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Your guide to Doors in NZ

Lifestyle Block Living Without Smells and Noises

Isn’t it always a case of the grass is greener on the other side of the fence? Townies are showing increasing interest in selling up and moving to a lifestyle block. Country living offers benefits including fresh air, more space and quiet living. What could be better? Yet what we don’t consider is the unwanted smells and noises rural locations welcome newcomers with. How to enjoy a lifestyle block without the smells and noises Buses, sirens, car alarms and loud music. The solution to… (view full article)

Converting Your Garage Into a Teenager's Bedroom

Thinking about getting your teenager out of your hair by sending them to boarding school? Well there is actually another option and that’s converting your garage into a teenagers bedroom instead. The pros are that you’ll still be able to keep an eye on them and they’ll have their own space. Cons would be that they still have the potential to be surly and irritate you. But all in all, a garage conversion is a great idea for increasing the liveable space in your home and raising your… (view full article)

Winterizing your House Exterior, Doors & Windows Part 2

This is part two in our three-part series "weatherproofing your home for winter". Last week we covered inspecting fireplaces, wood stoves and chimneys. We also discussed cleaning your gutters and roofs. Read last weeks blog post. This week we cover winterizing your house exterior, doors and windows. Winterizing your house exterior Get rid of leaves and rotting vegetation from around your home and its foundations. Also look for gaps and holes in the exterior of your home and squirt caulk… (view full article)

Garage Door Insulation - Do it Yourself or Hire a Professional?

Garage door insulation Garage door insulation is the process by which entry of heat and cold from the environment surrounding the garage is prevented. It's common to see vehicles parked on the drive or up the street at night, even in your own street. This usually means that there is not enough room in the garage for vehicles as it's being used for storage. Or you may find it has been converted into a bedroom or study. It is under this scenario that one usually gets around to… (view full article)

Top 5 Home Remodelling Trends in New Zealand

Here's two great questions to ask yourself. How much better your home would be to live in with a few upgrades? Would seeing the latest home remodelling trends in your property make you feel great? There’s no time like the present to start on some home renovations and improve the quality of your life. Let's get cracking! Top 5 home remodelling trends you won't want to miss Creating more space There's been an increase in homeowners wanting to knock down walls to create open plan living,… (view full article)

Designing with Feng Shui: Attracting Chinese Buyers

Designing with Feng Shui A good way to attract Chinese buyers or tenants is to consider designing with Feng Shui (風水) when building or renovating a home.  Designing with Feng Shui uses the Chinese system of geomancy believed to use the laws of both heaven and earth to help one improve life by receiving positive qi (energy). Feng means wind and shui means water. In Chinese culture wind and water are associated with good health; thus good feng shui came to mean good fortune. Choose… (view full article)

Recent jobs posted by Door Professionals Nationwide

Hi my wooden entrance door but is no longer in a good condition, it swells and rotten at the bottom which make it hard to open these days. I like to replace it with an aluminium entrance door. So would like to know the…

See photos. Shower door does not open and close smoothly. Require fix to keep door in tracks with rollers working correctly.

We are looking for a competent and reasonably priced builder to replace an old interior glass sliding door with new interior French doors. This work would involve widening the door space to accommodate the much wider…

At our kindergarten we have a large shipping container as our office. The sliding doors has started to jam and needs full force and body weight to open and close. As a result the handle is now loose as well. They are…

Hi. Looking to replace shower door rollers. Not a big job, i think but couldn't do it myself. Contact if you can provide rollers as well. It is curved glass. Thanks

The door to our office has a thingee at the top that makes the door shut slowly and not slam. This is broken and needs replacing.

Supply and install of internal French doors (white) to separate two living spaces / pretty flexible on doors, but definitely glass paneled Thanks, R

We need a wooden door-frame and a steel security door fitted to the front of our house, and the existing security-door to be fitted to the back-entrance of our house. Also we need a sliding security-door fitted to our…

I want to replace a garage roller door with a sliding door (I will supply according to dimensions) measurements of opening are 2400mm wide 2000mm high I can remove the sliding the door myself. job seems pretty…

We need an existing door rehung, along with two small ceiling panels bade and fitted and curtain rails put up over the next few weeks

I want to supply and install a glass sliding door (exterior) in living room. Approximate dimensions are 2m high with 2.18m wide. See photo below.

I urgently need a sliding wooden door to be fixed so it slides more easily Also need two doors to be shaved at the bottom to allow for thicker carpet/lino

Replacement screen door required - open to options

We have 1 hinge to be replaced on the back door of my daughters house. The broken top hinge attached to the door frame has been removed but the other part of the hinge is still attached to the door as the screws are…

I need a new front door for my granny flat. Someone to come around an also measure door frame as i believe its not a standard door measurement also door frame is not perfect square measurement. Current door is warped.