Win work, no sweat

With several million dollars of work facilitated each month, Builderscrack is the best place to find casual or ongoing work for any trade.

How it works

Chase jobs

Homeowners describe what they need done. If the job matches your trades and location, we send you the lead to your inbox or smartphone. You decide if you wish to chase the job or not.

View & quote

If the homeowner selects you, then you communicate online, arrange site visits, and quote the job. Avoid disputes by conducting all communications through the website so you have a clear record.

Win work

If you secure the work, then get reviewed on workmanship, schedule & cost. The more work you win, the more quality leads we send you allowing you to build your business and reputation.

Risk free

Accounts are free to create and you are only charged when you chase leads and then win the work (no subscription required).

Get online

By simply creating a free account you increase your presence on the web, and the chance you will be found.

Genuine reviews

Transparent, genuine reviews — we don't let just anyone review you. You only receive reviews from homeowners whose jobs you chase.


Free to sign-up

When you win work, you are charged a small fee. This is based on the cost of the job, but is capped.

The fee is small compared with the costs of traditional advertising, and since we only charge when you secure work, it is completely risk free. If the work does not go ahead, then we will credit your account.

Standard account job fee 5% + GST
Min fee (pay no less than) $5 + GST
Max fee (pay no more than) $750 + GST
Pro account job fee 4% + GST
Min fee (pay no less than) $4 + GST
Max fee (pay no more than) $600 + GST

What Builderscrack tradies say

Builderscrack is great. We use it to fill in the gaps or when work is light from our regular customers. It's a great tool for me.

Ivan from Pristine Property Maintenance
Builderscrack is a great way to get jobs without spending a fortune on advertising, its also been a great tool to help to build up the business, name and reputation.

Carlos from Paintology
We use builderscrack as a gap filler as we are able to take or leave jobs as they are sent to us. It has been essential to the success of our company over the last couple of years and some of the quieter weeks it has provided us with a bulk of our work. Top marks.

Chris from Uneda Plumber

All trades covered

From gardening to new builds, we've got it covered.