this week on Three’s House Rules NZ, our BC trade experts KJ and Brando got a first-hand look inside Martinique & Andre’s Ōtāhuhu home.

Teacher Martinique and Builder Andre have been married for six years, and have two sons under the age of three.

They joined Three’s House Rules NZ in the hopes of transforming their 90 year old villa, which was originally a stable, into a family home.

Andre’s love for breathing new life into old things meant that this was a classic builder’s home where things had been started but not finished, meaning that this week’s teams had plenty to work with.

But it wasn’t all without a little help from our KJ and Brando, which the teams called on shortly after the renovation was underway.

Let’s take a look at the results!

The reveal: Martinique & Andre’s Ōtāhuhu home| Photos: Three’s House Rules NZ

Bathroom Reno: Starting from scratch

Trade experts KJ and Brando, share their top advice for homeowners carrying out a bathroom renovation like Martinique & Andres, including bonus stages and estimated time frames:

  • Start your renovation with a clear brief and plan for your tradespeople.

  • Pre-plan storage space and consider the number of occupants that will be using the bathroom.

  • Prepare fittings and fixtures ahead of time, to save money and prevent delays.

  • Pre-plan positioning of mirrors, shelving, lighting, sockets and electrical appliances.

  • Familiarise yourself with water and electricity requirements ahead of the renovation.

  • Take immediate action if you suspect water damage, looking out for things like visible mildew, or warped flooring, baseboards and walls.

  • Stages: Strip flooring, install piles, concreting, install new flooring, strip walls, rewire electrical sockets, plastering, waterproofing, tiling and grouting.

  • Estimated timeframe: Typically 2 weeks

The reveal: Martinique & Andre’s Ōtāhuhu home| Photos: Three’s House Rules NZ

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