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Your guide to Gardening in NZ

Outsourcing Housework Freed Up Precious Time For This Busy Homeowner

Busy homeowner Michelle holds down parenting, full-time work and studying towards her PhD. She shares with us how she used Builderscrack to outsource her housework so she could focus on the important stuff... How It Started To say Michelle is a driven person is an understatement. Sitting across from a woman that packs so much into her days is inspiring, not only because of that drive but the clever way she has arranged her life to make it possible. She tells me "I’m doing a full-time… (view full article)

Ultimate Autumn/Winter Checklist

Autumn is a great time to get stuck in with preparations to get your home in the best shape and be a healthy place to be during the challenging winter months. Mould & mildew control Prevention is easier than treatment. Check around your house for spots that are prone to leaks, condensation or lack of airflow. This can result in built up moisture and later mould. Something as simple as cracking open windows to let air in can help. To really eliminate the problem consider investing in… (view full article)

Stage 6 Life Stages of Home Ownership - Caring For Your Home During Your 80s

Owning a home at any age is a commitment, but when you're caring for your home during your elderly years there are more things to consider... In our final article of our Home Ownership Article Series, we discuss the types of decisions you'll need to make and how to get the best value for money for them. Should You Stay or Should You Go? In our senior years, remaining independent is a common goal. Unfortunately as we age our bodies are less able to perform the same jobs we used to… (view full article)

Stage 5 Life Stages Home Ownership - Getting Your Home Ready for Retirement

Thinking about whether the house you're currently living in is suitable for retirement is an important to consider. Many downsize, but should you?... While your house remains your castle, there comes the time we need to adapt it. Getting your home ready for retirement is all about thinking ahead and future proofing your home and lifestyle for what may come.Not something we like to think about, but getting older has some disadvantages. For one, when we retire, we stop earning a wage and… (view full article)

Successfully Incorporating Retaining Walls Into Your Landscaping

Retaining walls play an important role in our landscaping efforts. Every wall is carefully planned and constructed to ensure it is able to withstand the required load. But all too often, the aesthetic aspect of it is not considered. This leaves many homeowners with unattractive landscaping features... One of the best ways to prevent this, is to work with an experienced landscaper right from the start. They will help guide you through the entire process, showing you how it is possible… (view full article)

How to Fix Your Retaining Wall Aesthetics with Landscaping

Retaining walls are often perceived as uninspiring or an eyesore. But a little landscaping can go a long way to improving the aesthetic appeal and/or blend a retaining wall in to the surroundings... Blending existing retaining walls into your landscaping Many of us have existing retaining walls which need camouflaging into our gardens. They may have been built with only functionality in mind. Or perhaps using materials which clash with the cladding of our home. Whatever state your… (view full article)

Recent jobs posted by Gardeners Nationwide

As per the photo below, tidy up the garden and remove green waste.. There’s a space of a similar size around the side of the house..

Tall hedge at front of residential property and along front of driveway needs cutting (about 20 metres)

Need someone to clear growth around house, spray and take waste away

Neighbours want both properties cleared & tidied - one side is more overgrown than the other. Trees trimmed & remove clippings etc.

3-flat property, needs a big weed/prune/cut back and then we need someone to come and maintain it regularly.

Regular mowing (in summer, 2 per month) of street surround to our corner property. Hedge trimming twice a year: hedges around house and boundary walls.

Weekly or fortnightly weeding, pruning, general garden maintenance.

159A Newlands Road Unit 2 back area Unit 1 Fenced area by deck Landlord - Slope Ongoing job

I need a reliable lawn maintenance person for my property to be engaged on a regular ongoing basis

Looking for quotes for regular lawn mowing for mums property in Manukau. Welcome to come and view the land first for accurate quoting.

We need a bank garden/bank area mown with a line trimmer, some weeds cleared around a drain area and an old compost, pile of sticks cleared away. There is also the potential for this to become a regular monthly job of…

Hi, my garden is completely overgrown with weeds. I would like a full garden clean up and the removal of a cabbage tree from the side of the house. I would also like a new layer of top soil and weed matting laid (but no…

I have some Large Yakkas need to be pulled out and removed.

Hi, we need someone to clear our vacant section of grass and weeds, with a weed eater / mower. approx 600m2.

I'm looking for someone to come tackle my overgrown garden and lawns. A site visit is probably best, so you can give me an accurate quote. If this is something you can help me with then get in touch. The work…