Busy homeowner Michelle holds down parenting, full-time work and studying towards her PhD. She shares with us how she used Builderscrack to outsource her housework so she could focus on the important stuff…

How It Started

To say Michelle is a driven person is an understatement. Sitting across from a woman that packs so much into her days is inspiring, not only because of that drive but the clever way she has arranged her life to make it possible.

She tells me “I’m doing a full-time PhD and I’m doing full-time work, so for me, I have lots to do and absolutely no time. I also have a teenager who’s almost 16, who is extremely social. Every weekend there are at least five to seven friends invited, and they are having a sleepover. I come home, and I’m like, “I left it nice and tidy, what happened?”. 

Michelle and her son moved into their home three years ago, and with a laugh explains “how things were starting to fall apart and in need of repair”.

It wasn’t only hard finding the time to do the ongoing house cleaning and maintenance but also finding and organising tradies to do one-off repairs her home was starting to need.

Trawling the internet and yellow pages searching for a tradie was not only painful but wasted much of her precious time. “I went through Google, contacted every person separately, some of them would come and show up and then you’d never hear back from them”.

This process got her thinking of a better way…. and is where Builderscrack enters the picture.

How She Did It

After hearing about Builderscrack through a colleague, she decided to give it a go. Finding success with an oven repair, Michelle started to see the potential in the platform as a “one-stop” tool for outsourcing her household chores – both one-off and ongoing.

Since then she hasn’t looked back.

To date, she has found Phil the lawn mower who comes once a month, a great cleaner and a new electrician. Not to mention several one-off tradies to do repairs, including fixing her oven.

What Life’s Like Now?

With her household chores and maintenance taken care of, Michelle now has the time to focus on her son, her work upgrading airport navigation systems, and her PhD.

“Builderscrack has allowed me to free up time to do the important things. What I love is it’s all in one place, and I’m not individually approaching tradespeople, I’m just posting jobs, and they are coming to me”.