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Your guide to Fencing & Gates in NZ

Keeping Puppies Safe - One Gate at a Time

Zeppelin, the Swedish Vallhund, has been a long awaited addition to one couples home. But before this bundle of energy could be let outside, some backyard gate improvements were necessary... MJ's dream dog had always been a Swedish Vallhund. After moving to Christchurch and settling in, the time was finally right to make this dream come true. MJ and her husband, Josh, tracked down a breeder, got themselves on the list, and settled in to wait for their ball of fluff to arrive. Once… (view full article)

Nail Down Prices with Our Cost Estimator

Many of us are already feeling the chill these autumn mornings. Now's the time to make a list of maintenance type jobs to get your home ready for winter. Be sure to read our blog series ‘Winterizing your home’ for some job ideas. Winter weatherproofing your home Winterproofing your homes exterior, doors and windows Weatherproofing your home with insulation Introducing our new cost estimator! Once you’ve made your list, you’ll want to get an idea of what it’s going to cost… (view full article)

Installing a New Fence in Your Backyard Checklist

You're considering installing a new fence in your backyard and think you're ready to do it yourself.  But are you? Do you have every single thing you need? Are you positive that what you've planned will deliver exactly what you want, in terms of privacy and use-ability? There's nothing more frustrating than making it half way through a fencing job, only to discover that you've forgotten something crucial. Installing a new fence Just like doing your due diligence and getting at least 3… (view full article)

Building a New Fence? Consider the Pros & Cons of DIY vs Hiring a Builder

Building a new fence? Are you thinking about building a new fence? Need to learn more about the different fence types, materials and whether you need to hire a builder? A new fence has many different uses and purposes. It provides security and privacy for your section as well as safety for pets and children. Fences come in a wide range of materials and styles, each having its own advantages. Not all new fence materials and designs will serve the same function or fit your home’s needs.… (view full article)

Fencing & Gate Contractors - What They Do?

Finding tradies to build a fence and/or gate is a popular job on our platform, but what exactly is that this type of contractor carries out? A fence is designed to divide off an area and restrict access to it. It will keep people out, or keep pets and children in. A good fence will provide both security and peace of mind. A good fencing and gate contractor works with you to decide on the style and height of a fence that complements your home and garden, as well as meeting any… (view full article)

Recent jobs posted by Fencing and Gate Professionals Nationwide

Need a standard timber boundary fence constructed - about 22m in length down a gentle slope. Not sure on height yet could be between 1.2 and 1.8 depending on neighbour preference.

8 wooden fence posts need to be removed from ground. 7 are next to a concrete driveway and 1 of those next to the house. Driveway and house are not to be damaged. Disposal of the posts is not required.

My fence should be around 15 meters and 1.5 meters high

I'm looking for a wooden gate for a driveway, ideally 2 seperate gates upto 1.8m to meet the surrounding fence line set back from the road. The gap is 2.8m with one post inserted and a second to be inserted. Mainly…

Fence panel blew out in wind. Suggest 3 metre area have wooden palings installed. Also two gates probably need new hinges, and latch, and one gate needs a a board replaced that secures it in place.

Wanting a quote please to put up a boundary fence wanting a 1.8m high pailing fence to match current fence. Needs to be built to HNZ standards. Approx 14m in length. Currently a 1.2m.fence of sorts in place.

We would like our front boundary fenced in a white picket type style to fit with the house but also tall and dense enough to give us more privacy. The lawn has a gentle slope and there is a tree limb and tree stump to…

Hi, I would like an estimated cost for fencing. The distance itself is approximately 56 metres. There is an existing fencing which is low and the height needs to be raised. I've uploaded photos for more…

We need part of our section fenced. The toddler is way to mobile..

Back Yard - Treated Timber, fence to follow contour of land. 1.8m height and approx 27 metres in length. Quote must be detailed to include but not limited to palings size, rails, posts, holes to be dug, spacing and…

Front fence in timber, 1.8 meters high,150x25 pails,3 rows of rails,... posts, post to be set in concrete 600mm deep(high wind area), no nib, top capping and 70 meters long. No gate,will need to find location of phone…

I need our front fence built which also goes around our carport

Extend an existing trellis fence and add a gate to close off deck for security/privacy.

Looking for someone to re-tighten wires along a lifestyle farm fence. Also check post staples / Straighten up and tighten or replace any missing or broken staples/wire as necessary. The property is currently used for…

We are looking for a quote on one side of the fence that will connect right round to the existing double gates. We may look at a single gate opening connecting the pathway to the house entrance. The materials would…