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Your guide to Locksmith in NZ

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Thinking about whether the house you're currently living in is suitable for retirement is an important to consider. Many downsize, but should you?... While your house remains your castle, there comes the time we need to adapt it. Getting your home ready for retirement is all about thinking ahead and future proofing your home and lifestyle for what may come.Not something we like to think about, but getting older has some disadvantages. For one, when we retire, we stop earning a wage and… (view full article)

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Recent jobs posted by Locksmiths Nationwide

Put New lock and door knob on bedroom door

We would like to investigate replacing a lock to increase security. The lock is on a sliding door and seems a bit flimsy (I.e. you can slide the door slightly even when it is locked).

Need to install a lockable door knob to an internal master bedroom door and take off existing non lockable handle

Need to replace all the locks on family home and garage.

We have moved into our new house but the previous owners did not have keys for the french door. We would like to know how much it would cost to get a couple of keys made for this door. We do not need to have the locks…

We locked keys inside the house so need to get back in

Lost all transponder keys

My door needs a new key and i dont exactly have the key anymore so i was wanting to know if thats possible

HI, I live in a small bach and need my lock changed and a couple of keys Thanks Justine

I need a door handle fixed to the outside metal barrel has come out when door closed you can no longer open the door

Picture attached shows the lock that I'd like to have fully functional on our old building. We have students helping stripping back the door to repaint, but I can't get the door to open for them to access all the edges.…

Ford mondeo 2002 has a computer chip lost spare key

Hi I need someone to change over my current door handle to a new one/ electronic one. I need it done ASAP as the door doesn’t close

Looking for locksmiths, that can change and fit locks in the house Thanks Ash

Need a quote. Lost key to back door of garage. Photos attached. Need someone to unlock and make a key. House is at Marr Road, Manurewa.