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Fencing and Gate Professionals in Christchurch

Business is booming in Christchurch. With the Christchurch Rebuild in full swing indicating peak growth for CHCH, the Crusaders doing well even with AMI Stadium not nearly big enough for international games, New Zealand Cup and Show week bringing in the tourism dollars, and public transport in Christchurch on the rise, the city is recovering well.

There’s optimism and hope among central business owners and steady tourism growth is pushing up confidence.

If you have property in Christchurch that needs a fencing or gate professionals’ attendance, then you will find what you need here.

Jobs that fence and gate contractors can look after:

  • Removal of old fences and gates
  • Fence repairs
  • Gate repairs
  • New fence installation
  • New gate installation, including driveway gates, path gates and front gates

These tradies can work with a range of materials including timber, steel, wrought iron, trellis, concrete and vinyl.

Qualifications a fencer may hold

Although it is not an industry requirement, sometimes your fencing contractor may have completed their National Certificate in Fencing, or even the National Certificate in Agriculture which has a fencing part to it. These certificates are offered at levels 2, 3 and 4.

Before you jump into a new project

With a front fence on your property, the best thing to do is look at the design of other people’s yards in your street. Are they mainly brick walls? Picket fences? Low or high gates? Also you will need to look at the style of your house and the surrounds. Pick something that is fitting with the style of your house and your street.

With side and back fences for your property, you will want to discuss what you want with your neighbours. The Fencing Act of 1978 dictates that you must come to an agreement with your neighbour/s about cost, height and materials of the fence.The Fencing Act of 1978 dictates that you must come to an agreement with your neighbour/s about cost, height and materials of the fence. 

Be wary that if you can’t come to an agreement about sharing costs, you might have to foot the bill for the entire fence yourself, which can end up being quite steep. If you can't come to an agreement about the fence type then you may wish to build next to the fence on your side.

See if you can decide on a style that works for both of your properties. If you can’t come to an agreement here, you might like to paint your side of the fence, or put up some trellis and cover with plants to detract from the style.


For your perimeter fence, you will hopefully, as we’ve mentioned above, be able to split the costs with your neighbours/s. If you’d like to install a new wooden fence, the cost for a 1.8 metre high, 71 metre long fence would come to between $10,200 and $23,700 if it is painted. For a vinyl fence with the same measurements you would be looking at between $5,000 and $8,500.

The cost of removing the same length of fence (assuming you’re going to need to rip up your old fencing to install the new one) would come in somewhere between $2,700 and $5,500.

Installing a new automatic driveway gate should set you back around $2,800 to $6,100, while the manual version should be around $920 to $2,600.

Once you put up your ad on Builderscrack you can start to get a better idea of how much your job will cost and sit back while fencing and gate professionals contact you.

Your guide to Fencing & Gates in Christchurch

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Reviews of Christchurch Fencing and Gate Professionals

“Rick and his son were a pleasure to deal with and did a great job. Would highly recommend and we will be in touch again in the future!”

Work carried out by the owner/operator

Reply: “Thanks for the review more than happy to work for you in the future.

Regards Rick”


“It was an absolute pleasure dealing with JPL Construction (James) - the quote was very reasonable and the work was completed promptly and to an exceptionally high professional standard - I couldn't be happier with the final result and would highly recommend JPL Construction to anyone who needs a builder.”

Work carried out by the owner/operator

Reply: “Fantastic customer to deal with. Thanks alot.”


Fix my seat

5th September 2018

“Highly recommend. Great communication, very responsive, easy to deal with. Would definitely use again.

Work carried out by the owner/operator

Reply: “Thanks so much for the great review .
Cheers Stan”


“A fantastic job by the team at RainbowScapes, I am very happy with the work. Their communication was excellent and the cost was very competitive.


Work carried out by the owner/operator


“Fantastic communication, would recommend”

Work carried out by the owner/operator


Prep and repaint deck

17th October 2018

“Great job done one day after original deadline due to bad weather (outside of Craig’s control). Professional, respectful and good quality. Would happily recommend.”

Work carried out by the owner/operator


Recent jobs posted in Christchurch

Our fence is on a bit of a lean so we are hoping to get it straightened up.

Hi see photo attached need x1 more of these put in at other end of outside area. I understand trellis is std size . I will stain need done before Xmas not a big job. As I did complete last one but have no time this…

Front yard treated timber fence - (two sides) approx 12 meters by 9 meters. Fence height to be 1.6metres. To be laid on top and slightly behind a concrete 300mm retaining wall. Horizontal pailings as per photo…

Two wooden garden fences posts (set into concrete), have broken off at ground level. Above ground they are sound. The concrete needs digging out, and either new posts installing, or the existing posts attached to metal…

Plywood paneled fence- several panels need repairs and then repainting ideally.

I have about 4 m. of timber fencing that has been damaged by a Cabbage tree. The tree has been removed and the stumps "grinded". Some of the pile of composted material remains and has yet to be removed. The fence is…

Standard timber boundary fence. 16.1mtrs long. Pailings 1.8mtrs, ect. A stump is in the way, would need cutting back with a chainsaw. We will pull the old fence down. Treated timber, concret used on posts.

Have an approximate 14 meter, L shaped wooden fence, ( 1.7 meter high pallings ) 6 concrete posts, that appear not to be concreted in. I would like it move to a new position, see photos. It will require a small…

Hi there, I'am After someone who is experienced in building fences, as I have had one person come to do the job and wasn't able to do it right. Are you able to give me a quote for a 10meter length fence 1800mm…

I have a Double swing timber gates that is damaged from strong winds and needs replacing. It is approximately 2.7m wide and 1.7m high. One of the posts has parted from the fence and needs to be resecured. I am happy…

Refer to photos. I need to move my timber fence (around 8 m with double gate and a single gate) to the boundary. also need to close the gap at rear end. We can use the existing fence materials. fence posts are dug…

We need a bit of security fencing and gates around our property please. 1. 3100mm gate(s) across back driveway - 1800mm high - we have paling boundary fences, but would prefer the gates not to be completely solid -…

Need fence and gate door for both sides of the back alleyway. Remove flax as well on the sides.

Im after a quote to remove the existing fence (from the fence to the house), and extend the existing front fence and extra 5m as per photo). Quote to include all works, materials (try to use existing to minimize cost…

Shared boundary 35m paling fence. No cap required and with wooden posts concreted in. Half of existing fence to be removed prior to work.