do have spare mats which could help replace the missing threads