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Your guide to Solar in NZ

Preparing for Winter - 3 Things You Can Do Right Now

Autumn’s begun in earnest and now there's a noticeable chill in the air, preparing for winter is a top priority. If you’re anything like us you’ve been looking longingly at your heater wondering if it’s too soon put it on in the evenings or if now’s the time to hire a handyman to chop and stack some wood for your fire. Now that you're thinking about preparing for winter, here are three things you can do right now. Homeowners guide to preparing for winter Hire a registered electrician… (view full article)

Installing Solar Panels for Your Home

If you've ever considered installing solar panels, you are not alone. Kiwi homes are generally exposed to 20-30 times more energy from the sun than they use in power or gas and most of its going to waste. By making use of it, we can reduce emissions, create jobs and contribute towards energy independence. The cost of solar panels continues to fall rapidly and it's become competitive with other power generation options. So it's not surprising to discover that the installation of solar… (view full article)

Building an Eco-Friendly Green Home

If you’re looking to reap the financial and environmental benefits of living in an eco-friendly green home, then consider building from scratch. A new home lets you add energy-saving features at a significantly lower cost than if you renovated an older home. Eco-friendly green home An eco-friendly green home will be designed around solar heating. It will also involve orienting the house and as many windows as practical north.  The kitchen should be east-facing with the living areas… (view full article)

Solar Panel Installers - what do they do?

A solar panel installer is a tradesperson who is skilled in the installation of solar panels on and around your house. These can be used to heat water, and provide electricity to your house. The simplest form of solar power is the solar electric panel. These panels utilise photons to generate electricity. These photovoltaic panels are either free standing rigid sheets used to harness the sun's energy or are set into the roof. You can also get peel and stick laminates, if applicable with… (view full article)

Recent jobs posted by Solar Specialists Nationwide

Hi, I need to install a solar water heater to my existing gas Cylinder water Heating system.

Hi. We are looking for someone to wire up our solar for us. It is a small setup with two 270watt panels and two batteries. We would like to run a 12 volt fridge/freezer a 12 volt rangehood and a mini washing machine…

We have a 10 KVA grid-tied solar system and would like to add a significant battery to make maximum use of our generated power. We believe this can be achieved at a much lower cost than e.g. a Tesla battery by using…

Solar Water tank needs servicing check

We have two 270 watt solar panels on a frame. We need them run to the house and wired to two batteries, plus connections put in for a solar rangehood, a solar fridge freezer and a mini washing machine that will run off…

Looking for an electrician that help with a solar installation cables connection. Grounded solar panels and grid tie inverter installed and secured. Work consists of; 1. Getting the solar panels connected to the…

I have 20 solar panels on my roof, and I need to re-roof. The roofing guy says I need to get someone to power down the unit so he can remove the panels, and then I need someone to put the panels back on once the new…

Hi, I need a certified solar installation for our house. We have planning to get the panels, inverter and required cabling. Roughly 6 panels and I can get the roof mounts and all required material. The only thing…

Solar tube suppy and installation in hallway of single story bungalow.

I am currently in the process of DIY'ing a solar array. What I'm interested in is if it is possible to hook up the panels which I will install to a grid tied system. I'd be interested in learning the costs and what…

My roof is getting replaced. I need a someone to disconnect, remove and then reconnect solar panels.

I want to know the cost of solar heating in the home - I need 3 heating panels in the house - is there currently a system where I can used the heated water to run through radiators?

setting up battery bank solar power

someone to install solar electricity panels onto our roof. We will already have the panels, we require someone with experience and expertise in mounting the panels to our roof.

We have two outside lights (attached pictures) that were previously from a kids park that we want to light up in solar power- if we were able to turn on and off as well that would be great! Ps promise to cut branches…