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Builders in Christchurch

Looking for a Christchurch builder can be quite a mission nowadays. Many builders are already booked for months in advance to fix earthquake damaged buildings. Then again there is the large influx of new builders to the region, including builders from overseas who you have never heard of before. But to top it all off, your mate from down the road says that he knows ‘the friend of a friend who could fix your place for half the price some other bloke quoted.’ How do you choose the best builder for your job?

Hiring a Christchurch Licensed Building Practitioner

Choosing the right builder to fix your Canterbury home depends on the type of work you need done. If the work is structural, designing a fire system or is related to the weather tightness of your property (all of which are classed as restricted building work), you will need a Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP). If it is cosmetic such as building a fence, putting in a new kitchen or building a deck, a non-licenced builder is fine, as is  an LBP.

The Government has made it compulsory to use an LBP for all restricted building work (RBW) throughout the country to safeguard and protect homeowners. For a builder to be accepted onto the LBP register, they would have had to been assessed as competent to carry out work of weathertight or structural basis on a residential property. This makes choosing the right builder to hire easier. It allows you to confidently pick an LBP who specialises in  the job you want completed, knowing that it will be done to a high standard. Remember to check that they are certified in the area of building which you need their skills for, as there are six different types of building work you can be licensed for (such as bricklaying or carpentry).

There are a couple of ways you can check if the builder you have chosen is an LBP. Firstly they are required to carry their LBP photo ID and you can get the details off this card to check the official LBP register. This public registrar can be accessed on the Licenced Building Practitioner website where you can check what type of work they are registered to do. You can check out their licence history and disciplinary records for the last three years.

Some builders have chosen not to become LBP’s even though they might have had years of on the job experience and knowledge. Instead they might be members of one or both of the two building trade organisations, the Certified Builders Association of New Zealand (CBANZ) or the Registered Master Builders Association (RMBA).

The CBANZ will only accept members who have either the level of experience required or an accepted building qualification. They also require their members to have insurance to cover them and their work for the term of the contract. Members must also provide a 10 year Homefirst Builders guarantee and must follow their Code of Ethics and Conduct.

The RMBA requires members to have either a certain level of experience and/or appropriate qualifications. Their work is inspected several times during the year by the RMBA mobile inspection team. They must be financially responsible and follow the Constitution and Code of Conduct set by the RMBA. Members must also give their clients a third party written guarantee on all new homes and renovations done by them.

While a builder may belong to either or both of these trade associations, remember though that if you want them to do restricted building work, they must be a Licenced Builder Practitioner. Find the best builder for your Christchurch based job here. Post your building job today and let the builder chase you!

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Reviews of Christchurch Builders

Prep and repaint deck

17th October 2018

“Great job done one day after original deadline due to bad weather (outside of Craig’s control). Professional, respectful and good quality. Would happily recommend.”

Work carried out by the owner/operator


“It was an absolute pleasure dealing with JPL Construction (James) - the quote was very reasonable and the work was completed promptly and to an exceptionally high professional standard - I couldn't be happier with the final result and would highly recommend JPL Construction to anyone who needs a builder.”

Work carried out by the owner/operator

Reply: “Fantastic customer to deal with. Thanks alot.”


Sliding door frame repair

29th November 2018

“A quick response to my ad, and the job was all sorted within a few days of first contact. Very happy with the work. Lovely man, as were his staff.
Highly recommend and i shall keep you in mind for any future jobs we need done! Thank you!”

Work carried out by the owner/operator

Reply: “Thank you was happy doing the job for you.”


Kitchen Spruce up

18th October 2018

“Stoaked with our new kitchen, paid a little more than we wanted however it was completed on time without any issues. All we could ask for being in the flipping business. Thanks Allan strongly reccommend”

Work carried out by the owner/operator


Garden Work - Somerfield

12th December 2018

“Contractor was excellent to deal with. Unfortunately, upon job start, it was realised the job was too big for him to handle as a sole Contractor.

Would definitely use again on smaller jobs.”

Work carried out by the owner/operator

Reply: “Excellent client was great to talk to and very understanding. Would like to talk again in the future if something more my size came up.”


New pool fencing

12th October 2018

“Awesome communication and very helpful.
Would recommend to anyone”

Work carried out by the owner/operator

Reply: “Thank you Brent. Pleasure to work with you 😊”


Recent jobs posted in Christchurch

Single block garage rebuild EQC

We require a builder to install prenailed trusses to our new garage. Garage is fully consented, the frames are in situ.

Build a brand new 10sqm sleepout on bearers and joists ( 2.4m x 4m ) Complete with Mezzanine Floor. Internal linings to be standard 10mm gib Price includes plastering Walls will be insulated with R 2.6…

Need to move and building earthing rod about 1m from behind the heat pump to side (want to put the heat pump slab against the house to make way for a path)

We require 2 new barge boards (I think that is what they are called) on the front and back of the house. These look rotten so need them replaced. Will also need them painted to match the soffit. Thank you

Hi We require a builder/roofer to fix a leaking roof which has come inside in the lounge. Tile roof - possibly cracked tiles - the flat has been empty over winter so we only just noticed it. Extent of work, fixing…

He have a glass whiteboard, just needs to have screws put in the wall to hang it on, its heavy and may require more tools than a screwdriver and drill but not 100% sure.

We have a long L shaped box window in our kitchen that needs to be removed and replaced with a new window that is flush with the house. Roughly 3 meters by 1.5 - 2 meters.

We are looking to get an exterior wooden window put in to our roughcast house (window supplied). Easy access both internally and externally. Looking to have any damaged plaster repaired to match the rest of the house.…

Qualified builder to replace kitchen ceiling Demolition existing kitchen pinex ceiling and cornices Demolish existing lathe and plaster ceiling Store existing insulation for reuse- or allow to supply new if more…

I need a wall removed ASAP

Hi there I’m after a price for a roughly 7m2 deck, photo of measurements included. Would just want it in pine and screwed not nailed. The depth to the height of the concrete which we want to match is 100mm minimum and…

Need to remove a partition wall between lounge and kitchen. Might need to install a beam.

We require a qualified builder to extend our existing garage roofline out to form a cover for our firewood. Approx 6.8m wide to the edge of the gutters and 3m out from the back of the garage. Clear/smoke coloured…

I'm wanting my sofits/fascias repainted/repaired or replaced as required to tidy up the exterior. They are in fairly poor condition in parts with flaking paint and sagging in areas, photos show the worst areas. EQC…