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Your guide to Landscaping in NZ

Homeowners Guide to Summer Proofing Your Deck

Summer is here and our skin is not the only thing we need to protect from the harsh NZ sun. Our decking areas also need protecting. Not only are our decks areas to relax or dine upon. They are also an entranceway into our homes, making it important they are kept in top condition. To keep your deck looking great year after year, we’ve put together this handy guide about the steps you need to take to summer proof your deck. How to Keep Your Deck Looking Like New Summer brings more traffic… (view full article)

Successfully Incorporating Retaining Walls into Your Landscaping

Retaining walls play an important role in our landscaping efforts. Every wall is carefully planned and constructed to ensure it is able to withstand the required load. But all too often, the aesthetic aspect of it is not considered. This leaves many homeowners with unattractive landscaping features. One of the best ways to prevent this, is to work with an experienced landscaper right from the start. They will help guide you through the entire process, showing you how it is possible to… (view full article)

How to fix your retaining wall aesthetics with landscaping

Retaining walls are often perceived as uninspiring and seen as an eyesore. An occasional necessity, there is no reason why they should look ugly or out of place in your garden. Improving a retaining wall with the use of retaining wall aesthetics and landscaping is a simple matter with careful planning and planting. Blending Existing Retaining Walls into Your Landscaping Many of us have existing retaining walls which need camouflaging into our gardens. They may have been built with… (view full article)

Achieve Success with Our Spring Landscaping Guide

Spring is the perfect season for undertaking landscaping projects in your garden. The soil is still soft and is beginning to dry out. Weeds are easily treated before they multiply. When you're doing some spring landscaping it's also a great time to transplant trees and shrubs. Most importantly, it is a fabulous time to start a landscape design project for your outdoor entertainment area. Top Six Spring Landscaping Ideas With the sun shining through the blossoms and spring bulbs showing their… (view full article)

The benefits of a building a Conservatory

If you've been thinking about adding an extension to your home, building a conservatory is a clever way to add more living space without having to move to a larger home. One of the benefits of building a conservatory is the potential to add a lot of value to your home. Hiring an architect will help you to have an elegant, sophisticated and warm conservatory. So what are the benefits of building a conservatory? Adding Living Space to your Home One of the benefits of building a… (view full article)

Budget Landscaping Ideas from Former #allblacks player Andy Ellis

Today we’re pleased to share with you a guest blog post by Andy Ellis.  Andy is a former All Black who is part of an illustrious group being the 11th Crusader to reach 100 caps. Andy is involved with KamoMarsh, an award-winning Garden Design and Landscape Architecture firm based in Christchurch, New Zealand. For almost 40 years, KamoMarsh have worked on a diverse range of projects, creating beautiful landscape garden designs that both inspire and invigorate those who use the… (view full article)

Recent jobs posted by Landscapers Nationwide

construct, install and fill gabion baskets to a small slumped tomo. Face dimension 5m x 2m high. I can carry rock to site with FEL / trailer. Expect 5M3. site is pretty well dried out after heavy rains but footing…

We are looking to widen our driveway using one strip of turf blocks each side of the existing concrete drive. A limited amount of retaining is required to finish the outside widened edge of the driveway. Lighting…

Need to do the front and back areas completely on my property. Size is 360m2 and house is on that. Require decking, paving and new planting including lawn

to assist with the upgrade of an existing metal 780 m long driveway - work would include boxing & laying mesh ready for concreting, working with the digger to assess levels & contours and alongside the main contractor…

looking to install approximately 30 sq/m of paving to create a carpark on existing lawn area. Ground has been excavated and base partially laid, materials supplied, looking for a paving installer to complete job at…

We have a 3-4m high fence made out of bamboo which needs the top trimmed.

Grassing required for a new section in Rosmerryn, Lincoln. Approximate area - 408m2. The site is flat/level. Site needs to be scrapped and top soil added. Built due to start in June, finish in November-December. See the…

I have had large palms removed. The boxing in the gardens has been damaged and needs repaired or replaced.

Retaining walls of driveway and also landscaping

Hi, we are establishing or grounds round a new house. We have a 30 square meter area we would like paved. We do have some urgency.

repairs needed to retaining wall ...2 wooden posts have broken off at wall is very old I don't think its up to standard so might have to redo entire wall... Wall consists of wooden posts and corrugated Iron…

Wall has collapsed. Remove old wall, remove a few plants, move dirt, build new wall with drainage, replace dirt. Wall is approx 10-12 meters in length, max 1.5 meters high. Access is limited, most work will be manual…

timber retaining wall at back corner of our section - possibly will need to be tiered. Likely only two tiers Height ~1m each (not completely sure the height of the hill) will be an "L" shape, long edge ~12m, short…

Looking to put brick in a area of 6 meters by 4 meters to create a car park on existing lawn. Already have the bricks. Need lawn removed, leveled and sand put in then brick layed down.

Rain water is collected in front of my house. I want to remove the small garden and concrete the floor and make drainage tunnel. Thanks