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Your guide to Foundations in NZ

Lifestyle Block Living Without Smells and Noises

Isn’t it always a case of the grass is greener on the other side of the fence? Townies are showing increasing interest in selling up and moving to a lifestyle block. Country living offers benefits including fresh air, more space and quiet living. What could be better? Yet what we don’t consider is the unwanted smells and noises rural locations welcome newcomers with. How to Enjoy a Lifestyle Block Without the Smells and Noises Buses, sirens, car alarms and loud music. The solution to… (view full article)

Retaining Walls 101 For Busy Homeowners and Future Developers

Retaining walls are often given a bad rap. Yet they are both functional assets and decorative features within our gardens. Designed to be strong enough to hold a load of soil, as well as look attractive, they increase our outdoor usable space. As structural engineering plays a part in their construction, they are best left to expert tradespeople. What are Retaining Walls? The main purpose of a retaining wall is to hold back a load of soil or earth. This happens when there is a change in… (view full article)

3 Questions To Ask Before Buying An Old House

Old villas and bungalows can be charming, but with age, often comes problems. While we’re drawn to older homes which are often oozing with character, they can quickly become money pits and the source of endless frustration for homeowners. So, if you are unsure if an older home is right for you, here’s three questions to ask before you sign on the dotted line. Here are 3 questions you need to ask before buying an old house. Are the foundations solid? It’s common for older homes to have… (view full article)

Piling and Foundation Contractors - what do they do?

A foundation or piling contractor is a tradesperson skilled in the development of  foundations of a building. The house foundations are the system on which the home sits. Sometimes the house foundation rests upon the footings and supports the floor system - as with conventional foundation walls. There are many different types of foundation, such as masonry, concrete, wooden and piles. Piles are typically used where the available soils are unable to support the necessary loads with the use of… (view full article)

Recent jobs posted by Foundation Specialists Nationwide

Kindly please quote the building materials price for the following (including the delivery cost) Sprial DIA 250mm, 200mm c/c R10 4HD16, 1M 15 pieces Sprial DIA 250mm, 200mm c/c R10 4HD16, 2M 17 pieces Sprial DIA…

Concrete foundation reinforcing: As can be seen in the photos attached, the existing ring perimeter foundation has been left exposed to the elements, and as a result surface water erosion has begun to take place,…

Need one pile replaced - good access under the house and drive on access to the property. Would like someone who could do the job in the next week or so if possible

Building inspection on 1900's Villa- 110 sqm stated repiling work is required. looking for a ballpark quote originally to begin to take to negotiations and then have the work completed.

Timber floor in kitchen and laundry (12-15m2 ) needs to be lifted/levelled. (Area is 15mm lower than rest of the room). Particle board needs to be reinstated in this area afterwards. Foundation is timber piles. Need…

Had relocatable 82m2 delivered to site and put temporarily on concrete blocks need house lifted and piling done

Some parts of the flooring in the house are uneven. I need someone to take a look what happen as I suspect there is a repiling issue. If so provide a quote how much is to fix the repiling issue. The property was built…

repiling a 100 year old cottage approx 60m2

Placing of concrete footings ... for four shipping containers and making it level.

We want to check if the piling and foundations are stable and not subsiding.

I want a quote on a property i am keen to buy. needs repiling for the southern end of the house.

Assessment and quotation for costs of re-piling and a pre-purchase inspection of same property

One corner of the house has sunk and the house needs to be jacked up and levelled

Cost an time sensitive. Need job done asap as we r needing to move in. Bought new house and some of the piles need re doing. It seems to be the ones on the outter sides of house. Concrete piles. Some rotten boards…

I need some repiling carried out to my house following the recent earthquake. I have a two story house in the hutt valley and the floor has starting sloping away over the last few months.