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Your guide to Cabinetry in NZ

6 Inspiring Valentines Day Bedroom Renovation & Decoration Ideas

Your bedroom is your private space and sanctuary to retreat to away from the world at the end of each day.  But is your bedroom all it can be?  Maybe you’re thinking of hiring a tradie to renovate your bedroom with new carpet, wallpaper and curtains? Or are you wanting to give your existing decor a makeover with some new soft furnishings?  No matter what your aspirations are, we’ve got 6 inspiring and romantic Valentines Day bedroom renovation and decoration ideas for you. Bedroom renovation… (view full article)

Mid to Upper Range Bathroom Renovation Costs & Ideas

This is part three in a four part series where we’ll discuss what features to expect for $3,000 to $100,000-plus when undertaking bathroom renovations and what you need to help you plan your bathroom renovation. This week we're looking at bathroom renovation costs for: Mid range bathroom renovation costs ($12,000 to $30,000) Location, cost of labour and materials all play a part in the costing of a bathroom renovation.  The average bathroom renovation job in Auckland will definitely cost… (view full article)

Bathroom Renovation Cost & Getting Started

If you’re thinking about undertaking a bathroom renovation, then you’ll no doubt be considering what you want to achieve by doing so.  Whether it’s updating the look, increasing resale value or adding functionality, amenities and storage, the scope of your bathroom renovation project will depend on many factors but primarily your budget. Other factors include how long you’ve been living in your home and how much longer you plan on remaining there.  We'll also be sharing our knowledge on what… (view full article)

Is a Pet Friendly Home Important to You?

Should you have a pet friendly home? Yes! Our homes are a place we can relax away from the daily grind of life with our family and friends. More often than not, we’re sharing our homes with cats, dogs, birds and more! Many homeowners happily admit to being crazy about their pets and treating them like their best friend. But like any BFF, your pets’ habits, belongings and decor can be a headache to live with. Here’s some simple pet friendly home ideas to keep your home looking beautiful… (view full article)

Laundry in the Kitchen - Catching on in New Zealand or Not?

Having your washing machine and dryer or laundry in the kitchen isn’t that common here in New Zealand, yet.  It’s a trend that is seen in European cities and is catching on in the USA in big cities and smaller apartments where space is at a premium. Does having the extra counter space over under counter appliances make up for the inconveniences of having your laundry in the kitchen or do you still prefer it to be in the garage or separate room? Advantages to having your laundry in the… (view full article)

Cabinet Makers - what do they do?

Cabinet makers use woodworking skills to create cabinets, shelving and furniture. The fundamental focus of cabinet makers is the production of cabinetry. Although they may also produce items that would not be recognized as cabinets, however the same skills and techniques apply. A cabinet may be built-in or freestanding and is usually custom-made for a particular situation and it is fixed into position, on a floor, against a wall, or framed in an opening. Freestanding cabinets are more… (view full article)

Recent jobs posted by Cabinet Makers Nationwide

Hi need our heated towel rail reattached to wall Repair paintwork we have the paint Hi have justed reposted this job as I was hoping the original company who installed a year ago would do the right thing and come and…

Hi my clothe line need to be titten up, the one there at the moment is very floppy. Also I need one kitchen cupboard put back as the hanger is broken. Thank you

We have a kitchen bench that has rotted and needs replacement. It is connected to the outside and rain has managed to hit it. It’s hard to describe but pictures will be easier to understand.

I need to get kitchen cabinet sliding rail fixed. The moving part has been detached from the folding door. It's a small job.

I have a small study and I need a few shelves installed. It will be very simple, it's between a wall and a pillar about about 50cm wide.

Cabinets already assembled. Job is currently half done. Need cabinets connected, door panels aligned and measurements for benchtop.

I have a rectangle shaped maximus statutory stone cut-off 1400x900mm dimention sides to be rounded and polished. Top already polished and in correct rectangle shape and size with right angles. The side are neatly cut…

This MDF type bathroom cabinet has suffered some water damage. The picture shows how swollen it is. The simple answer might be to rip the whole thing out and put a new one in. That seems a shame. It could be rescued if…

Have purchased a new kitchen from Placemakers and require a tradie preferably one who has assembled these before. Have put everything where it needs to go and need everything level etc and need wall cabinets put up…

Kitchen-cupboard door hinge disconnected itself from the cabinet. There are largish holes in the cabinet to repair and re-attach the cupboard door?

We have a Polo 1/2 size dishwasher to be removed and replaced with a F&P tall single dishdraw to be installed. Our kitchen is 2 years old. We need this done before x-mas.

Is anyone able to repair this as per photo or next step replace from fridge leak. Bottom of ... panel

We have a recess area where we’d like to turn into cupboard with doors for storage, can you help? 1630 Width 690 Depth 2690 Height

Hi need our heated towel rail reattached to wall Repair paintwork we have the paint

I have got all the joinery ready and need someone to install them. The set consists of a fridge part, four standard 600mm bench, a 2438mm aqualic bench top. A cupboard on top of the fridge, plus four 600mm overhead…