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Tilers in Auckland

Whether you’re from the North Shore or from South Auckland, you take pride in your home. Adding and removing specific elements can make your house ten times better than it already looks.

And when you think about it, there are many places around the city where a beautiful tiling job stands out. The toilets at Kawakawa are the main tourist attraction, with their Middle Earth tiles. The Auckland Civic Theatre with its inspired construction and tiled roof. The Auckland Town Hall with its glazed ceramic tiling.

Auckland tiling professionals are the ones to see when you’ve got a tiling job that needs doing.

What jobs does a tiling contractor do?

Tilers are generally skilled in all areas of tiling. This includes:

  • Kitchen and bathroom tiling
  • Tile removal and fixing
  • Regrouting
  • Waterproofing
  • Tile polishing
  • Outdoor tiling
  • Fireplace tiling
  • Swimming pool tiling

Some tilers may specialise in one particular area, e.g. mosaic tiling. A full tiling job is labour intensive: from removing current flooring, to planning and measuring, cutting tiles, floor preparation, carefully laying the tiles, grouting, setting time and finishing.

Tilers have either learned their trade from on the job training, or a combination of on the job and formal training, by completing their three year apprenticeship course – the National Certificate in Floor and Wall Tiling, which is offered by the Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation.

What will my tiling job cost?

Your total tiling costs are heavily influenced by the type of tiles that you purchase. Tiles, depending on material and size can cost anywhere from a few dollars a metre for bargain or second hand tiles, all the way through to several hundred for intricate mosaics. You can either shop around yourself, or purchase through your tiler. If you are purchasing yourself, ensure you chat to a tiler first to see what is appropriate for your area.

Tile installation costs from around $30/metre for cork tiles, up to around $90/metre for small mosaic tiles. These costs vary depending on what is required to seal and finish the tiles.

Where do I find a tiler?

Posting your job on Buildercrack is a good way to take the pain out of shopping around yourself. When you post your job on Buildercrack, including your area to be covered, what you would like done and a photo the current situation, tiling professionals will view it in the available jobs page and get in contact with you to try and win the contract. Before starting any contract, make sure the tiler comes out to inspect your home.

Your guide to Tiling in Auckland

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Tilers - What do Tiling Tradespeople do?

Tilers are responsible for all aspects of tile laying in several environments. These often include domestic kitchens and bathrooms. Another common area of their work is in swimming pool construction. Some tilers will specialise in certain areas, such as marble fixing, restoration, or underwater tile repair. Others will specialise in mosaic tiles, thus their work contains an artistic element in the laying process. You will need to hire a professional tiler whenever you require tiles to… (view full article)

Reviews of Auckland Tilers


“Klay was brilliant. My ever changing time table was not a problem to him. Great communication. No issues.”

Work carried out by the owner/operator

Roof Repair

17th July 2017

“Excellent Job. Highly recommend.”

Work carried out by the owner/operator


“Mark did the job to our specifications and was very flexible with respect to the changes He kept to the estimate as agreed. He ran over time, but considering the completed job and the quality of work we were happy with the result.”

Work carried out by the owner/operator


“Alex and the others who worked on our project were great. They were professional and did a great job. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to others.”

Work carried out by the owner/operator

Deck Repair

16th November 2017

“Lee was genuinely friendly, professional and efficient. Total keeper!! Did a fantastic job and would use again if the occasion arose. Jackie from Hillcrest”

Work carried out by the owner/operator

Reply: “Cheers thanks it was great to work around your property”


“Absolutely thrilled with the work that Adam completed. It happened quickly, ahead of a schedule and with no surprises. I've already had Adam quote for other work that I have coming up.”

Work carried out by the owner/operator

Reply: “Thank you very much Karen, i appreciated your time on writing this review. Regards. Adam”

Recent jobs posted in Auckland

I need a tiler the week of 3 December to tile relatively small splashback area with plain white tiles (no patterns to match up) with white grouting. I estimate this will be about 50-60 tiles 100 x 300mm tiles. I have…

Need a kitchen splash back done and tiling in a bay window. The splash back is to be done in a subway tile and is 2.79m2 but around a couple of windows. The bay window is 600mm x 1900mm and will be done in a mosaic…

entrance area - quote required

URGENT tiling for a sleepout! We need this done ASAP! We have bought the ... tiles already. See photo of sleepout, but carpet has since been installed. Bathroom floor - approx. 1000 x 2000. Existing lino needs to be…

We need the floor re-grouted in two areas of our house - the kitchen and the bathroom. The existing grouting has come away in places and was not done well.

Mold is starting to eat away the wall above our vanity. We'd like to tile it as a splashback so it's waterproof. We also need sealed up the gap between the glass of our shower and the wall.

Need kitchen wall tiled (see photo) just under 3m2 in total. Existing tiles and splash back will be removed and tiles are to go from bench to beginning of range hood.

We are looking to remove a stone bench top for replacement, which means one layer of tiles will be removed and replaced. Approximately 40 tiles will need replacing. Each side of the U-shape kitchen is 2.4m.

We are wanting to renovate the bathroom in our unit early next year. It's quite small (roughly 2m x 2.5m) but we're wanting tiles on the floors and all the walls (including the total shower which will be recessed). …

Hi, we need the tiling lifted in the bathroom, shower and up walls to 1200mm, also kitchen floor. Then new tiles laid on bathroom floor, shower (including waterproofing) to ceiling, walls to 1200mm. New tiles to be…

Tiling a splashback in the kitchen but some sanding and plastering of the holes/gaps required first before tiling.

Floor tiled waterproof kitchen tiling bathroom tiling b

The Bathroom is 1.795 by 1.675 and we are wanting this tiled. Also would like tiling to go up about 2 inchs up the side of the wall. We will provide the tiles so just labour and materials please. Thanks…

i need the shower floor tiles re-grouted and sealed. When standing in the shower i see bubbles coming up through the tiles, and guess they need to be stabilized somehow. It is a standard shower, roughly 80cm2

Wall tile removal from kitchen splashback and replastering ready for paint and new splashback