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Your guide to Concreting & Paving in NZ

Navigating Wet Lawns - One Family's Solution

Hiring Jared, from Firth Landscapes, for a few days work was the ideal solution to put an end to one family's soggy lawn crossings this winter...... The Job Liz needed a garden path extended. One already existed, but it stopped short of the lawn, which meant that every time anyone in her family went to the washing line, or woodshed, they had a stretch of often wet and muddy lawn to cross. Liz had the pavers to match her existing path, she had made the plan and measured up exactly where… (view full article)

Decking - Choosing the Right Material for Your Home

Timber is the most obvious choice for building a deck but we there are two more popular options that are worth some consideration. We take a look... Types of Decking Materials There are three main types of materials used when building a deck: timber, concrete and composite timber. Timber Timber decks are a 100% natural wooden product. Pine, tropical hardwood and bamboo are the three types of common timber available, each with their own pros and cons. Pine is the cheapest product,… (view full article)

Successful Indoor Outdoor Flow in New Zealand Homes

One of the most popular selling points of a kiwi home is the indoor/outdoor flow. Whether you’re thinking of selling or just want to realise the potential of your home and the plot it stands on, considering indoor outdoor flow is important... Indoor outdoor flow The secret to unlocking the potential of both spaces is blurring the boundaries between inside and outside. This works regardless of the size of your garden compared to the size of your home. Select from our great ideas below… (view full article)

3 Home Renovation Ideas That are Cheaper in Summer

Longer daylight hours and dryer, warmer weather makes Spring and Summer the best time of the year to tackle most renovation and maintenance jobs around the house. We discuss three projects that are cheaper during these months... 3 home renovation ideas for summer which save you money Driveway Paving If you have an asphalt driveway that’s covered with grass sprouting up through the cracks, summer is the ideal season to get it redone.  Asphalt is much easier to work with in warmer… (view full article)

Creative Driveway Ideas - Choosing the Right Materials & Beautification

If you've not made a list of driveway ideas, relax. The driveway is often overlooked as a functional slab of concrete or asphalt tasked with transporting your car from the street to the garage. But first impressions count and the exterior of your home is what people initially notice when visiting. Curb appeal is important to consider when selling or renting out your home. Improvements will encourage prospective tenants or buyers to inquire about your property. Utilise professional… (view full article)

Labourers & Hammerhands - What They Do

Labourers and hammerhands work supporting qualified or skilled tradespeople on construction sites. They are found in all areas of construction, from residential housing, commercial sites, tunnels and highways to demolition jobs... A good labourer or hammerhand will have physical strength, good balance, eye-hand coordination, and stamina.  Labourers are generally expected to be the first workers on the job and the last to leave. Labourers and hammerhands may be used in one specific… (view full article)

Recent jobs posted by Concrete layers Nationwide

Broom finish on foot bath and smooth finish and expose. I can do drive ways and foot bath

We have 2 meter tall by 4 meter wide concrete block wall with living space on one side and hill (being retained) on the other side. The wall allows water to leak into the living space. We want to excavate the hill…

We would like to extend the concrete pad / patio in our back yard. Approximately 16m2

Looking to have an area infront of our front door and steps, boxed and concreted to resemble large concrete pavers so we can grow grass in between. Area is approx 3.5 metres x 5 metres. Like to discuss finish options…

We are building a new deck in the backyard shortly. Level with that we want a BBQ area. Concrete or paved we are not sure. Retaining wall and levelling work needs to be done (our deck builder is getting back to us with…

parking area to be concreted at home to fit about 3 cars. Already has compacted metal

I would like a damaged brick area replaced with concrete, the area is a rear covered patio area approx. 3.1m x 3.2m;

Concrete Paths wanted quote for.

I need concrete laid over about eight square metres (1.5 x 5 metres) to add to an existing driveway area. I'll have the ground level and ready with boxing/edging.

Would like to concrete pad 3.5 x 3.5.pad to replace gravel Required for spa pool

3 bay garage/ workshop needing concrete pad foundation and nib wall. Have had someone flatten the site with digger and will need someone to box up area and complete job ready for relocatable shed to be placed…

We need two 1.5m x 2.5m rectangles in our driveway filled in with concrete. See attached photos of spaces to be filled. Looking for 100mm thick reinforced concrete. Will also need to be dug out.

We want a concrete path at the rear of our house from carport to existing pathway

approx 17m2 black asphalt required for parking area. I can keep the dug out dirt and there are some concrete edgings in place.

approx under 12m2, mostly predug out, looking for a dark coloured aggregate finish or will consider stencilled concrete.