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Secure work.
Build reputation.

A better way to market your business online

Partner with us and discover the better way to find and secure work

We've got a different approach to advertising that just works. We'll send you job leads and you only pay once you've secured the work. No fees up front = no risk.

FREE to sign up

FREE leads

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FREE to sign up

FREE leads

FREE communication

Why Builderscrack?

An innovative and dependable market leader, Builderscrack is your best choice for finding work online. Whether you’re a one person operation or running multiple vehicles, you’ll find us a hard-working partner that delivers on our promises.


Choose jobs and communicate with clients for free, only pay when you secure work.

Good for business

Only the clients you worked for can review the job.


We won't send you jobs that don't fit your trade or area.


We have hundreds of new jobs posted per day.


Communications are securely stored on our platform.


Our team is easy to contact, fast and with you all the way.

It's in your hands

You choose which jobs suit you and when.

Because it works!

We've had over 520,000 jobs posted to Builderscrack.

Partner with us to get more work for less

We understand that you want two things from your advertising: To secure more work; and to build your reputation.

Paying up front for various advertising services is always risky. You never really know if it's worth the cost. That's why we came up with a better way.

With Builderscrack, we provide you with leads for free, and you only pay once you secure the work.

Homeowners can only review your business after you’ve undertaken the work, eliminating false reviews.

Whether you’re looking to scale and build your business, or simply secure valuable work through quiet periods - Builderscrack is the solution you’re looking for.

Simple fee structure keeps you in control

Free to Sign up, chase leads and communicate. Only when you secure the work, we charge you a small fee based on the size of the job.
Standard Pro
Get started easily
Simple sign up process
Chase leads
Free to communicate with Homeowners for first month (see detailed fees page)
Secure and undertake work
Profile webpage
Public web profile
Leads and Jobs
Jobs in communication at any one time Unlimited Unlimited
Lead chases per week 5 Unlimited
Success fees
Monthly price Free! $59
($141 quarterly)
Success fee 5% of the total job cost
(job cost includes GST if any)
(20% discount)
Max fee on any job $750 $600
Min fee on any job $5 $4
  1. All service fees listed above are in New Zealand dollars and are exclusive of GST.
  2. The total job cost is the cost of the invoice issued to the homeowner including GST (if any).
  3. For recurring jobs, unless specified, the job cost is calculated over 9 weeks.
  4. Our fees are a marketing expense. It is against our T&C's to itemise these in your invoices. Read how to account for Builderscrack fees.

When compared against traditional advertising, Builderscrack is consistently better bang for buck. That's why more and more homeowners and tradespeople are using and loving our service every day.

It just works

Smart business owners use Builderscrack to find and secure work.

"Using Builderscrack allowed me to be independent and autonomous."

Gryphon Service Systems

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"It gets me work, so I'm happy."

JJ Painters and Decorating Ltd

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"I recommend it to people all the time, and I say to them, put your name on Builderscrack, it opens up other revenue sources."

Firth Landscaping

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"It’s a good way of marketing. I thought about setting up a facebook page, but you go to google and I come up with the Builderscrack profile, so I don’t need it."

Mulholland Painting Solutions

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