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Choosing and Using an Arborist

Posted 23/10/12

There is an art to trimming back a tree - careless hacking can adversely affect the health of a tree, and in some cases cause it to die. Rather than lopping its top off, and completely ruining its shape and health, call in someone who can provide a solution to suit both your needs and the tree's

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Ultimate Winter Ready Checklist

Posted 30/04/18

Autumn is a great time to get stuck in with preparations to get your home in the best shape and be a healthy place to be during the challenging winter months. Mould & mildew control Prevention is easier than treatment. Check around your house for spots that are prone to leaks, condensation

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Midwinter Home Renovation Checklist for Homeowners

Posted 18/06/13

Queens Birthday weekend kicks off the official start to winter. You may be thinking there’s not a lot that can be done to your home during the winter months, but think again! Here’s your very own Midwinter Home Renovation Checklist, which you can use to work out what needs doing at your home. Y

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Winterizing your House Exterior, Doors & Windows Part 2

Posted 18/06/14

The second in a three-part series sharing tips on weatherproofing your home to combat the Kiwi winter, focusing on the exterior of your home, doors and windows.  Winterizing your house exterior The first article covered, inspecting fireplaces, wood stoves and chimneys and also discuss

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This is How your Gutters and Spouting Could be Damaging your Home (and what to do about it)

Posted 28/06/19

Guttering and spouting do more than take rainwater away, they are essential for a healthy, happy home. Read on to learn signs that indicate issues, and tips for resolving damage... What damage could my guttering be causing? Externally: A sagging gutter will damage your home’s fascia. P

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4 Reasons for Using Professional Tree Care Services

Posted 29/04/14

Hiring professional tree care services can save you time and effort - here's four great reasons why you should use professional tree care services. Saves you time: professional tree care service providers have the right equipment and skills to get the job done quickly. You don't need to take

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Arborists - what do they do?

Posted 05/11/10

An arborist is an expert in the care and protection of individual trees.  They know about the needs of a variety of trees and are trained to provide the appropriate care to the trees. Well looked after trees are both attractive and add value to your property. Trees that aren't well maintained wil

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Winter Gardening Tips for March and April in New Zealand

Posted 13/03/13

A successful garden provides a visually interesting variety of colour year-round.  Builderscrack has some winter gardening tips for you! Start by incorporating a blend of trees both evergreen and deciduous, mixed up with flowering shrubs, spring bulbs, perennials and annuals. In climates with

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8 Ways to Protect Your Trees Before Heading Into Winter

Posted 29/04/15

Many homeowners are under impression that the vast majority of winter damage to their trees comes as a result of unusually cold temperatures. While this can be an aspect, there are other factors at play and we explore them... What causes most damage is the drying due to cold air and the u

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Recent jobs posted

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Tree removal and stump grinding

Posted 2 years ago

i have a bunch of old small apple trees i need removed. cut down. grinded and taken away.

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Let there be light

Posted 2 years ago

Kia ora, its winter and with the short sun hours we are also experiencing even less sun hours in our home due to the native trees that are in close proximity to our home. This is our first winter in our home and its well established trees. They are great in the hot summer but super great at keeping our home chilly in winter. I spend my day chasing the sun. I love trees and native trees and the birdlife etc they bring but I don't deal very well with the cold. I would like advise and quotes on t...

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Gleditsia tree removal

Posted 1 year ago

I have a large tree with a split in the trunk it is growing over the neighbouring property and i am worried some of the tree could fall on his carport also the tree is very messy and annoying for my neighbours I also have,a karaka tree which is multi trunked I would like one of the trunks removed and a maple tree which could have the lower branches removed i would liked the branches chipped and the the rest for firewood I would love some quotes please and would like it done asap i would be very...

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Stump grinding

Posted 4 years ago

One stump to be grinded. Requires to be done asap.

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Tree work

Posted 3 years ago

Require large tree in a front yard pruned or potential removal. Some brunches above roof wire height.

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Tree removal

Posted 3 years ago

We are wanting to build a fence and need trees removed

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Julie - tree thinning

Posted 2 years ago

We have a medium tree to be removed but also some thinning of self sown saplings etc We have a small back garden that needs thinning out to let more light into our home! Also the tree is deciduous and is just budding up so it would be a lot quicker and easier to remove before it’s in leaf and also easier to see what needs thinning ?

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Lilly pilly

Posted 1 year ago

We have a large lilly pilly to fell. We will keep the wood for fire wood, but if the rest of the small branches can be taken and we can get the stump ground down that would be great. If we can get it done asap as we are getting a fence put in

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Stump grinding x3

Posted 5 years ago

Require three stumps to be stump grinder. Two small and one larger one. As per photos.

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Tree capping

Posted 3 years ago

Need a tree capped/removed by my drive way

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Gizzy stump grinding

Posted 4 years ago

Stump grinding and removal of one large tree stump and 6 small ones. Residential property, trees have already been cut down.

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Palm tree fronds

Posted 9 months ago

to trim back fronds away from building

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Speed Tree Service

Joined February 2019

Search me on Facebook @ Speed Tree Service. Where you will be able to see some of my work I was able to capture on camera. I am 7 year experienced Tree climber from Australia. Will now be doing what I love in my beautiful country of New Zealand. I can climb and cut all sorts of trees, big or small I will get the job done fast and out of your way quickly. I also do rubbish removals, tree trimming a...

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Ken Overton Contracting

Joined September 2017

10 years building experience. From small maintenance and handyman work to bathroom and kitchen design, installation and project management. Demolition and rebuild, Pruning trees, fruit trees, roses and grape vines. Happy to quote.

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Joined October 2010


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A T Painters ltd

Joined May 2020

Hi, we recently started a business about a year ago after working in the painting trade for about 15 years, we have experience in small and large jobs, interior, exterior, new builds, repaints, commercial and residential. we also pride ourselves on getting the job done within deadlines and meeting budgets, we are a friendly team who cares about the finished product.

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Ground Up Property Maintenance

Joined January 2020

Hi, we are a family run business doing all sorts of home / building maintenance for 20 years. We are happy to do the smaller jobs that other trades are to busy to do, but at the same time we get stuck in to the bigger jobs. We are very hard working and always work with our clients to meet their deadlines. We pride ourselves on providing honest and competitive quotes and sticking to the budget....

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