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Your guide to Bricklaying in Tauranga

Choosing the Best Roofing Material for Your Home

Ever noticed that great roofs don’t get the attention they deserve? With a watertight roof being one of a home owner’s major concerns, it’s surprising how little attention roofing material receives. We’ve always known that roofs are important. They’re the crowning glory so to speak of your home. That makes choosing the right materials for your roof of high importance. How to choose which roofing material is best for you Our country’s climate varies hugely from coast to coast. From… (view full article)

Brick or Weatherboard – Choosing the Right Cladding for Your New Home

Brick or weatherboard? Choosing the cladding for your new home needs more than deciding what looks best. It’s about the type of home you are building, the cost of the different types of cladding and the location of the house. Let us help you solve the battle of the cladding and choose the right type for you. History of cladding in NZ New Zealand homes traditionally used weatherboard or brick cladding depending during the 1900’s. Bungalows came out of the villa movement, with large… (view full article)

Clean up After an Earthquake - What's Safe to Do?

What can I clean up after an earthquake? During a large earthquake, considerable damage can be done to both your home and your belongings. While the first thought is to clean up the mess yourself, should you be calling the professionals to come and do it or your insurance company first?   Ensuring your home is safe after an earthquake After the shaking has stopped, the safety of you and your family is paramount. If the building you are in is unsafe, then leave immediately.… (view full article)

Choosing Between Another Storey or Adding a House Extension

At some point in your life, your home may become too small for your family. Undertaking a major renovation such as adding a house extension will give you extra space. But are you better off building a second floor instead? Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages between adding a storey verses building a new addition. How to choose between another storey or a house extension Depending on the size of your backyard, you can choose to build up or build out. As sections become smaller,… (view full article)

How to Fix Your Retaining Wall Aesthetics with Landscaping

Retaining walls are often perceived as uninspiring because they are seen as an eyesore. An occasional necessity, there is no reason why they should look ugly or out of place in your garden. Improving a retaining wall with the use of retaining wall aesthetics and landscaping is a simple matter with careful planning and planting. Blending existing retaining walls into your landscaping Many of us have existing retaining walls which need camouflaging into our gardens. They may have been… (view full article)

Creative Driveway Ideas - Choosing the Right Materials & Beautification

If you've not made a list of driveway ideas, relax. The driveway is often overlooked as a functional slab of concrete or asphalt tasked with transporting your car from the street to the garage. But first impressions count and the exterior of your home is what people initially notice when visiting. With imagination and the use of the right materials, you could have an interesting driveway for a great price. Pinterest is a great place to start when making a list of driveway ideas. Pinning… (view full article)

Reviews of Tauranga Bricklayers

Concrete laying

30th October 2018

“Paea and his team did a great job with our concrete floor for the basement.
I did my research before deciding to go ahead with Tupou’s Contacting offer and I am happy to say I chose the right company.
It wasn't an easy task, but Tupou's team made it happen with a smile.
Paea knows his stuff, he offered us sound advice and cost-effective solutions.
We are very pleased with the result, would pick them again in a heartbeat.
Thanks, Paea and the team😊”

Work carried out by the owner/operator


Riddell - Jib Stopping

26th September 2018

“Cannot fault Tommy or his work. Right from the start he was responsive and helpful and right throughout the job he went above and beyond to help us meet our tight timeframes. I'd highly recommend Tommy and would happily provide a verbal reference if anyone wants it. Thanks Tommy!!”

Work carried out by the owner/operator

Reply: “Thanks Sandy and mark
Was pleasure to deal with
Highly recommended
Top guys
Regards Tommy”



7th November 2018

“Excellent job done as schedule for budget.”

Work carried out by an employee of the company

Reply: “It Was great working with you on your patio, very kind customer. Brilliant !!”


Jamo 57

27th May 2018

“Good work .Will use again with more communication on job”

Work carried out by the owner/operator

Reply: “Great customer”


The pool

11th April 2018

“Great job ,on time and on budget .great to deal with .would recommend for pool work”

Work carried out by a subcontractor


“exactly what we wanted and the alterations look great”

Work carried out by the owner/operator


Recent jobs posted in Tauranga

Need to remedy some brick work which has been forced out of line with a small impact (bricks remain intact) and requires redoing, not a big job, important as front of the house

Small brick laying job to infill 80 bricks (do not need to be stitched as shown plan) & sills on existing 60's brick house. Work needs to be completed within two weeks, ideally next week. require LBP needs to pass…

We are currently building a new home and require a plaster brick wall at the front of the property. The wall will be approx. 18metres in length - and 1.5m height (to be confirmed). The work will be required early in the…

Rebuild a letterbox, using existing bricks. No wall, just the brick column, 2 bricks wide by 10 bricks high.

We need the end row of blocks removed, footing etc and x 4 blocks added to row 2 to a good finish. We will remove the timber panel, cutdown and replace when block work done. There is a paving/ cobblestone job also to…

I have a seventies brick unit. The old extractor fan has just been removed leaving a hole in the kitchen wall through to the great outdoors,which needs to be repaired.It is currently covered loosely with a piece of…

I have a job requiring the construction of 3-4 additional brick pillars at a property on Lakes Blvd based on existing pillar mailbox design Bricks to be supplied. Please see photos for brick type and pillar…

Relaying brick window sill as mortar has come out and window sill bricks are loose.

Approximately 100 bricks to be laid to patch up where window has come out. Bricks and mortar supplied. Photo shows area to be bricked which is only the papered area. Not above window.

Blocks layed around two walls of garage . 1m high about 18m long. Blocks layed for stairs

Plastering block wall and columns painted to match home Concrete foundation ,steel etc Timber panelling painted to match house Powder-coated Gate and latch

I've a brick fireplace surround that I would like rendered to a smooth finish and also the very top edge of the chimney needs some rendering, chimney is otherwise sound

I require someone to cut to size approx 15 pavers and lay them around my raised planter boxes in a very small courtyard. Must have own tools and be experienced in this type of work.

Brick house. Water penetration at sill level - exterior window sills (2 bedroom windows - 1 window per room). A few of the bricks are loose and some of the joints are damaged/crumbled/missing. They need resetting. …

URGENT: We are looking for a brick layer to rebuild our block fence. As you can see the wall is cracked & on a lean due to several tree roots & trunks that have recently been cut down. New Trellis is to be installed…