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Your guide to Foundations in NZ

Lifestyle Block Living Without Smells and Noises

Isn’t it always a case of the grass is greener on the other side of the fence? Townies are showing increasing interest in selling up and moving to a lifestyle block. Country living offers benefits including fresh air, more space and quiet living. What could be better? Yet what we don’t consider is the unwanted smells and noises rural locations welcome newcomers with. How to Enjoy a Lifestyle Block Without the Smells and Noises Buses, sirens, car alarms and loud music. The solution to… (view full article)

Retaining Walls 101 For Busy Homeowners and Future Developers

Retaining walls are often given a bad rap. Yet they are both functional assets and decorative features within our gardens. Designed to be strong enough to hold a load of soil, as well as look attractive, they increase our outdoor usable space. As structural engineering plays a part in their construction, they are best left to expert tradespeople. What are Retaining Walls? The main purpose of a retaining wall is to hold back a load of soil or earth. This happens when there is a change in… (view full article)

3 Questions To Ask Before Buying An Old House

Old villas and bungalows can be charming, but with age, often comes problems. While we’re drawn to older homes which are often oozing with character, they can quickly become money pits and the source of endless frustration for homeowners. So, if you are unsure if an older home is right for you, here’s three questions to ask before you sign on the dotted line. Here are 3 questions you need to ask before buying an old house. Are the foundations solid? It’s common for older homes to have… (view full article)

Piling and Foundation Contractors - what do they do?

A foundation or piling contractor is a tradesperson skilled in the development of  foundations of a building. The house foundations are the system on which the home sits. Sometimes the house foundation rests upon the footings and supports the floor system - as with conventional foundation walls. There are many different types of foundation, such as masonry, concrete, wooden and piles. Piles are typically used where the available soils are unable to support the necessary loads with the use of… (view full article)

Recent jobs posted by Foundation Specialists Nationwide

Catch 22, need to level house before we get inbuilt wardrobes and tile the bathroom. To be honest we have no idea how much this costs hence quotes.

Hi there I am after quotes to repile a 130sq2 flat section villa in Balclutha. 1/2 metre clearance under house access? Mostly sunken along outside walls and beside character fires (3 fires - one to be removed) currently…

A front entrance way/foyer area was added to this 1970's house in the 1980's. The add-on appears to be sinking as there is cracking on interior walls and the finishing lines near the ceiling have gaps. And there is an…

1940's stand alone 60sqm. Looking to purchase, estimate acceptable. Please call Jane ... .

Our lower deck has issues with the piling. I'd like a builder to give us a quote on what it would cost to get fixed. We have a semi detached house and our deck is shared with our neighbours. My contact phone number is…

One of the wooden piles under my house requires replacing due to rot at ground level -

I have a 1984 double story house that has not got enough piles and some maintenance needed. Its 500 square feet and has got some bad subsidance. This would need someone who knows what they are doing as its a bit double…

We have one particular side of our house that is uneven by approximately 5cm, looking for someone with re-levelling experience to come and level as best as possible before we put in a new kitchen, the space under the…

We need to repile an older wooden home. There are approx 10 piles that need to be restablished, I think there will also be floorboards to be levelled and replaced.

I have a corner pile underneath my house that has cracks in it and needs to be fixed/replaced before another earthquake

We are after a quote to relevel kitchen floor. Area is around 15-20m2 and we need to jack and pack around the foundations. We have a small man hole, however another man hole may be required to be cut to access under…

20 piles in preparation for 5x4 metre transportable sleepout.

Our house old is needing re-piling. I can see the piles around the edge of the house have rotted. There is a reasonable amount of crawl space and it is 80m2 in size. I am looking for quotes from trades people who can…

The floor in our house/bach at Waitarere beach is uneven. We need our house piles checked and a quote given for repiling.

Our house is an old 1970s American style 3 bedroom house with concrete piles which need some attention since the recent earthquakes. The floors are no longer level. We need a quote for this work as it will be covered…