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Your guide to Handymen in North Shore

Stage 1 of Your Home Ownership or Renting Life Stage – Teenage Years

Welcome to the first of six articles about the home ownership and renting life stages we pass through over the years. As we discuss each stage, we’ll identify the jobs you can and can’t do around your rental or owned home and when you should get the professional tradesperson in. As a teenager or young adult, the first property you live in after you leave your parent’s home is most likely to be rented. You may be the one with your name on the tenancy agreement or simply a flatmate. As  the… (view full article)

Guide to Installing Balustrades Which Meet NZ Building Code

If you’re planning on installing balustrades or wondering if you need to, then you’re in the right place. We’ll walk you through the process of identifying if you need a balustrade, the options you have and how to make sure it will meet the current NZ Building Code. Let’s jump to it! What is a balustrade and do I need one? A balustrade is basically a safety barrier. It can vary in appearance from simply a rail with supporting balusters, all the way to a full fence. It’s often confused… (view full article)

Understanding the Differences Among Tradespeople Accreditations

With so many tradespeople belonging to different accreditation organisations, how do you know which one to use and what tradesmen accreditations are right for the job you want doing? Is an industry based accreditation offer the same as one from the government? We’re here to dive into the mysteries of what the most common tradespeople accreditation are. Let’s jump on in! Tradespeople accreditations There are 10 common tradespeople accreditation to be aware of. Each one is not equal,… (view full article)

Aluminium or Wooden Windows – Which is Best for Me?

Aluminium or wooden windows – which is best for me? New Zealanders typically live in a home with either wooden or aluminium windows. These two types of joinery are well respected by both builders and homeowners alike. However, people have their favourites and with good reasons. That’s because there are pros and cons for both aluminium and wooden joinery. Ultimately the decision rests with you in choosing the joinery type best for your home.   How to choose the right joinery… (view full article)

Don't Skip These 5 Home Maintenance Tasks Before Summer

Christmas is just around the corner. If you’ve been putting off getting home maintenance tasks done around your home over winter, you’ll be pleased to know that Builderscrack has qualified tradespeople available now to consult with you, or get a free online estimate. Get ready for summer with 5 home maintenance tasks  Tune up your air conditioning: Prevent emergencies and be safe by hiring a tradie to tune up your air conditioning. Not only will this keep it running and your summer… (view full article)

5 Tips for Spring Home Renovations

Isn't the growth appearing outside with new buds on trees and plants simply beautiful? It's lovely to feel the ground getting warmer with spring arriving and summer just around the corner. Spring home renovations Coming out of a cold winter, spring home renovations may seem like a daunting prospect.  Yes, you've been thinking about it for months, years even. In your mind's eye, you can see the fixtures, fittings and flooring coming together beautifully.  You know you want to get cracking on… (view full article)

Reviews of North Shore Handymen

Concrete laying

30th October 2018

“Paea and his team did a great job with our concrete floor for the basement.
I did my research before deciding to go ahead with Tupou’s Contacting offer and I am happy to say I chose the right company.
It wasn't an easy task, but Tupou's team made it happen with a smile.
Paea knows his stuff, he offered us sound advice and cost-effective solutions.
We are very pleased with the result, would pick them again in a heartbeat.
Thanks, Paea and the team😊”

Work carried out by the owner/operator


Garden cleanup needed

10th December 2018

“Great job done very quickly. Thanks very much, Mark.”

Work carried out by the owner/operator


'Remove arch'

10th December 2018

“Mark was excellent .... Pleasant to deal with and highly professional. Would recommend to anyone.”

Work carried out by the owner/operator


Small apartment bathroom

6th November 2018

“Jarrod was accessible via phone and in person throughout the project. He organised various sub contractors overseeing the job from start to finish.
Quality of workmanship is excellent.
Project completion was longer than originally planned however I would use Whiteworx again for a future project. And would recommend to anyone having a bathroom renovation.”

Work carried out by the owner & subcontractors


New fence

23rd November 2018

“We are very pleased with the new fence. The completed job was of a high quality (the council inspector was also very impressed with the quality workmanship), the communication was terrific, the job was completed in good time, the mess afterwards was cleared and the guys were friendly and polite. I highly recommend this company.”


“I chose Frank to build our pergola which he did. The original job grew and the size of the pergola got bigger than originally intended but this never stopped Frank. He took it all in his stride, his workmanship is outstanding, very professional and we are thrilled with the finished product. The cost was very reasonable as well and Frank spent a lot of attention to detail. I am definitely going to utilize Franks skills in the future.”

Work carried out by the owner/operator


Recent jobs posted in North Shore

I have a 3m x 2m Retractable Awning, need to install to the back of the wall to cover my deck. Thanks

This is a small job, replacing a plastic sheet which blew away in a storm. This is outside the house back door. You'll need to have a ladder to do this.

Hi. My picket fence posts seem to have rotten at the base and need reconcreting or securing as its leaning over. There is also a small hole (40cms) cut into the garage wall that requires patching up.

Repair double wardrobe door dent and paint as per photo.

Our garage plasterboard are cracked, currently sealed with silicone, there are 2 sheets together, plasterboard size approx 200cm x100cm.

need to have a damaged wall patch and painted. location in torbay. photo attached. please send me price and when you can do the job. has leftover paint and should be enough.

I need a few things done before tye house gets sold. Fixing on a ceiling and outside repiars.

Our door handle has snapped. Need to get it replaced.

Repair then paint damaged fibrolite panel. Job can be viewed via neighbours driveway (address details to follow).

We have around 30 ceiling tiles that need to be replaced due to previous water damage. Some of these are whole ceiling tiles, others will need to be cut down to size. This is an urgent job. For Jaycar Glenfield…

I am doing a dress up at work for Christmas and need to know if someone can make something like what's in the photo. It's a Candy Axe from the game Fortnite. It has Christmas lights wrapped around it. If they can work…

Prepare and level a corner in the garden to place a small shed.

Patch up work to wooden joinery, putty and paint where it is cracking and flaking on window frames (exterior)

I need someone to remove a rotten strip of wooden decking (approx. 1m x 2.5m) beside my house. I don't plan to replace this decking so the adjoining fence may need minor repairs at the base.

Remove chimney and fireplace