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Backyard Eco Landscapers

Welcome to Backyard Eco, we strive to achieve excellent landscapes at the most affordable price. Contact us for all your outdoor service needs. We are currently offering discounts on all services booked through builderscrack

Baywide Dingo's

Hi my name is David from Baywide Dingos. We have been working around Hawkes Bay for around 10years doing everything from Orchard frost protection trenching, retaining walls, lawns and landscaping, demolition, concrete breaking, concrete form work, to mass planting & full scale attacks on overgrown properties. We love the tricky jobs! We can increase the value of your home or investment property by providing cost effective improvements to the outside of your Hawkes Bay home, rental or

Underground Landshaping

We Primarily Specialise in Earthmoving, below listed a few common work Carried out - Foundation Excavation - All Types of Retaining wall systems - Driveway Removal and Prep - Auger Holes as required - Full landscape Preparation on new builds/ outdoor Renovations / Curb appeal Upgrade - Technical Excavations / Achieving the impossible Strategic Planning / Cost effective, working closely. - Trenching. - Compaction. - Importing/Export materials as Required. - Earth stabilisation.
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Unreal Grass Ltd

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Artificial grass supplier and installer.

Ground Structures Ltd

Ground Structures Ltd is a specialist construction company based in Auckland providing services in Piling, Retaining Walls, Pole Foundations and Slip Stabilisation and General Site Works. Ground Structures Ltd has been undertaking ground retention works in Auckland since 1986 for clients including residential property owners. We can undertake small to large works and are able to undertake works with difficult or tight access.

Civil Drawings

hi If you need professional done drawings done for your DIY (retaining walls,garden sheds,decks,landscaping etc) project then this is the right place. Just send in your sketches and get them must presentable As a sole trader you will guaranteed the best prices.
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Alpha Contracting

New business but certainly not new to the industry, we have just launched..... ALPHA CONTRACTING. With over 30 years of combined experience, we proudly introduce ourselves to you, with a promise of professionalism, quality workmanship and competitive pricing. Check out the wide range of services we provide and look forward to working with you in the future.

The Garden Coach

Whether you have a new or established garden we offer a range of services to get you growing the right plants in the right places for the right results. We work with your soil and conditions and will suggest plantings that will work for you to make sure you get it right the first time.
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Curtis Stone

Hello, I've been working as a stonemason for 3 years. I specialise in Stone Entrance ways, Stone Walls, Outdoor fire places. I've worked on old churches and buildings, Christ College being one. I've finished every job I've started, no complaints.

Lake Landscaping Central Piling and Excavation

Hello! We've been working in the Landscaping/construction Industry for the past 10 years and have recently set out to work for ourselves. We are very professional and work hard with our combined knowledge and experience in both Hard and Soft Landscaping. With a background in drilling and piling as driller operator for companies on civil jobs building small road bridges, forestry bridges, slope stabilization, piling, earthworks, augering, and have recently completed a civil job for a primary sch

JnL contracting Ltd

Hi I have been operating for 6 years and have done all sorts of jobs from site cuts,driveways,bulk excavation,demolition and also retaining walls and everything in between pretty much!
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Why Choose a Landscaper in CHB?

If you're a homeowner in Central Hawke's Bay (CHB), engaging the services of a local landscaper can significantly enhance the beauty and value of your property. The region's diverse climate, sunshine, and fertile soil create the perfect environment for rich, vibrant landscapes. A professional landscaper in CHB understands the unique conditions of the area, which may help ensure that your garden thrives year-round. From installing new features to maintaining existing ones, a skilled landscaper tailors their services to meet the specific needs of your property.

Seasonal Landscaping Needs

The seasonal changes in New Zealand, particularly in CHB, have a direct impact on landscaping practices. In spring, it's the perfect time for planting new flowers and shrubs, taking full advantage of the warming temperatures and longer daylight hours. Winters in CHB can be cold and occasionally frosty, making protective measures for delicate plants essential. Additionally, autumn may necessitate clearing fallen leaves and preparing the soil for the colder months. A local landscaper is adept at navigating these seasonal challenges, which can help ensure your outdoor space remains healthy and visually appealing all year round.

Design and Planning Expertise

One of the key aspects of landscaping is design and planning. Experienced landscapers use their knowledge of CHB's climate and soil conditions to create tailored, sustainable garden designs. Many landscapers are skilled in using CAD software to provide detailed plans and visualisations of proposed layouts, helping you to envision the final look before any work begins. They carefully select plants, trees, and flowers that not only improve your garden's aesthetics but also may thrive in the local environment.

Collaborative Projects

Often, landscaping projects in CHB require collaboration with other professionals like builders or architects, especially for larger endeavours such as new builds or extensive renovations. Whether it's working with an architect to design an outdoor living area or coordinating with a builder to install new garden features, a professional landscaper can help ensure that all aspects of the project are seamlessly integrated. This multidisciplinary approach results in cohesive and functional outdoor spaces that add real value to your home.

Commitment to Quality and Maintenance

Upon agreeing on a proposal, a contract is typically signed, legally binding both parties and outlining the scope of work and responsibilities. This not only protects you in case of disputes but also ensures that the landscaper delivers on their promises. After the initial installation, many landscapers in CHB offer ongoing maintenance services, helping you to keep your garden looking its best. Regular maintenance can include tasks such as pruning, pest control, and soil conditioning, all essential for a thriving garden.

Maximising Local Knowledge

In CHB, where the landscape is as varied as it is beautiful, local knowledge can significantly make a difference. The area's rich flora, traditional villas with sprawling verandas, bungalow-style homes, and practical farmhouses each present unique opportunities and challenges for landscaping. A local landscaper's familiarity with these elements allows them to propose solutions that optimise your garden's potential. From creating intricate, aesthetically pleasing designs to addressing practical issues like frost or pest control, their expertise helps you maximise your outdoor space's beauty and functionality.

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