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Decorating a Child's Bedroom? Here's Some Great Tips!

Posted 28/03/17

Decorating your child's bedroom can be an enjoyable, yet challenging task. We share some tips on how to get the best out of decorating this room... Remember to consider your child’s special interests and personality when planning the bedroom decor. Attention to detail helps make the bedro

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Mid to Upper Range Bathroom Renovation Costs & Ideas

Posted 24/09/14

Bathroom renovation series - The mid-range bathroom renovation. Part three in a four-part series of articles that looks at bathroom renovations and what to expect at different budgets and what you need to help you plan your bathroom renovation. Mid-range bathroom renovation costs ($12,000 t

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Deluxe Bathroom Renovation Costs - What You'll Get for $30,000+

Posted 01/10/14

Bathroom renovation series - The deluxe bathroom renovation. One in a series of articles that looks at bathroom renovations and what to expect at different budgets. The deluxe bathroom renovation $30,000 to $100,000+ The deluxe bathroom renovation may also be known as a full gut job. There

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Painters and Decorators - What They Do and How to Find a Good One

Posted 28/06/18

Hiring a quality painter can feel like a daunting task, especially when it comes to a big project. But it needn't be.... There's a key step right at the beginning that can almost guarantee finding the perfect painter/decorator for your job, and that's carrying out detailed research on an

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Stage 6 Life Stages of Home Ownership - Caring For Your Home During Your 80s

Posted 07/12/17

Owning a home at any age is a commitment, but when you're caring for your home during your elderly years there are more things to consider... In our final article of our Home Ownership Article Series, we discuss the types of decisions you'll need to make and how to get the best value for

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5 Tips for Spring Home Renovations

Posted 29/10/14

We've talked to industry insiders and experts, and have put together a list of our top 5 tips for getting started your spring home renovations. Spring home renovations Coming out of a cold winter, spring home renovations may seem like a daunting prospect.  Yes, you've been thinking about i

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Bathroom Renovation Cost & Getting Started

Posted 10/09/14

If you’re thinking about undertaking a bathroom renovation, then you’ll no doubt be considering what you want to achieve by doing so.  Whether it’s updating the look, increasing resale value or adding functionality, amenities and storage, the scope of your bathroom renovation project will depend

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Homeowners Guide to Summer Proofing Your Deck

Posted 23/02/17

Our skin isn't the only thing that needs protecting from the harsh New Zealand sun, our decking needs protection too. To keep your deck looking great, we’ve put together this handy guide on summer proofing your deck... How to keep your deck looking like new Summer brings more traffic and o

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Budget Bathroom Renovation Costs - What You Can Expect

Posted 17/09/14

Bathroom renovation series - The Budget bathroom renovation. Part two in a four-part series of articles that looks at bathroom renovations and what to expect at different budgets, and tips to help plan your bathroom renovation. The basic budget bathroom renovation (from $3000-$12000)

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Latest painting & decorating case studies

Discover in-depth, ways which our homeowners have used Builderscrack to shape their house into the home of their dreams.

A 3yo’s Take on Having Plasterers in the Home

t’s not every day you get to show off your crayons — at least that’s how three-year-old Quinn felt shortly after meeting the tradespeople plastering her living room. Quinn’s mother, Kate, tells me the crayons were just the start, and that Wayne and Ronan from Claddagh Plastering coped incredibly well with her daughter’s constant line of questioning while working. “She would walk up beside them and say ‘look at my carrots’, ‘I’ve got cucumber’, and ask them ‘do you want to be my friend?’,” Kate laughs. “Wayne was really good with her, he’d take time to say ‘oh wow, yes, wow look at that’ — I think he’s got young ones at home, so he was used to it. “She’d stand there and watch them work, mesmerised by the plaster being put on, it was very cute.” As Kate and I relish Quinn’s adorable toddler bravado, Kate lets me in on how they got to this point of renovating their home, and let’s just say, anyone with EQC experience will be able to relate. “We Could Start to Se

Sleek Splashback Completes Kitchen and Laundry Reno

After moving in, they realised time wasn’t so much of the essence. It was about enjoying the experience, and they’ve been chipping away at their renos for the past four years. Enter the most recent job: a sleek white tile splashback. The renovated kitchen was missing one thing: a splashback With 12 jobs done and dusted on Builderscrack, Daniel was confident he could find a professional to help him finish off the kitchen and laundry. “We did the kitchen a couple of years ago, and the plan was always to put a splashback in there,” Daniel says. “It was more of a finishing touch than a necessity at that time. “But when we renovated the laundry at the start of this year, we thought now’s the time to do them both.” As with most renos, the paradox of choice can make it hard to decide on the perfect finish. “So we went to a few tile places and actually took some free samples home to see what they’d look like. “My partner was unsure about tile choice afte

