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Your guide to Renovating in Rodney

Home renovation and repair – it’s all in the prep

Renovating or doing work on your home can be a big investment – yet most of us put more effort into choosing a pair of shoes or a new camera. Repairs might not be as exciting as new clothes and gadgets but if you want a good result, value for money, and minimum hassle, the more you think about upfront the better. The best advice is to get informed and make sure you communicate really well with everyone involved. Remember, with most services in New Zealand you have rights under the… (view full article)

Stage 2 of Home Ownership or Renting Life Stage – Your Twenties

Having left our teenage years behind, we enter our twenties stage of looking towards home ownership and possibly moving away from property renting. While this used to be the time we’d consider buying our first home, rising house prices have mostly put a stop to this dream. However, in some part of the country, buying your first home in your twenties can still be a reality with some clever planning.   When it comes to knowing what to look for when buying a new home, we’ve got your… (view full article)

Decking - Choosing the Right Material for Your Home

Timber has been the traditional choice for decking and decks for many years. But like in other areas of our lives, we are now spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing our decking materials. While remaining a popular choice, decks can also be made with concrete and composite timber. Today we’re going to walk you through your options for your decking materials and help you decide which one is right for your home. Types of decking materials in New Zealand In New Zealand, you will… (view full article)

Renovating Your Home – What are the Risks?

Written by Ben Rickard from Builtin New Zealand Limited. There’s a lot to think about when you’re renovating your home. It’s an exciting time, but there are risks to be considered and also insurance essentials to get right. A building project that goes pear-shaped can be one of the most stressful and costly experiences of your life. Health and safety when renovating your home In some cases homeowners may have a responsibility for ensuring a safe working environment. Failure to do so… (view full article)

Comprehensive Guide to Bathroom Tiling

Tiling your bathroom is not such the large or forbidding job as many seem to believe it is. Utilising tradespeople is the quickest and simplest way to achieve great results.  An expert tiler will ensure they are installed professionally. An interior designer can help you to choose the most suitable colours and designs for your room. The creative inspirations seen on websites like Pinterest and Instagram can give you plenty ideas on tile design too. Reinvent your bathroom through… (view full article)

The Tiny Home Movement in New Zealand

The tiny home movement has definitely come to New Zealand, especially since the Christchurch earthquakes which have seen kiwis both living out of and doing business out of remodelled containers. But why has the tiny house movement gained so much traction and caused excitement lately? Is it a genuine trend that’s both socially and economically advantageous? Or is it just the next not-so-big thing in house design? Exploring NZ's tiny home movement Since the mid 1940s we've seen the average… (view full article)

Reviews of Rodney Renovation Specialists

Mouldy bedroom

23rd November 2018

“Tash and his team were fantastic to work with - prompt, helpful, and doing a good job. I am happy to recommend them.”

Work carried out by the owner/operator


“Some problems with workmanship- tried to skip out with the job 75% done, but stayed at my insistence. Also incorrectly cut some of my prepared timber, which now has a join where there should be none. Overall, average.”

Work carried out by the owner & subcontractors


Lyn Holmes

7th December 2018

“Hi, got the gate installed and it was an excellent job. I would certainly recommend Dave to anyone who has any building need. Very happy!!!”

Work carried out by an employee of the company

Reply: “Thanks Lynn”


Operation Handle

24th October 2018

“Quick & efficient”

Work carried out by the owner/operator


New Shower

15th October 2018

“Gavin is very skilled on his craft and he went above and beyond on what is expected. Good communication and explanation of the work procedures. Our family highly recommend Gavin.”

Work carried out by the owner/operator

Reply: ““Complete shower replacement restoration and installations, customer supplied round framed shower, acrylic liner and base products selection. Aqualine gib, plumbing re-arrangement preparations & complete installations, turn key perfection finishing. 10/10 customer support.

Thank you from CGS NZ Team”


Deck re-build

10th November 2018

“Excellent quality of work received from OA Construction Services, finished on time. The detail of the workmanship was very high and I am extremely satisfied with the finished deck”

Work carried out by the owner/operator


Recent jobs posted in Rodney

I need to replace a damaged bathroom sink. The damaged one needs to be removed, and new one dropped in the existing space in its place. I don’t have a photo of the sink in question, however have attached a similar type…

Extension of home to join to existing garage and sleepout. Approx 30m2 of additional floor area. Requires removal of structural interior wall with exposed wooden beams. New plumbing for en-suite in old garage.…

I have a bathroom/laundry that is very dated. The wet shower area has completely failed. I would like a shower box, vanity and toilet replacement. Also the walls need to be replaced. I am not sure if the floor can be…

We have a modest open plan lounge kitchen and dining room. We would like to keep our existing kitchen but relocate it to where the lounge currently is and move the lounge to where the kitchen is as this is the north…

Old bath needs ripping out, new one out in. Complete with shower slide above bath. Shower curtain can go.. replace with something better.. not too sure if seratone or tile surround. Will supply bath and shower slide and…

We have a rumpus room that has block walls. I am looking for someone who can replace 2 windows (and maybe a door) supply and fix plywood to the walls, then supply and fix mirrors to almost all of the walls. Also, if…

I am looking for someone to supply new kitchen door and drawer fronts for a kitchen in Matakana. I would like to change the door fronts from Melamine to wood, with a two pot laquer finish. I would also like new island…

A real basic job adding a door as big as will fit and a wall above to the raked ceiling so to enclose study. painting not required. this is real minor but must be done in the weekdays starting april 23. other handyman…

Replace shower box with frame less shower and vanity with new ones including new shower slide & tap for the vanity. There is a old fiberglass shower box that I'd like to pull out and replace with a 900 x 900 frameless…

I want to remove the existing tub from my bathroom and replace it by a shower unit. The work is 1/ remove the existing tub and surrounding wall tiles (3 only) just above it. 2/ adjust the plumbing to accommodate…

I'd like some advice and a quote to replace our bath. We have an old stand-alone bath with rusted feet that I'd like replaced with a normal built-in bath. The taps are all built into the wall so that can stay the same.…

Installation of shower box required. See attached photo

I need a sheet of seratone replaced above the bath ... , and also a gib square patched and painted.

We would like to renovate our kitchen. This would include taking out a lintel and a short wall, removing the existing kitchen and installing a replacement. The kitchen is about 3.5m x 3.0m. We would need advice on…

Convert our double garage to an art gallery. Change garage doors to non obtrusive doors. Cover windows with boxing. Install lighting, hanging ceiling and false wall to divide off the laundry