hree’s House Rules NZ continues, with the teams renovating cousins Theresa & Jarrad’s New Lynn home this week.

Jarrad joined forces with his close friend and cousin Theresa, to create a fresh start for their family, turning Jarrad’s house into a home.

An added challenge for this week’s teams is that although Jarrad loves colour, he just so happens to be colour blind!

Let’s see how the teams did this week.

The reveal: Theresa & Jarrad’s New Lynn home | Photos: Three’s House Rules NZ

Storage, storage, storage!

KJ and Brando were back this week to assist with Theresa & Jarrad’s renovation, and one of the key standouts was the need for functional storage and wardrobe fittings, especially for this growing family.

We got KJ’s take on what to consider when planning storage for your home:

  • Planning: Don’t underestimate how much storage you will need before your renovation is underway.

  • Design: Good storage designs reduce clutter and overwhelm, and can improve overall quality of life.

  • Functionality: Opting for drawers can ensure your items are more accessible and easy to organise.

  • Well-being: Correctly stored linen and clothing can improve your home’s health, and prevent things like mould and dust build-up.

  • Efficiency: Engage a trade professional to build storage spaces or flatpacks to save you time and energy.

  • Material acquisition: Consider how you will transport the materials into your home and how you will remove any waste and recycling.

“One of the biggest challenges of this home was the stairs. Establishing access routes and avoiding any trade professional overlaps can make things more efficient,” KJ says.

The reveal: Theresa & Jarrad’s New Lynn home | Photos: Three’s House Rules NZ

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