Women in Trade - S & B Painters and Decorators, Cambridge

We speak with some of our Builderscrack tradeswomen to find out their stories of working in the trades. First up is Sam Cotton, owner of S & B Painters and Decorators, based in Cambridge... Sam learnt her skills early in life, "my father was a painter and taught me most of the skills I have - working with tools, painting and building". She credits her forward-thinking parents for giving her the unwavering belief she can do anything. While studying at university for her Physical Education degree, Sam took on building and painting jobs to support herself. She continued her trade work in between her sporting work over the following years. Eventually starting up and running her own company, aptly named "Jill of All Trades". She ran this up until she became pregnant with her son. After some time off to be a mum, Sam got back to it, starting up a new business - this time focused solely on painting and decorating. Most recently, she moved to Cambridge for her son to purs

Dogstruction Calls for Repairs to Walls, Skirting and Doors

Don’t be fooled by those cute puppy dog eyes; homeowner Maddie says that ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ when it comes to Indie, her beloved golden retriever x border collie pup. If you’re familiar with that puppy phase — teething, pre-teen cheek and curiosity — you’ll know the damage they can do when exploring their world (aka your home). A Gnawing Time for Indie At around 5 months old, Indie started chewing the walls and skirting boards as a way of coping with what Maddie described as separation anxiety. “She’s very bright, active and needs to be kept busy, so before lockdown when we were out and about, we would give her the run of the house,” Maddie says. “She had a good go at the front and back entrance ways, then in the two bedrooms. “We found the holes pretty much immediately — she was always very sheepish when we saw them — and she would be slinking around with her head down and tail between her legs.” Repairing The Damage Throughout lockdown, Maddie and her wife w

Small Bathroom Renovation Turns Major When The Unexpected Happens

ulian and Lexie had one month, $5k and a straightforward plan to renovate their small bathroom. Let’s just say, if you like a good ‘down to the wire’ reno story, you’ll love this couple’s drama-filled journey from settlement to move in day. We’re talking budget blow-outs, schedule delays, on-the-spot decisions and eight scope changes. Yeah — total ‘Block’ vibes, right? Julian jokes that he had a couple of grey hairs come flying through at a rapid rate. “It was a significant, unforeseen scenario,” Julian says, alluding to the cause of the delays. This eventful Project Story will leave you with practical insights for your own bathroom renovation. You’ll discover: What to look out for in your pre-purchase building inspection How to manage scope and budget changes The full list of bathroom upgrades What they would do in hindsight (involves saving money!) Plus, the awesome before and after photos. Let’s get stuck into i

Garage Door Colour Update Challenge Solved By Our Tradies

A simple colour update for her garage doors was all that one homeowner wanted. But it proved a little easier said than done until a “can do” tradie was found... The Job Paulette wanted to update the colour of her metal garage doors from what she called a “bland new denim blue” to a more striking ebony black. The Challenge Paulette contacted the garage door company to find out if, and how, the colour could be changed. They came back with two options; replacing the doors entirely at great expense; or powder coating at a cost not much less than new doors, and required them being taken away for two to three weeks. The Solution Not satisfied with these options, Paulette turned to to see if there were any other options. She already trusted the platform, having used it in the past to find some great tradies. For Paulette, the “ease of use is the best thing”, going on to say that “once you’ve used it the first time, it’s easy to go back and use again” and

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Our trusted tradies will respond to your job, often within a few minutes. You decide who you want to communicate with. You’re in control the whole way.


Muster Brush Limited

Joined June 2017

Muster Brush specialises in everything to do with - Commercial and residential painting :internal & external - Maintenance jobs large and small -Plastering and renovation -Gib board Installation - Wall paper removal and hanging - Decoration: House & Shop, internally and external. We have 15 years of experience and we are looking to establish our name. Our jobs included sub-contracti...

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Three In One Ltd

Joined January 2020

Hi we'have been in the building industry for the last 30 years doing plasterboard and plastering ,painting bit off tilling.While we specialise in plasterboard . We are very professional and work hard to meet deadlines for project completing. We pride ourselves on providing competitive quotes and then completing job on budget.

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Genesis Waterproofing & Maintenance Trading under Genesis Engineering Ltd

Joined July 2021

Hi there, we are Genesis Waterproofing & Maintenance and have been in this trade for 10 years. We target Maintenance Waterproofing of existing Roof and Gutter, Decks, Basement, wet area’s (Bathroom) and tanking. We’re license applicators for Mapei, Ardex, Allnex and Warehouse waterproofing products. We carry LBP (Licence Building Practitioners) licence’s for producer statements. We pride ourselv...

