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Outdoor Surfaces - Quality & Budget Friendly Ideas

Street appeal makes a home feel welcoming when you return from a hard day at work, but is also important when you’re renting out or selling your home. Outdoor surfaces like paths, pool surrounds, decks, patios and courtyards should look great and be durable and practical to maintain. Combine your outdoor surfaces with softscape elements like water features, shrubs and flowers to connect your garden with your indoor-outdoor living areas. Untidy, weed-filled driveways, paths and patios have… (view full article)

Creative Driveway Ideas - Choosing the Right Materials & Beautification

First impressions count and the exterior of your home is what people initially notice when visiting. The driveway is often overlooked as a functional slab of concrete or asphalt tasked with transporting your car from the street to the garage. With imagination and the use of the right materials, you could have an interesting driveway for a great price. Get an estimate on your driveway upgrade from Builderscrack. Curb appeal is important to consider when selling or renting out your home.… (view full article)

Concrete Layers - what do they do?

A concrete layer is a tradesperson who makes many different types of structures out of cement. They'll pour, smooth, finish and colour concrete with special tools and techniques. Some concrete layers will supervise at job sites to make sure that a quality job is done. The first thing a concrete layer will do when they start a job, is to build a shape out of wood or metal to hold the wet concrete. Then they'll pour the concrete into the form, making sure the area is filled properly and there… (view full article)

Recent Jobs by Concrete layers Nationwide

Our driveway needs new concrete in an area of approx 16 sq m where it joins the roadway, including a slope to the road for car access. We require a very professional job carried out by someone who 'knows their stuff'.

I have an existing Concrete pavement and I want to create/cut a Trench that is aprox, 450mmW x 450mmD x 10m long. Part of the Concrete pavement is about 100mm thick and part of it is about 500mm thick. We need the…

We are needing an Existing concrete driveway removed which is approx 55m2 and a new asphalt driveway laid approx 60m2. The drive way will go from the fence right up to the house however I imagine some framing will be…

Job #176659
I have pulled down a garage and need the concrete broken up and removed. Approx 45m2 ... very narrow driveway.

About 30m square of old asphalt driveway to be replaced with new. Drainage also to be included probably with a soak box.

Require asphalt for a driveway and turning area Approximately 30 square metres.

Job #176638
Have a 46m^2 external concrete area that has previously had large pavers mortared onto it. Have removed pavers and now needs to be ground and sealed to tidy up.

I have a couple of hairline cracks in the external foundation of our house, approx 15cm length each that need to be filled/repaired prior to Friday this week (20th Jan)

Job #176614
Our new office has a room that is about 3x4m with concrete flooring. We had some metal bolts taken out of the floor which have made about ten small holes about 1cm in diameter each. We need these covered over. The…

do a concrete pavment around the house

My driveway is sloping and is now losing ground underneath so it has subsided and cracked in places. I need to know if this can be repaired

Concrete slab floor and foundations for a garage (9 metres by 8 metres) on level ground with good access in Norfolk Road, Carterton district. We have been considering using Allied READY floor which won't require any…

Have got a wee curbing machine. I intend to put in a garden edging around my yard. Looking for someone with experience in curbing to give some tips/ pointers. Just looking to have this person on site for one or two…

Job #176525
We have a driveway, 42m2 and two paths at 14lm that we want quotes for either concreting or paving. It will need to be boxed, a layer of metal, compacting and levelling. We require someone who can provide all…

My driveway needs to be fixed - has some cracks - the cutting is already done - concrete needs to be removed and replaced - approximately 50 sq meters Thanks

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