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Successful Indoor Outdoor Flow in New Zealand Homes

One of the most popular selling points of a kiwi home is the indoor outdoor flow. Whether you’re thinking of selling or just want to realise the potential of your home and the plot it stands on, considering indoor outdoor flow is important. The secret to unlocking the potential of both spaces is blurring the boundaries between inside and outside. This works regardless of the size of your garden compared to the size of your home. Select from our great ideas below to improve indoor outdoor… (view full article)

The Tiny Home Movement in New Zealand

The tiny home movement has definitely come to New Zealand, especially since the Christchurch earthquakes which have seen kiwis both living out of and doing business out of remodelled containers. But why has the tiny house movement gained so much traction and caused excitement lately? Is it a genuine trend that’s both socially and economically advantageous or is it just the next not-so-big thing in house design? Since the mid 1940s we've seen the average size of a kiwi home almost double… (view full article)

Mid to Upper Range Bathroom Renovation Costs & Ideas

This is part three in a four part series where we’ll discuss what features to expect for $3,000 to $100,000-plus when undertaking bathroom renovations and what you need to help you plan your bathroom renovation. This week we're looking at bathroom renovation costs for: Mid Range Bathroom Renovation Costs ($12,000 to $30,000) Location, cost of labour and materials all play a part in the costing of a bathroom renovation.  The average bathroom renovation job in Auckland will definitely cost… (view full article)

Budget Bathroom Renovation Costs - what you can expect

Last week we discussed getting started with bathroom renovation costs.   Like all home renovation projects, there’s 3 levels of renovating: good, better and absolute best. In this series of #bathroom #renovation articles we’ll walk you through the basics regardless of your budget. This week: The Basic Budget Bathroom Renovation (from $3000-$12000) It’s likely you may not be able to move a lot of plumbing around, but you could replace and update fixtures and fittings off the shelf.… (view full article)

Global Day of Parents 2014: Is your home friendly & safe for your Mum & Dad?

The Global Day of Parents 2014 is observed on the 1st of June and provides an opportunity to appreciate all parents in all parts of the world for their selfless commitment to children and their lifelong sacrifice towards nurturing this relationship. People are living longer and with this may come a declining mental ability or physical mobility. Although retirement homes have their place, your aging parents most likely will prefer staying in their own homes for as long as possible. Even if… (view full article)

Walk in Shower or Wet Room? Consider the Benefits

The pressures of modern life have contributed towards us having hectic lifestyles, while we constantly rush around without time to relax and enjoy ourselves. Add to this the need to save money on heating and water, and you’ve got one of the biggest contributing reasons to the increased popularity of a walk in shower compared to a bath tub. If you want to be well-informed about the benefits of a walk in shower, then this article will help you. Always seek the expert assistance of a trusted… (view full article)

Featured Builders in Whangarei

Brad — Brad is a professional over 25 years in business . For reliable, f­riendly service choose me, I cover the whole Whangarei region.
Services offered: Specialising in Electrical, Plumbing, Refrigeration, Heat Pumps/Air Conditioning, Appliances Servicing and Sales, General Maintenance and Handyman Services. With 25 years experience all my work is guaranteed .
Armoured Fencing Ltd — Armoured Fencing is specialists in constructing superior, high quality fences for over 7 years that meet their client’s budget every time. There are no hidden costs and all projects are guaranteed using only the best materials available. The company was formed by two ex serving soldiers who meet over 15 years ago and served in the Royal New Zealand Armoured Corps as “Armoured Crewman” (also known as “Tankies”) that has a long standing tradition in quality and professionalism which s...
Razorback enterprises ltd — I've been working in the construction/contracting /building/landscaping industry since i left the farming sector over fifteen years ago .I have been a hands-on foreman for several different companys. I've had lots of experience in everything from building retaining walls ,decks and fences to concreting (including exposed aggregate finishes) and asphalting .I have a good understanding of drainage and foundations ,I love gardening and am especially fond of native plants.I enjoy interaction wi...
MCN Property Solutionz — We are based in Mangawhai Heads and offer a one-stop shop for your building needs. The services we can organise - on your behalf - include tiling, painting, gibstopping, electrical and plumbing, as well as general building work and repairs. We have worked on a wide range of projects, from tiling a splashback to renovating a house, so can truly say no job is too big or too small. We offer competitive prices for quality work - if you're looking for cheap, shoddy workmanship (but who would b...
Caniwi Construction Limited — We have been renovating homes for over 40 years and have a full compliment of skill ... work for you and not for ourselves, taking the time to listen, to understand exactly what is required, and ensure that there is a clear agreement of the scope of work. You receive quality, guaranteed workmanship at a fair rate. The workplace (your home or office) will be safe and kept clean. Our hallmark is quality and service.
blud sweat & tears — Registered builders specializing in decking and verandah construction, roofing,disability alterations, painting/finishing work, plaster boarding and stopping, panel beating and rust repair, concrete work, tiling, landscaping, water blasting, rubbish and wreck removal and much more!