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Global Partnership and Development Ltd

Joined July 2012

Global Partnership and Development Ltd The Art of House Flipping, Renovation, and Design Your Assets Matter! We, therefore, focus on durability and quality. Global Partnership and Development Ltd has supported more than 100 micro business entrepreneurs in the least developed countries. Why us? We have completed houses in Hamilton, Taupo, Tokoroa, Rotorua, Tauranga, Putaruru, Cambridge, a...

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Nick's Gutters & Paint

Joined March 2017

Hi, my name is Nick, I am operating Nick's gutters & paint. I started to work on roofs 16 years ago. I have experience in most types of roofs. My experience includes re-roofs, roof and gutter cleaning, re-nailing, rust treatment, leaks, roof painting, gutter installation, replacing of tiles, pointing work on tile roofs, house painting and more. My quotes are fair. I am honest and reliable. I...

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Joined September 2020

Hi, we are Vietnamese painting company which provide you not only quality but also satisfaction. We work hard to meet your demands with affordable price. We will give free quote and no hidden fee!

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Joined September 2016

Hi, we are one of the top for all skilled painting commercial and residential,interior - exterior-roof. finishing up with top quality and warranty for the job.

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Diamond Renovation & Maintenance Services

Joined May 2021

We are experienced and professional team who strive to provide the best service for our customers and completing the jobs with high standard. We service throughout North Island.

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Handyman Alan

Joined June 2021

Handyman services. Small gib repairs. Painting internal and external(single story only). Tiling. Site clearing - post building. Site clearing - pest plant vegetation. Mowing and garden services. Weed spraying - Growsafe qualification.

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S G Peyton

Joined March 2020

Hi , we’re a small team of interior plasterers, specialising in gib stopping,skimming and Gib cove,also fibrous plastering,and ornamental cornices.We can also replace gib board for small jobs .We are also professional painters and therefore can offer a complete package and price. We pride ourselves on a quality finish, promptness and reliability. Call or text for a professional free quote

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Joined October 2020

We do our best to provide affordable, reasonable and/or recommendable services and are very professional and work hard to meet deadlines for project completion. We pride on ourselves on providing competitive quotes and then completing jobs on budget. The below services are provided: - interior painting - exterior painting - pressure washing - drywall stopping - roof painting.

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All Shine Maintenance

Joined May 2018

We do exterior house washing, water blasting, gutter cleaning, roof cleaning and treatments. We also do exterior and interior painting, deck and fence painting and staining. We provide very competitive quotes and satisfaction to our clients by doing a great job. You can see our reviews and photos on our website www. ... .nz Thank you

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Beacon Services trading as Beacon Signs Ltd

Joined September 2010

Hi, My name is Jim Nightingale, and by trade I am a signwriter. The trade of my choice has been called "the most involved trade" because believe it or not we have to clean/paint/build/prepare so many varying surfaces and situations that I do not have enough space here to bore you with! I believe that this gives me a perfect background for the various jobs advertised on this site. And being just 49...

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Spalets Painting Ltd

Joined December 2013

Hi, My name is Hugo. I have been in the Painting Industry for over 10 years now with experience in the commercial and residential areas. We Specialize in Interior/Exteriors, Roofs Quality Painting at an affordable price. Working Auckland Wide. We hold Public Liability for peace of Mind. Look forward to working with you!

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Joined August 2018

Hi, I am Italian , I have 20 years of experience in these fields, I just arrived in Auckland last 5 years I worked in Melbourne, I am very professional and I am satisfied when at the end of the job the client is very happy. I pride on providing competitive quotes and then completing jobs on budget.

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Unique Renovations

Joined July 2018

Unique Renovations Ltd specialize in commercial and residential renovations. We provide a wide range of building services. If you would like to discuss any of the renovation services that we offer, please get in touch with us. www. ... .nz

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Those Guys Pro Services

Joined September 2020

We are very professional, meet deadlines for project completion and definitely work hard. We take pride in our competitive pricing and quotes, and always stick to the budget. We offer competitive pricing and deliver a high standard of work on every job. Your more than welcome to view our facebook and instagram pages for more work and projects completed. Services include: Tiling Splashba...

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NZ Healthy Homes

Joined May 2020

Our tradesman have are IAONZ approved and have 5+ years experience. We assess for Insulation, Heating and Ventilation. We also specialise in conducting a full Healthy Home Standards Assessment for all rental properties for upcomming regulations. All products we use are BRANZ appraised and we also conduct a follow up visit after each install. Call us now for further information.

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Homes and yards

Joined June 2020

Homes and yards. Everything for your home and yard with one company. Taking The hassle out of using multiple contractors. Services include gardening, maintenance, painting and project management ...

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Joined April 2021

Hi we’ve painting new build house and repainting old houses for the last 15 years. While we specialise in major residential and commercial jobs we do smaller jobs from time to time. We are very professional and work hard to meet deadline for project completion. We pride ourselves on providing competitive quotes and then completing jobs on budget. Let’s make New Zealand more beautiful

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