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Your guide to Tiling in NZ

Secret Kitchen Tiling Ideas You Wish You Knew Earlier

There’s no use denying it. Kitchen tiling is back and better than ever before. Interior designers are going crazy about the wide range of patterns, styles, colours and sizes available. Homeowners are loving the clean, minimalist and upmarket feel tiles bring into their kitchens. Though there is one problem – how do you know which kitchen tiles to use and where should they go? Kitchen tiling 101 Tiles have been traditionally used for kitchen floors and walls. While we can certainly see… (view full article)

Comprehensive Guide to Bathroom Tiling

Tiling your bathroom is not such the large or forbidding job as many seem to believe it is. Utilising tradespeople is the quickest and simplest way to achieve great results.  An expert tiler will ensure they are installed professionally. An interior designer can help you to choose the most suitable colours and designs for your room. The creative inspirations seen on websites like Pinterest and Instagram can give you plenty ideas on tile design too. Reinvent your bathroom through… (view full article)

Bathroom Renovation Cost & Getting Started

If you’re thinking about undertaking a bathroom renovation, then you’ll no doubt be considering what you want to achieve by doing so.  Whether it’s updating the look, increasing resale value or adding functionality, amenities and storage, the scope of your bathroom renovation project will depend on many factors but primarily your budget. Other factors include how long you’ve been living in your home and how much longer you plan on remaining there.  We'll also be sharing our knowledge on what… (view full article)

Walk in Shower or Wet Room? Consider the Benefits

The pressures of modern life have contributed towards us having hectic lifestyles, while we constantly rush around without time to relax and enjoy ourselves. Add to this the need to save money on heating and water, you’ve got one of the biggest contributing reasons to the increased popularity of a walk in shower compared to a bath tub. Always seek the expert assistance of a trusted tradesperson through Builderscrack for more information, quotes and design ideas. Condensation from the… (view full article)

Top Bathroom Remodelling Trends for New Zealand Homes

Bathroom remodelling trends are topping the list of home-improvement projects for homeowners, closely followed by kitchen renovations. For many homeowners, the bathroom is fast becoming more than a functional space in our house. It's a place where we can relax, unwind and pamper ourselves. When looking at bathroom remodelling trends, we're seeing more stylish and luxurious bathrooms in which to prepare for work in the morning or unwind with a hot bath at night. There is no end to the… (view full article)

Create a Slice of Paradise in Your Master Bathroom

Your master bathroom You can create your personal slice of paradise by transforming your master bathroom into a spa like environment. You won’t have to travel and can escape to tranquillity in your home as often as you are able to. Keep reading to find ideas from Builderscrack for turning your master bathroom into your own at home spa retreat. Whether you are a stay at home parent, a busy working professional, a tradesperson or even retired, you’ve probably got a lot on your plate.… (view full article)

Recent jobs posted by Tilers Nationwide

Replace kitchen wall tiles (approx 1500mm x 250mm - previous tiles available & require close match extra tiles to complete

Redo shower base tiling to correct fall issues and water drainage

Wall tiles needed to be installed for kitchen splash back aprox 2 square meters. Tiles and grout supplied.

I need a bathroom tiled before 4th Dec. All lining will be done, fittings in. Last tiler a no show. Wet room really, no show screen, floor needs the leveling / sloping done. Can somebody give me a quote. I have the…

Small tiling job required in kitchen, I can provide the tiles/grout/spacers but just need these placed onto wall above kitchen sink.

A small bathroom just 3.6m2 floor and the one wall to tile is 4.3m2. I have the tiles and need someone to water proof and install for me please. This is urgent as the builder hasnt been able to get a tiler and has…

I need my toilet area retiled

We recently replaced our kitchen and need some tiling done. We brought all the material thinking we could lay them but we don't have have the time or the tools to complete the job to the standard i want. Tiles need to…

Several tiles on front door step are damaged, I want them replaced which would probably mean replacing the all of the tiles around the edge of the step which is approx 5 lineal meters, these tiles are approx 3 inches…

Remove carpet supply and install tiles to approx 2 sq metres to front door area

regrout existing shower - photos attached of the shower, the shower floor, the waste outlet showing the temporary sealant repair and a shot of a cracked tile which should really be replaced as well (we have a spare tile…

Approximately 15m2 of floor needing tiling. Entrance way and two bathrooms. Tiles supplied - 600x600mm x 10mm thick. Natural black slate. Requires sealing before laying and once laid. Villaboard already applied to…

Bathroom floor needs tiled. Medium sized, tiles need to be removed and floor prepared for new - we removed a spa bath. Sooner rather than later in terms of time frame.

We have a walk in shower that needs tiling wall and floor. The walls are simple flat walls no shelves or ledges. The floor needs to be laid to drain away the water. Need the job done before the 1st of Dec. which…

We have existing tiles in a retail store which requires polishing or chemical cleaning.