Nikita & Sherwen’s Howick home was next up for the four teams during this week’s House Rules NZ on Three and it didn’t come without its hurdles.

Sherwen has been a financial advisor for over 10 years, and Nikita has been a paediatric nurse for 13 years. The pair have been married for 10 years, and make a good match; Sherwen has the ideas, while Nikita is creative and brings the ideas to life.

They consider themselves hands on, but have very limited experience with renovating, so had never thought to renovate their home on their own.

The vision: They wanted to set up their home for their two children under five, the same way their parents did for them when they moved to New Zealand.

Let’s take a look at the reveal.

The reveal: Nikita & Sherwen’s Howick home | Photos: Three’s House Rules NZ

The power of a feature wall

Our BC trade experts KJ and Brando were back again for another week of renovation action, where the teams got more creative with their zone’s walls.


A key highlight of this week’s transformation was the feature walls, including wall panelling and wallpapering.


So, we got KJ and Brando’s insight into the pros and cons of adding a feature wall or element to your home:

  • If done right, a feature wall can help the continuity of your home

  • Adding colour can bring life back into your home and increase the overall mood

  • There’s many cost-effective ways you can add a feature wall and decor

  • You can tie in lighting to elevate your space and different features in your home

  • You can get creative when curating your artwork and furnishings to match your feature wall or decor

  • Plain walls typically allow you to do more with artwork and furnishings

  • If you decide you don’t like your feature wall, it’s much more difficult to change

  • Some feature walls can be a visual overload and can overwhelm the space

  • Specific designs which are trending may not be trendy down the line.

  • Feature walls can take more time and effort, and may cost more

The reveal: Nikita & Sherwen’s Howick home | Photos: Three’s House Rules NZ

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