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Your guide to Plasterboard in NZ

Understanding the Differences Among Tradespeople Accreditations

With so many tradespeople belonging to different accreditation organisations, how do you know which one to use and what tradesmen accreditations are right for the job you want doing? Is an industry based accreditation offer the same as one from the government? We’re here to dive into the mysteries of what the most common tradespeople accreditation are. Let’s jump on in! Tradespeople accreditations There are 10 common tradespeople accreditation to be aware of. Each one is not equal,… (view full article)

Choosing Between Another Storey or Adding a House Extension

At some point in your life, your home may become too small for your family. Undertaking a major renovation such as adding a house extension will give you extra space. But are you better off building a second floor instead? Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages between adding a storey verses building a new addition. How to choose between another storey or a house extension Depending on the size of your backyard, you can choose to build up or build out. As sections become smaller,… (view full article)

Plasterers and Plasterboard Fixers - what do they do?

Plasterers are building professionals who apply plaster to walls and ceilings to create a finished look to an interior space. A plasterer may work with new construction, or manage repairs to existing buildings. In addition to the creation of basic coverings on walls and ceilings, plastering may also involve the creation of architectural details that enhance the overall look of the space. For basic plastering jobs, when hiring a plasterer they will begin with either a solid surface or wire… (view full article)

Recent jobs posted by Plasterboard Professionals Nationwide

Bathroom ceiling (approx 2750 x 1600) needs re-stopping. Some of old paper facing has torn away and needs repairing first.

We recently had a leak and some ceiling tiles were damaged. Looking for someone to replace the ceiling with plasterboard, including helping fit new lights, so that the room is repaired!

Hi there! Our porch roof had a leak (now fixed by a roofer), and the board on the ceiling of it has been damaged. We'd love someone to come fix this up for us. Please can you quote for this roughly? Ideally needing it…

Repair to holes in walls, a couple small ones, one from round door handle and one larger one and one scrape on wall, last 2 photos small scraps/hole in ceiling

Hi. Wanting To Installed gib boards in new addition on ceiling and walls around 60sq meters Gib boards & screws & glue provided PS3 required

I have a hole in my wall, roughly 5cm x 10cm. I need someone to come and patch it up

Small hole in gib under a bathroom vanity - approx 2.5 inches square, requires repair.

The railing (curtain) has come out of the wall leaving holes that need to be mended and the rail re-secured. Also some minor damage to a wall corner from a walking frame scraping it.

We have had some ceiling plasterboard cut away to fix a leaking pipe. A portion of the gib has water damage and requires replacing and stopping/plastering

I have a 3.5 m x 3.5 m bedroom that needs to be skimmed. I plastered some major holes/imperfections but the walls are damaged enough to require skimming. They currently have oil-based primer on them. I would need the…

I have an awful thickly plastered wall and archway between lounge and dining room that I would like removed and replaced. It would be ideal if it could be cut out rather than smashed out (to avoid having to remove my 81…

About 35m2 of plaster board to be fitted and plastered living room area

ceiling repair needed after water damage

Bedroom about 4m x 5m, in a 1960s house Need; - Walls: New insulation and plasterboard, supply, installed and stopped - One wall is exterior, will need council consent managed for new insulation. - Wardrobe:…

I need someone to gib and stop this toilet room