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Your guide to Security Services in NZ

Stage 1 of Your Home Ownership or Renting Life Stage – Teenage Years

Welcome to the first of six articles about the home ownership and renting life stages we pass through over the years. As we discuss each stage, we’ll identify the jobs you can and can’t do around your rental or owned home and when you should get the professional tradesperson in. As a teenager or young adult, the first property you live in after you leave your parent’s home is most likely to be rented. You may be the one with your name on the tenancy agreement or simply a flatmate. As  the… (view full article)

Security Service & Alarm Installers - what do they do?

A security service or alarm installers will be able to advise and install the best security system for your property or anything else you want protecting. Some systems are composed of a simple alarm that sounds when an entry point is breached, while others include monitoring centres where employees will notify the authorities if someone tries to enter your home. Many companies make systems that include motion sensors that attach to your door and window frames. Some of these systems… (view full article)

Locksmiths - What does a Locksmith do?

Locksmiths specialize in locks, whether it be houses, safes, cars or other locks. Locksmiths are familiar with metal locking systems, as well as electronic security systems and card-activated systems. Hire a Locksmith to install, repair, and adjust locks in everything from cars to office buildings, and they also offer services to people who are locked out or individuals who want to consult with someone about their security systems. Locksmiths install locks on an office building, he or she… (view full article)

Recent jobs posted by Security Specialists Nationwide

We are looking to have 2 cameras (already purchased) installed on your property. Both can be run off existing light circuits with a max 4 and 8m conduit runs externally. Switches to be replaced with "covered" switches…

Hi got the parts just need connection for b426m and radion b810 if someone can connect to a Bosch 3000

We have a Paradox SP5500 alarm system with 5x Paradox NV5 PIRs configured as 5 zones. The system has been mostly installed and needs to be finished off. We need 1 sensor wired in, the internal piezo siren wired, the…

Mount three external and one internal CCTV cameras, they are wired (18m) and plug and play. I mostly need help mounting the cameras and running the wires to the main box.

I would like to get a security & insect door installed. Would also like to get a quote for getting fly screens installed on the windows.

we are shifting into a 3 year old home in Rangiora 28th January. It does not have a burglar alarm.

Urgently need someone to be a bouncer at a party on the 30th, only need help from 9-11. Around 50 people from 16-18 will be there. Would only really need help if unwanted people showed up. Thank you :)

I need a good alarm system, Paradox preferably, to replace my existing system. The existing 3 PIR sensors needs to be added/ integrated to the new system. I need: New keypad/ LCD panel Control box 3 PIR…

Hi, We need to install a CCTV above our house. We would like to have a free quote please. Tks

I am needing one security guard for a party i am throwing on the 30th of november. Not wanting to spend to much money. Only need the guard for about 2 -3 hours. You won’t have to do much, if unwanted people show up we’d…

screen door, need to replace existing screen and lock please find pictures

We have an alarm in stalled and we have never used it in the 4 years we have owned the house. We have currently switched it off as we think the sensor are not working. There is only one sensor and that is all we…

I have an Elite S Series Security System. It has two numbers showing on the panel 4 & 8. Have no idea what this means. Also neighbour has said alarm goes off after we leave the property 30 to 50 mins later. Would like…

Install security camera system (parts mostly supplied by client). 6 cameras to be installed around exterior of house, Ethernet cables to be installed through roof space, install brushboard in garage and route cables to…

existing external alarm needs repair and set up of activation/ deactivation via mobile needs to be done.