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Painters & Decorators in Auckland

Using a professional painter and decorator to repair or refurbish exterior walls or revamp an interior space can add value to your home but choosing a tradesman to trust with your home can be daunting. Often you will get a feel for the painting contractor from speaking to them and warm to one more than the others, but there are a few basic things that you should check out before deciding who to hire. Here are three important areas you should cover if you are planning a painting project at your property.


Getting more than one quote can often save you money in the long run, so it is good practice to get at least three quotes if you can before choosing your painter.

A good painting company will offer a free quote either from the information you have provided or by making a visit to your home to assess the project. Try to give as much information as possible to the painter about the what the job entails and what you would like to see in the finished product. Quotes should be provided in writing and agreed before the project begins.

No two quotes will be exactly the same, but make sure you are comparing like for like. Things to check include:

  • What the quote actually includes. Is the tradesman expecting you to provide materials or do your own preparation work or is everything included in the price? If the job is for an exterior wall does the quote include the cost of scaffolding? Asking these types of questions in advance will save you dealing with unforeseen costs when it comes to paying at the end of the job.
  • The quality of the materials being used. For example, is the brand of paint one you’ve heard of and know is high quality?
  • Whether the quote is a fixed price, an estimate, or based on an hourly rate. Fixed price quotes give you a better idea of what you will pay, whereas estimates and hourly quotes could vary depending on how long the job actually takes.


Most good painters and decorators will be able to supply references from previous clients and will have a photo gallery of jobs. You may even be able to speak to a former client or visit the site of a previous job to see the work for yourself. Professional decorators may also be members of a trade association or have a qualification to back up their work.

The fine print

As well as checking references you should go over a few details with your painter before agreeing to a contract. Check there is insurance in place and that the contractor has the required certificates and health and safety training, especially if the job involves scaffolding or working on high levels. You should also agree whether you are paying a deposit up front and if so how much and how you will provide the painting team with access to the property during the work.

Your guide to Painting & Decorating in Auckland

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Reviews of Auckland Painters & Decorators

Small concrete job

26th October 2018

“Awesome job. Kali and his son were prompt, on time, did a great job and a great price. Would definitely call on him again. Super-nice guy, friendly and polite.”

Work carried out by the owner/operator


Tiling bathrooms

5th August 2018

“Great tradesman. Cost as quoted, great communication, very prompt and completed ahead of schedule. Very helpful and accommodating
I would definitely use Alex again for any work I have.”

Work carried out by the owner/operator


Mouldy bedroom

23rd November 2018

“Tash and his team were fantastic to work with - prompt, helpful, and doing a good job. I am happy to recommend them.”

Work carried out by the owner/operator



1st December 2018

“Great Job, standing up to the test of time”

Work carried out by an employee of the company


New fence

23rd November 2018

“We are very pleased with the new fence. The completed job was of a high quality (the council inspector was also very impressed with the quality workmanship), the communication was terrific, the job was completed in good time, the mess afterwards was cleared and the guys were friendly and polite. I highly recommend this company.”


“Great communication from the team throughout and was able to do it at short notice. There was some delay at meeting me at the house and the whole invoice required in advance but that is only minor. Very easy to deal with and good outcome. Would use again”

Work carried out by an employee of the company

Reply: “Thanks”


Recent jobs posted in Auckland

My house's floor area is 300 square metres (not sure how big is the surface, I think it's less than 300 square metres). Need to paint the exterior for maintenance.

1.Downstairs. 250sqm Vinyl fllroing being removed 14th December. Need to repaint factory entance as soons as possible / and all bathrooms 2.clean external walls of our presmises and repaint 3.Upstairs 250sqm showroom…

6M x 3M wall needing to be wallpapered. Job needs to be done ASAP either Dec. 6th or 7th (10am - 6pm) Wallpaper and Adhesive provided Concrete Wall Matching patters - Quality Job required

Tile roofing repairs including damaged tiles, pointing, flashing, some guttering. Roof pitch 15 degrees. Repainting. Timing early 2019.

We are looking for a professional and serious painter for our Chiro clinic big wall (around 3.5 m x 10 m). We got the paint but you will need your brushes. We are open on Mondays 2 pm to 6:30 pm, Tuesdays 7 am to 11…

Repaint skirting boards in one bedroom (approximately) 3m x 3.5m sized. Paint match and any prep/cleanup work required.

We are selling our house and want to get the roof a painted a dark charcoal before we do. 1950's house, 93m2 with a tile roof. Doing with the intention of selling so want to do it as cheaply as possible.

I have an apartment currently painted grey. I would like it painted white.

Require front of house painted - 1st & 2nd story - Ground floor will be rebuilt

NOTE: We can meet you onsite for you to finalise quotation. 3 Panel Privacy Screen on deck ---------------------------------------- Replace Existing 3 Panel Privacy Screen at the entrance to unit. Remove Glass…

Looking for a few touch ups and the current paint to be freshened up

We are looking for someone to finish painting the exterior of our home. It is a 1930's weatherboard bungalow with timber joinery and a concrete foundation with a floor area of about 110m2. The weatherboards have been…

6M x 3M wall needing to be wallpapered. Job needs to be done either Dec. 5th and/or Dec. 6th (10am - 6pm) Wallpaper Provided - adhesive NOT provided Concrete Wall Matching patters - Quality Job required

My bathroom is 2.55 m x 1 m and 2.6 m high. Painting is starting to peel and so the walls and ceiling needs repainting. Only the top half of the walls need painting however, as there is wooden panels(see pics) in the…

Two bedrooms needing painting. Approx 3 metre x 4 metre squared. Plus roof as well - this includes panel detail of a 1940's interior bungalow.