Reviews of tradespeople

“Great Job. Recommended to all. Very friendly guys.”

Work carried out by the owner/operator

Trade reply: Really good to work with. Would love to work for again.

“We are good to go. Thank you Builderscrack Yo can stick to time frames here in France but George didn,t waste andy time. We are not quite where we wanted to be but very happy with progress for this stage. We were tripped up with Lapeyre at Coignieres. They failed to have our tiles that were pre ordered twice they deliverd a front door that was custom made with a faulty that the can,t get a technicain to for 6 weeks and we had to pay 100 Euros in case it was us that was wrong.

As always with supplier here they are slow unreliable and generally don,t care. Plus they all stop for lunch. Don,t deal with Lapeyre. But the one thing we do have is excellent work by George and his team. We gave him high quality materails, the tools he need and he can be very proud of his. If you wish to view the all the photos are on My facebook.

next stage will be staring soon but thank you George and then you facebook

Simon Wathen”

Work carried out by the owner/operator

Trade reply: supply of materials was a bit of an issue, need to learn more french!, would be better prepared in the future following this experience

Fix set of drawers

27th July 2010

“Awesome Handy Andy, will definitely use him again. Thanks Builder's Crack! Kia ora”

Work carried out by the owner/operator

Trade reply: Thank you Freda. I was happy to be able to make the repair for you. Cheers.

concrete garage floor

10th December 2013

“Our job was done within the timeframe stated and is entirely what we asked to be done.Very satisfied thanks Gavin.From Bruce & Kathy”

Work carried out by the owner/operator

Trade reply: It was a pleasure to do the job. Thankyou for your custom. Any time you need us, don't hesitate to make contact. Kind regards, Gavin/Bruno.

LBP Builder

8th March 2014

“He came to a site visit within two hours of contact, which was appreciated.”

Shift 2 Pallet of Bricks

22nd September 2013

“Got hold of us quickly and promptly and provided a good quote. Only due to timing we went with somebody else.”

Recent Jobs in Whangarei

Job #135439
I would like a double garage (1 and 1/2 length ) with a shower & toilet. I also need a rainwater system and septic tank installed at the same time. Bare plot in Whananaki. We are currently offshore, but will work with…

Job #131546
7.3x6.3 Garage requires completion: Ceiling battons with man hole formation, wood set into steel C channel above garage door for fixing lining. removal and re installation of garage sectional door to enable wall…

Job #127734
Putting in French doors Putting gib on toilet wall and putting in window Getting sliding door for bath, currently a screen

Job #127081
Hello, I have a few little maintenance jobs for 95 Ruamanga Valley Road that I need help with this week please? These are tasks and some photos of the tasks: 1. Fix window in the second bedroom that does…

Job #123969
To build a Lean-to Carport coming from the side of house.With Iron roof but with a couple of Clear Polycarb for light. It will be approximately 3-4 wide x about 8 metres..but must view area to measure precise…

Job #123623
We require somebody to build and install a basic bed frame into an office space to make a day bed. The work involves removing a built in desk and constructing a basic bed frame and installing it into that space. The…

Job #121650
Hello - I would like some help please with replacing the timber studs at the base of my garage door at 95 Raumanga Valley Road.

Job #121644
Hello - I am after some general building maintenance and repair work to be completed on the front of the property at 95 Raumanga Valley Road being: 1) Fit additional timber support or fixing to the front timber…

Job #121637
Hello - I am after some general building maintenance and repair work to be completed on the front of the property at 95 Raumanga Valley Road being: 1) Fit additional timber support or fixing to the front timber…

Job #114710
We would like to remove the popcorn cielings in our Bach. Approximately 80sm.

Job #96222
Relocation of 2 windows in new house at lockup stage. Remove a triple slider entirely and put one of the windows in its position. Other window moving short distance from south wall to west wall.  Utility clad over old…

Job #95938
We are a Hamilton based manufacturing company looking at extending our installation network. This job is for 7 cubicles to be installed at a commercial construction site in Whangarei approx. 21/08/2015 This has…

Job #92052
Relocation of 2 windows in new house at lockup stage. Remove a triple slider entirely and put one of the windows in its position. Other window moving short distance from south wall to west wall. Utility clad over old…

Job #90908
Relocation of 2 windows in new house at lockup stage. Remove a triple slider entirely and put one of the windows in its position. Other window moving short distance from south wall to west wall. Utility clad over old…

Job #87951
Concrete removal. Already broken up. Requires bobcat with 3in1 bucket and tip truck. Approx 2cbm or 2 ton. Kamo. Prefer Tue or weds

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