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Your guide to Painting & Decorating in NZ

Garage Door Colour Update Challenge Solved By Our Tradies

A simple colour update for her garage doors was all that one homeowner wanted. But it proved a little easier said than done until a “can do” tradie was found... The Job Paulette wanted to update the colour of her metal garage doors from what she called a “bland new denim blue” to a more striking ebony black. The Challenge Paulette contacted the garage door company to find out if, and how, the colour could be changed. They came back with two options; replacing the doors entirely… (view full article)

Painters and Decorators - What They Do and How to Find a Good One

Hiring a quality painter can feel like a daunting task, especially when it comes to a big project. But it needn't be.... There's a key step right at the beginning that can almost guarantee finding the perfect painter/decorator for your job, and that's carrying out detailed research on any prospective tradesperson and their business. To help with this we have put together a list, using the help of one of our Pro tradesmen, John Quaid from JJ Painters and Decorators, that… (view full article)

How Builderscrack Has Helped a Painters Business

Keep an eye on your profile page and reviews, they can mean more business.....  This month we got a chance to have a quick chat with a local tradie to find out how Builderscrack has helped his painting and decorating business. With 38 jobs under his belt in just over a year and a half, John Quaid owner of JJ Painters and Decorators is a good example of leveraging the Builderscrack platform to it’s best advantage. It's helped him keep business rolling in, even in the post EQC… (view full article)

Understanding the Differences Among Tradespeople Accreditations

With so many tradespeople belonging to different accreditation organisations, how do you know which one to use and what tradesmen accreditations are right for the job you want doing? Is an industry based accreditation offer the same as one from the government? We’re here to dive into the mysteries of what the most common tradespeople accreditation are. Let’s jump on in! Tradespeople accreditations There are 10 common tradespeople accreditation to be aware of. Each one is not equal,… (view full article)

Decorating a Child's Bedroom? Here's Some Great Tips!

Decorating your child's bedroom is an enjoyable yet challenging task. Remember to consider your child’s special interests and personality when planning the bedroom decor. Attention to detail helps make the bedroom uniquely suited to your child. A child who likes rugby, sea creatures or Batman, would love design elements that reflect these interests. Involve your son or daughter in the design and planning process as much as possible and appropriate for his age. This makes for a great… (view full article)

Choosing Between Another Storey or Adding a House Extension

At some point in your life, your home may become too small for your family. Undertaking a major renovation such as adding a house extension will give you extra space. But are you better off building a second floor instead? Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages between adding a storey verses building a new addition. How to choose between another storey or a house extension Depending on the size of your backyard, you can choose to build up or build out. As sections become smaller,… (view full article)

Recent jobs posted by Painters & Decorators Nationwide

Hi, we want to repaint steps and a verandah that is roughly 1x4m. Plus remove a 1.8m high, c4m long wooden fence/gate.

I would like the walls and ceiling of dining/living room, hallway and 2 bedrooms re-painted in similar colours as currently, and may need the woodwork around the windows re-painted in some rooms. The ceiling has had a…

Want the house house prepped and painted. Looking for quotes. Hoping ti have done over summer.

18m length x 3m width Please quote total costs including all materials. Thanks

Some wooden windows mainly on south side need addressing also weather boards

The exterior of my 1950s 3 bedroom bungalow house in Hamilton East needs painting during Feb or Mar. Quote should include sand, prime and apply 2 or 3 coats including window checks. Paint should be included for 2…

I am having three bedroom doors replaced and they will need to be painted white to match the rest of the doors in the house.

House 1 - 1920’s villa. 3 bedroom, 130msq. Exterior paint including roof and double garage. House 2 - 1960’s weatherboard. 3 bedroom, 100msq. Exterior paint including roof and shed. Quote for both or for one…

We just had the joinery in our house replaced and a painter lined up to do some minor plaster repairs around the windows and to paint the new architraves. He has now bailed on us but we were really hoping to have it…

We are looking a quote for exterior paint

My house is approx 115 Square meter , 3 Bedroom 2 bathroom and planning to do full house painting and looking or the quote, and estimated time.

In about March or April 2019 we need a painter to be ready to paint the inside of our home. It is about 800 Sqms' worth of work. This will include strip and pigment seal. wall paper removal. ceilings trims etc For a…

Existing deck needed recoating, the existing is paint finished and the paints are cracked and peeling. If anyone can come and give us a quote, we would love to have the job started this week.

We needed some idea on how much it would cost us to paint the timber exterior of our house, ( added pictures of 360 degree views! ) We were thinking to get it all in white! Please feel free to ask questions or place a…

Hi, I need the newly erected walls and kitchen area to be painted using Dulux, as stated on the photo attached under 'Interior Paperfaced plasterBoard - Wet Areas - Paint Finish'. Thanks, Andrew