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Your guide to Plastering in NZ

Stage 3 Life Stages Home Ownership - Home DIY When You’re Thirty-ish

You’ve achieved the Kiwi dream and now own you first home! It’s time to start thinking about home DIY, but where should you start and what can you do? In this third article of our Life Stages of Home Ownership series, we’ll walk you through the tasks you can do and those you should call on a tradie to do for you. Easy home DIY you can do yourself! After you’ve been living in your new home for a while, it’s natural to notice things you want to change. The colour paint on the wall, a… (view full article)

Understanding the Differences Among Tradespeople Accreditations

With so many tradespeople belonging to different accreditation organisations, how do you know which one to use and what tradesmen accreditations are right for the job you want doing? Is an industry based accreditation offer the same as one from the government? We’re here to dive into the mysteries of what the most common tradespeople accreditation are. Let’s jump on in! Tradespeople accreditations There are 10 common tradespeople accreditation to be aware of. Each one is not equal,… (view full article)

Choosing Between Another Storey or Adding a House Extension

At some point in your life, your home may become too small for your family. Undertaking a major renovation such as adding a house extension will give you extra space. But are you better off building a second floor instead? Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages between adding a storey verses building a new addition. How to choose between another storey or a house extension Depending on the size of your backyard, you can choose to build up or build out. As sections become smaller,… (view full article)

Converting Your Garage Into a Teenager's Bedroom

Thinking about getting your teenager out of your hair by sending them to boarding school? Well there is actually another option and that’s converting your garage into a teenagers bedroom instead. The pros are that you’ll still be able to keep an eye on them and they’ll have their own space. Cons would be that they still have the potential to be surly and irritate you. But all in all, a garage conversion is a great idea for increasing the liveable space in your home and raising your… (view full article)

Comprehensive Guide to Bathroom Tiling

Tiling your bathroom is not such the large or forbidding job as many seem to believe it is. Utilising tradespeople is the quickest and simplest way to achieve great results.  An expert tiler will ensure they are installed professionally. An interior designer can help you to choose the most suitable colours and designs for your room. The creative inspirations seen on websites like Pinterest and Instagram can give you plenty ideas on tile design too. Reinvent your bathroom through… (view full article)

Plasterers and Plasterboard Fixers - what do they do?

Plasterers are building professionals who apply plaster to walls and ceilings to create a finished look to an interior space. A plasterer may work with new construction, or manage repairs to existing buildings. In addition to the creation of basic coverings on walls and ceilings, plastering may also involve the creation of architectural details that enhance the overall look of the space. For basic plastering jobs, when hiring a plasterer they will begin with either a solid surface or wire… (view full article)

Recent jobs posted by Plasterers Nationwide

Double bedroom with high ceiling interior wall plastering sanding and two new pieces of gib install. Has been stripped of wall paper and sealed.

new aluminium windows installed in existing rough cast exterior house. Re plaster to fix install work.

We are after someone to repair some non-structural earthquake cracks in our Stucco. Original 1930's Stucco was re-surfaced in 2010 - and the cracks were from the most recent large quake. This should not be a huge…

I need a plasterer to do some patch up jobs. 1 - ceiling in lounge had a hole in it from old water damage. Builder has patched hole with gib. Very high ceiling, 3m? 2 - Garage has some old water damage from a…

Plaster to go onto walls in lounge and kitchen. We have paint over embossed wallpaper. All walls are in excellent condition. I have already bought plaster

I have recently installed a gas fireplace. I need a GIB stopper to come, as shown in the photo it is two corners and one seam. Location is in Greenlane and we would like this done ASAP.

Inpact damage to corner of insulclad clad house -- Damaged area approx 120mm x 150mm - Small reair job required - plaster only damaged - photo attached -

Plasterer needed for small job. Two walls in a consult room and 1 wall in the hallway needed to be done.

We have plaster cladding on our house that has developed hairline cracks at the joins and we need to have these repaired as the house is for sale .

Master bedroom walls need skimming. 3.5 metre high ceilings medium to large room.

I have a approx 100sqm house with 50's stucco/splash finish plastering that has several cracks all around (eq damage) that need repaired. Someone who can grind, epoxy and/or mesh fill then plaster to match existing. Can…

Gib stopping the interior of a 10sqm Shed

Plastering of lounge and kitchen due to condition of walls. 70's build not sure on exact size of area

I need an existing concrete block wall re-rendered. Two faces to be done, 2.7H x 7.2L and 2.7H x 3.4 L

Currently rebuilding a sash window.. required some jib removal. As going to repaint have repaired a section Needs stopping and also gap around windows sorted.. refit of new window on thursday hopefully.. Looking for…