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Your guide to Foundations in NZ

Cleaning up After a Flood - A Homeowner's Guide

Flooding is one of the many natural disasters New Zealand is prone to. Repairing your home and cleaning up after a flood is not something any of us enjoy. Quite often the damage is severe and requires professional tradespeople, as well as council permits and inspections. Then of course there is the myriad of insurance assessments to deal with as well. Often with such a big job, it’s hard to know where to start first. That’s where our homeowners guide to flood clean-up is… (view full article)

Lifestyle Block Living Without Smells and Noises

Isn’t it always a case of the grass is greener on the other side of the fence? Townies are showing increasing interest in selling up and moving to a lifestyle block. Country living offers benefits including fresh air, more space and quiet living. What could be better? Yet what we don’t consider is the unwanted smells and noises rural locations welcome newcomers with. How to enjoy a lifestyle block without the smells and noises Buses, sirens, car alarms and loud music. The solution to… (view full article)

Retaining Walls 101 for Busy Homeowners and Future Developers

Retaining walls are often given a bad rap. Yet they are both functional assets and decorative features within our gardens. Designed to be strong enough to hold a load of soil, as well as look attractive, they increase our outdoor usable space. As structural engineering plays a part in their construction, they are best left to expert tradespeople. What are retaining walls? The main purpose of a retaining wall is to hold back a load of soil or earth. This happens when there is a change in… (view full article)

3 Questions to Ask Before Buying an Old House

Are you considering buying an old house? Old villas and bungalows can be charming, but with age, often comes problems. While we’re drawn to older homes which are often oozing with character, they can quickly become money pits and the source of endless frustration for homeowners. So, if you are unsure if an older home is right for you, here’s three questions to ask before you sign on the dotted line. Buying an old house? Ask these questions first! You don't want to buy a lemon! Here are… (view full article)

Piling and Foundation Contractors - what do they do?

A foundation or piling contractor is a tradesperson skilled in the development of  foundations of a building. The house foundations are the system on which the home sits. Sometimes the house foundation rests upon the footings and supports the floor system - as with conventional foundation walls. There are many different types of foundation, such as masonry, concrete, wooden and piles. Piles are typically used where the available soils are unable to support the necessary loads with the use of… (view full article)

Recent jobs posted by Foundation Specialists Nationwide

We are building an A1 home kitset in Otaki early 2018, I am requiring a quote/estimate for timber piles and if you also offer the subfloor as part of your service. We have a builder but need the piling priced and…

New garage slab for builder. Flat site in Red Beach will be cleared and profiled. block-work needed as well. Builder available to help

We need to repile our house, 1910 villa, 90-100sqm. Looking for an estimated costing or quote, and scope of works.

House built in 1935 and is 109m2 requiring full repiling. Located in Hokitika. Good amount of room underneath the house.

My house has been relocated onto new standard piles and needs to be "Tied down" and braced in accordance with the approved building consent. Must be LPB approved for foundation work, and provide details to go in…

35 up to 12m piles in west auckland Oratia

Need advise about a seasonal foundation shift on one corner of the house

I am resiting a 1950s ex-airforce house to our section and will need a builder available to get the pile locations confirmed for pile driver and then house re-siting. Also some repair work on the roof after the shift.

We have a concrete beam and pile system that requires support. The site is in Glendowie. Auckland. Initially there is some hand digging to do, Then drilling and epoxy starters into the piles. The boxing up and…

Quote to replace/repair piles on old villa

1-Hold Downs Required for the Relocated house Supply materials and labour to connect 85 ordinary piles and 9 Anchor piles , replace 1 x bearer. 2-Baseboard Supply materials and labour to attach 150 x 25 base…

I am looking to buy a timber and iron roofed house. The 1987 extension is not level and the previous piling was poor. The extension needs re-piling, re-leveling and bracing (seismic). There is also a small extension…

Concrete floor levelling in corner may have to remove wall lining

Replacing weather boards on the top storey of a two storey ownership flat. Bottom is concrete block. The top storey will need re painting after weatherboards are fixed or replaced.

* Supervise excavation of under house area to Engineer and Architect's requirements (labour except supervisor to be supplied by Owner - also note no spoil will be removed from site, it will all be used in…