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Plumbers in Christchurch

Christchurch became a city way back in 1856, making it officially the oldest city in New Zealand.

As you would expect with any old city, Christchurch has undergone its fair share of development and refurbishment. Most notably of course after the horrific 2011 earthquakes that left the city as well as suburbs such as Lyttelton, Sumner, and Redcliffs with extensive damage.

It takes many years for a city to recover from such tragic events and with the recent completions of the new Tait communications hub and also the crown building, there is definitely no sign of Christchurch’s construction industry slowing down any time soon. 

Christchurch Plumbers

With so much construction and redevelopment going on around chch and its surrounding suburbs it’s no wonder that of course plumbers are in high demand at the moment. 

Jobs plumbers regularly do will include:

- Fixing blocked or burst water pipes
- Rectifying bathroom drainage issues
- Fixing dripping taps
- Help with waste disposal systems
- Opening up walls and floor for piping
- Repairing water heaters
- and of course even finding that engagement ring you accidently dropped down the sink! 

You may perform only minimal tasks around the home such as installing a dishwashers and changing taps and seal, everything else by law requires a plumber.

If you’re looking to hire the services of a plumber in Christchurch the average cost of a plumber is $90 per hour (the highest in New Zealand). Of course you will be able to find professionals either side of this bracket. 

Finding the right plumber

With this in mind, you want to make sure that you’re getting not only someone that is qualified and licensed to carry out plumbing in New Zealand but also, and most importantly – the very best person for the job. All plumbers legally require certification, after undertaking a 4 year study course, so make sure to ask for their card to verify.

In the past, if you had quite a specific plumbing task that needed fixing often you could be trawling through the phone book getting ridiculous quotes or people coming out to your house or business only to say that “it can’t be done” for the price you’re looking to spend.

Luckily there is now Builderscrack, your one-stop shop for finding the right plumber for any job that you need done. All you have to do is post what you want done online and the area you live in and plumbers will apply for the job. The next step is the fun part, you get to see their previous reviews, references and, of course, compare prices and quotes.

This will assure you get the best person for the job - at the best price.

Your guide to Plumbing in Christchurch

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Reviews of Christchurch Plumbers

Fixing to the Wall

23rd March 2017

“Great work the team. Quick and easy to deal with. Job done well. Thanks Heaps”

Work carried out by an employee of the company


“Great! Just great. Needed the job done in short notice and they delivered swiftly and professionally. Thanks”

Work carried out by an employee of the company

Deroot sewer pipe

4th August 2015

“Awesome quick response, and great guys. Stoked I dont have to unblock the drain myself going forward!”

Work carried out by the owner/operator


“Many thanks for a very professional job, respectful great staff- well done. Recommended.”

Work carried out by an employee of the company


“Very happy with job and service from Steve. Great advice and will use again in the future. Cheers”

Work carried out by the owner/operator

Reply: “Pleasure to deal with. Thanks for the work and I look forward to doing more for you in the future.”

Bathroom tap replacement

20th October 2016

“Prompt contact, great communication. Bill carried out work in competent and professional manner. Recommend.”

Work carried out by the owner/operator

Reply: “Great person to deal with, Frendly and made prompt payment. Thanks once again.”

Recent jobs posted in Christchurch

I am sourcing two 900mmLx 500mmW good quality vanity tops . The existing cabinets will be kept to avoid floor tile cutting .The work includes: remove existing vanity tops and taps; supply and replace the new tops;…

We have small leak under our concrete drive. The drive is in pretty average condition anyway but a replacement is likely out of our budget. Looking repair options for the drive that don't involve lifting the whole thing

I need to replace a central flush toilet. See photo. I can supply more photos if required. May assist with what is needed for the job.

I have water pooling around our spa area when it rains.

I moved into a house 6 weeks ago.Despite getting a survey my painter found damp in the spare bedroom in the corner and a wet carpet.On further investigation we found on the other side of the wall the laundry tub pipe…

I am wanting to replace my existing built-in bath with a free-standing one and also the taps / plumbing located slightly higher to accommodate this, or on the wall at the "head" of the bath (currently located on the…

Our overflow pipe that comes out of the roof from the hot water cylinder is constantly running/leaking.

Toilet leaking drops of water at joint where pipe coming down from cistern meets bigger pipe when flushing. See picture.

I need to replace the old shower slide in the bathroom with a new one which has a better spray from the shower head.

I have a washer plumbed in a cupboard and want to move it out about 1 metre. All pipes are under the floor and easily accessed

Supply and replace kitchen sink taps in rental property. Replace with new, but similar style taps. Would prefer quote without site visit. Location is Huxley Street, Sydenham, Christchurch. Existing taps are loose…

We have a washing machine to install. There are pipes inside the wall that have never been connected, but we have forgotten which 'side' they are on, so rather than punching holes to try and find them, we are hoping to…

We have a plastic pipe under our sink which leaks periodically, keen to have someone have a quick look at it and seal the join that is leaking. We have also purchased a dishwasher and need to install it, however house…

The hot water tap has a slow drip only when the tap for washing maching is turned opened (the top one) It does not drip/leak when the bottom one is turned on. Thank you

I have a new kitchen going in Wednesday and need the tap connections joined up. No moving of drainage required. Should be a simple job. Ideally if someone can do it on Tuesday 14th or Wednesday 15th would be…