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Your guide to Plasterboard in NZ

Plasterers and Plasterboard Fixers - what do they do?

Plasterers are building professionals who apply plaster to walls and ceilings to create a finished look to an interior space. A plasterer may work with new construction, or manage repairs to existing buildings. In addition to the creation of basic coverings on walls and ceilings, plastering may also involve the creation of architectural details that enhance the overall look of the space. For basic plastering jobs, when hiring a plasterer they will begin with either a solid surface or… (view full article)

Cladding Installation Professionals & Materials

Cladding installation describes the process of covering one building material with another. Cladding can be expensive needing an initial outlay of funds, but it's a long-term investment with a number of advantages and benefits to the homeowner. Cladding installation benefits include: Provides protection and insulation from the elements Improves the visual appearance of your home Is low maintenance Not only will cladding cover and insulate, it can give a facelift to your home… (view full article)

Recent jobs posted by Plasterboard Professionals Nationwide

replace damaged particle board with ply, patch roof leaks,

Restore plaster over 40mm polystereen around 6 new windows and doors and some minor fixups to be done.

We are looking for a gib fixer to fix plasterboard on wall and ceilings for a new build.

1 room to have gib installed. Approx 4.3 x 4.1m fairly squareish . 2.4 stud.

I have a bathroom wall to be repaired. It needs stopping and painting.

build new ceiling grid and internal walls for new shop approx 80 sqm ceiling 6 internal walls to form 3 consult rooms

Many parts of Interior Wall plasterboards need to be repaired and repainted (maybe).

I have 3 large high ceiling bedrooms that require Gib to be installed, Plastered and Skirting installed,

I need to replace a ceiling tile like attached. It is found in older houses in Mt Albert

6 holes in walls 600mm by 600mm plus other small holes

We have a set of long, heavy drapes (3+m high). They are hung from a track mounted on to a rail on the wall above the window by brackets. Recently, two of the mounts have pulled out of the gib, tearing a small hole and…

Villa bedroom still scrim and wallpaper and needs to be gibbed and stopped. Approx 3500 x 3000. This job is in Maia, Dunedin.

Need holes in jib Walls repaired asap.

3 bedroom house needed to be started within about a week.

Have a couple of holes in the wall that needed to be repaired. Hole 1 less than 200 x 200 Hole 2 1000 x 1600