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Your guide to Arborists in NZ

How to Fix Your Retaining Wall Aesthetics with Landscaping

Retaining walls are often perceived as uninspiring because they are seen as an eyesore. An occasional necessity, there is no reason why they should look ugly or out of place in your garden. Improving a retaining wall with the use of retaining wall aesthetics and landscaping is a simple matter with careful planning and planting. Blending existing retaining walls into your landscaping Many of us have existing retaining walls which need camouflaging into our gardens. They may have been… (view full article)

8 Ways to Protect Your Trees Before Heading Into Winter

Many homeowners are under the false impression that the vast majority of winter damage comes as a result of unusually cold temperatures. What causes most damage is the drying due to cold air and the up and down fluctuation of temperatures that comes during winter. Add to that the general lack of rain, those causes a lot of stress on plants and can make them much more susceptible to winter damage. This is especially true if the plants are not native to the climate and suitable for the… (view full article)

Budget Landscaping Ideas from Former #allblacks Player Andy Ellis

Today we’re pleased to share with you a guest blog post by Andy Ellis.  Andy is a former All Black. He is also a part of an illustrious group, being the 11th Crusader to reach 100 caps. Andy is involved with KamoMarsh, an award-winning Garden Design and Landscape Architecture firm based in Christchurch, New Zealand. For almost 40 years, KamoMarsh have worked on a diverse range of projects, creating beautiful landscape garden designs that both inspire and invigorate those who use the… (view full article)

4 Reasons for Using Professional Tree Care Services

Do you ever find time to remove tree roots from your lawn, remove tree stumps or tend your yard? If you think hiring professional tree care services is an extra expense, then consider the time and effort you’ll otherwise need to spend tending your garden.  It not only costs you time and hard work pulling all those roots, but you might not have the right equipment to get the job done. 4 reasons for using professional tree care services Here's four great reasons why you should use professional… (view full article)

Want to Hire A Gardener for One Off Or Regular Work?

Do you want to hire a gardener, but not pay the earth? Everyone wants a bargain on services right now and hiring a gardener or landscaper is no exception.  The range of services offered by gardeners will vary considerably and as with hiring any tradesperson for your home, the lowest price doesn’t always equate to the best deal. Quality, reliability and value for money are important to think about when hiring a gardener or accepting any quotes. Post a job on Builderscrack and have gardeners… (view full article)

Winter Gardening Tips for March and April in New Zealand

Winter gardening tips for March and April in New Zealand A successful garden provides a visually interesting variety of colour year-round.  Builderscrack has some winter gardening tips for you! Start by incorporating a blend of trees both evergreen and deciduous, mixed up with flowering shrubs, spring bulbs, perennials and annuals. In climates with mild winters, cooler months are a good time for flower colour and fragrance. For climate control, choose evergreen plants for protection from… (view full article)

Recent jobs posted by Arborists Nationwide

Quote to trim / cut pine tree extremely large pine trees

Hello We have some overgrown trees and hedge that needs some cutting and pruning. Some tidy-up is needed. 4-5 tree stumps too need to be ground. Thanks Wilson

I have a 3-4 m palm tree I want removed. It is on the front boundary so easy to drop and remove the pieces. Alternatively you could pull it out and transplant it.

I need somebody to attend to a property to trim the front hedges especially around the mail box. Tradesmen should have some sort of public liability insurance. The sides need to be trimmed as well as the top. The hedge…

Would like someone to cut back our trees, one needs to be clear of the pathway and the other two just trimmed back to let light into Windows. If you can remove waste as well that is a plus

we Have a tree which we would like pruned and some of our garden to be weeded and sprayed with weed killer which I will provide. we just don’t have time at the moment.

about 43 metres of boundary hedging (macrocarpa) has been removed and now I need the stumps ground down.

2 poplar trees pruned down to a manageable height to be maintained. One away from power lines

4 small tree stumps to be grinded

We need our willow tree trimmed back and old branches removed, plus one or two other trees trimmed

Hi, We are going to get the fence extented for about 50 meters and we need to get the vegetation trimmed for the fencing works. I am at the property next Thursday from 9:30am to 2pm if you want to look at the work…

Some trees are hanging over the fence on to our property. The growth needs to be pruned back and cleared away to allow light on to the drive. And other gardens tidied with some bark or mulch put down.

The main job is trimming hedges and young trees. There is also waterblasting coble stones area some weeding to do too.

Pull out a conifer stump, tree was probably about 20 years old. Sandy soil so should be easy to extract.

Prune Acmena trees by washing lines down to 1.5m. Remove dead trees Fell Manuka trees by washing lines Trim branches from trees