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Gardeners in Wellington

With a picture painting a thousand words, a beautifully cared for garden will reflect on the owner of the property to show the level of priority they place upon it.

Manicured lawns, shaped hedges, weeded garden beds and bountiful vegetable gardens are an asset to any property and not only can raise the value of it, but also provide us with an outdoor living space.

With our busy lives in the capital, regular pottering in the garden now a forgotten memory for so many, yet the plants in our garden still need our attention!

Professional gardeners in the Wellington region understand that we like to see and make the use of our outdoor space when we can, rather than spend time weeding and mowing lawns. That’s why hiring a gardener is a necessary investment for many Wellingtonians.

Reasons To Hire An Experienced Wellington Gardener

Gardens range in sizes, locations and contents, with the gardener’s geographical knowledge of the area playing a large part in the success or failure of the garden. Choosing a local gardener means that you not only get their landscaping and lawn maintenance skills, but also their understanding and experience of the local conditions such as wind and hillside gardening.

That knowledge is invaluable in choosing the right plants for your soil and drainage, picking the right spot to plant wind sensitive trees and even where to plant frost tender annuals.

Local horticulturalists may have specialised in the services they provide, such as some offering only lawn mowing and edging services, with others focusing on simply removing tricky trees.

Gardening companies may offer a wide range of general garden services.  They may work for you on a regular maintenance contract to keep your grounds looking cared for, or a one off basis when you are putting your house on the market.

Whatever reasons you have for requiring the services of a gardener, Wellington certainly has a large variety to choose from.

What To Look For In A Gardening Specialist

With the large variation of gardeners available, if the job you need doing is not highly specialised, recommendations from a friend or looking through the gardener's testimonials and reviews can help you pick just the right one for you.

Gardening qualifications can vary from a Certificate in Horticulture through to degrees in landscape design.  If you want a specific job done then choosing a specialist gardener would be the right call for you.

The level of experience which the individual or company has is also important, so feel free to inquire if they have done certain garden work before hiring them.

Some gardeners are Grow Safe application certified or Certified Approved Handlers of Agrichemicals. This allows them to target specific pests or diseases in your garden with either organic or regular sprays only available to professionals, while others only have access to the regular weed spray you can purchase at the garden centre.

With hillside slips a common occurrence on many properties around the Windy City, a professional landscaper will also be able to help you decide upon a permanent solution, be it building a retaining wall or the planting of suitable plants.

Use our easy job posting service to find the right gardener for you property today!

Your guide to Gardening in Wellington

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Reviews of Wellington Gardeners

“Leon was excellent in communication and willing to hear all the requirements before giving quote. He was prompt on schedule and complete the work to our satisfaction”

Reply: “Great client. Will definately do the next project for them. Nice day.”


Repaving front for car

14th January 2019

“Really happy with this job that Jason and one other did. From acceptance of work to finish was a total of a week. I would definitely recommend.”

Work carried out by the owner/operator


Lawn prep & grass laying

14th December 2018

“Cal was professional, pleasant, prompt and considerate. We are very pleased with his work and highly recommend him.”

Work carried out by the owner/operator


New gates

15th August 2018

“Initial job was completed to an agreed satisfactory level at the time. However shortly thereafter the gate started ‘dipping’ on one side by 1+ cm, putting pressure on the latch which eventually snapped. The builder rectified this and the issue is now resolved.”

Work carried out by the owner/operator


Retaining Wall

7th November 2018

“Great job. Craig came up with some great ideas for the wall and fence. He carried out the work very efficiently and left everything clean and tidy, He obviously takes pride in his work and listened to what I wanted to achieve. Would not hesitate to use SOS again.”

Work carried out by an employee of the company


Debris removal

13th December 2018

“Responded quickly to job posting, job done well and on schedule. Job was a bit more difficult than expected, but this was no problem, and they could have charged more for it but didn't.”

Work carried out by the owner/operator


Recent jobs posted in Wellington

We need a bank garden/bank area mown with a line trimmer, some weeds cleared around a drain area and an old compost, pile of sticks cleared away. There is also the potential for this to become a regular monthly job of…

The area approximately 12 square meters lawn need to be tidied up. Ideally it is fortnightly work.($15-$20 one time)

Need weeding of upper and lower garden and trimming of bushes. Sweeping up dead leaves. Garden size of roughly 50 square metres. Must take green waste away.

Large garden a front and back section With about 1months grass grown need mowing.

Garden has got away on us, roses need dead heading, weeding full garden, removal of a weed tree and general tidy, must remove green waste. Small garden no lawn. Apx 2 hours work. would be interested in 3 monthly visits…

The actual lawns don't need to be done, just the side of the hill. Hopefully the photo does justice, but the hill is quite steep so is annoying to climb/cut. Could be a one-off or on a repeat. Thanks in advance!

I need someone to remove a big pile (about 5 x 3 x 1.5m) of small branches and dug up agapanthus from my driveway. You can see the size in the pic. Half of it is light and could be broken down further...the aggies are…

Low maintenance front yard needs tidying and planting organised to best advantage, with possible new planting to improve summer use.

We are looking for a quote for lawn mowing services in Hinau Road, Hataitai. The lawns are across 3 terraces with a series of about 6 steps to access (photos of the access and site can be sent). We are happy with…

The garden hasn't been the main priority this year and it shows! There is a lot of grass and tree trimming plus there’s the removal, including dirt from recent new drain installation. I’m not looking for anything…

I have done some pruning and need branches and green waste removed. You would need a truck or high sided trailer. Also probably a chainsaw as some of the branches need cutting up. Thanks

Hello, we need our garden tidied up and some trees trimmed. There are three garden beds and a path that needs weeding and spraying. Some trees to trim, which will need a long reach cutter (just branches not trunks). The…

Need back yard area cleared, existing piles of soil sifted and spread over area. Would like lawns sown on flat area and bark on hilly area. Disposal of 2 piles of existing green waste from previous clearing work…

Tidy section, including steep bank. Weed eating, remove blackberry, clear pathways, some minor pruning. Needs to be tidying selectively leaving some plants and grass to retain bank.

We would like to get a wooden edge around the entrance to our property, this a stair entrance and would be going against the mud to both hold the mud back from the stairs and also improve the look. There is also a…