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Your guide to Waterproofing in NZ

Aluminium or Wooden Windows – Which is Best for Me?

Aluminium or Wooden Windows – Which is Best for Me? New Zealanders typically live in a home with either wooden or aluminium windows. These two types of joinery are well respected by both builders and homeowners alike. However, people have their favourites and with good reasons. That’s because there are pros and cons for both aluminium and wooden joinery. Ultimately the decision rests with you in choosing the joinery type best for your home.   How to Choose the Right… (view full article)

Walk in Shower or Wet Room? Consider the Benefits

The pressures of modern life have contributed towards us having hectic lifestyles, while we constantly rush around without time to relax and enjoy ourselves. Add to this the need to save money on heating and water, you’ve got one of the biggest contributing reasons to the increased popularity of a walk in shower compared to a bath tub. Always seek the expert assistance of a trusted tradesperson through Builderscrack for more information, quotes and design ideas. Condensation from the… (view full article)

Waterproofing specialists - what do they do?

Waterproofing specialists are tradespeople who are skilled in the use of waterproofing to prevent water from penetrating a building. Usually extensive measures are added to a building at the time of construction, to provide moisture control from the start, and it may also be done after a building is built, to address problems as they occur. From the point of view of its occupants, building waterproofing is important because it keeps a building dry. Hiring a Waterproofing specialist will… (view full article)

Recent jobs posted by Waterproofing Professionals Nationwide

Hi there We have a downstairs area that was not properly waterproofed when built. It caused a leak. We have been told a part of a retaining wall needs to move, and to be waterproofed as well as the inside gib etc…

Would like to do basement wall waterproofing for proposed 5m deep basement. There will be a permanent retaining wall beside. Would like to know the min clearance required for waterproofing between retaining wall &…

We want about 10 windows sealed before we get the builders report finalised, the job is urgent.

Hi There, Our tenants noticed that ceiling in dining room is bulging and mould is apparing due to possible leak from iron roof. We had a roofer recently, who sealed possible suspected areas on the roof. So, I need…

The lining of our square 900mm x 900mm shower wall lining has detached from the wall in various places. Shower lining makes up only two walls. Request a quote to have the wall lining refitted. In addition, a quote is…

Job: Replacement of short sections of roof flashing + locating and sealing leak hole. This is a small flat roof. A few days ago the room below it was the victim of a leak. The cause of the leak was due to a blocked…

Our front patio needs to be resealed (possibly with Sikaflex -11 FC). There is remaining old sealant which would need to be removed first. Im not sure if a primer is necessary. A quote would be essential.

I have two large, non-opening timber windows which are an unusual shape. One window leaks during heavy rain and both need some repair work to the surrounding timber.

Two leaks over the porch and next to a skylight Neither leak occurs straight away but needs time to work its way through . skylight only a slow drip . porch much more continuous.

Two leaks next to a skylight-a slow drip and over the porch- more continuous . both leaks take a while to work their way through.

Resealing around bath and shower. Maybe changing sealing strips.

I need to install a shower dome.

my shower wall needs replacing its a seratone shower wall not sure on measurements as of yet i have what is needed for the job i just need it installed so many peple have told me i need the whole shower block replaced…

Hi there I have abit of a problem which needs some urgent care. My house is a 1950s home and the previous owners covered the old chimney with a piece of Gib board, unsure if any sealing was done behind it. We only…

I have flat roofed concrete garage that need its roof repaired and tided up