Three’s House Rules NZ kicked off this week, and we got to see inside the transformation of Jemma & Alvaro’s Glen Eden home.

Alvaro is a Digital Project Manager, and Jemma is a teacher, so it’s safe to say their renovation experience was limited before entering the show.

The newlyweds share similar backgrounds, with both families being displaced from their homes growing up. So as a result, they shared a desire to have a place which they can truly call their own.

They bought their home as a fixer-upper wanting to make it fit for a family. But they soon realised how much it would really cost to renovate.

For this couple, the opportunity to have their home renovated by four other teams following 5 rules set by them, couldn’t have come at a better time — Let’s see the results!

The reveal: Jemma & Alvaro’s Glen Eden home. Photos: Three’s House Rules NZ

Small spaces, with big potential

The teams working on Jemma & Alvaro’s home this week were dealing with small spaces that had huge potential.

So, we got our BC trade expert KJ to share his advice on making the most of small spaces:

  • Built-in furniture: Consider built-in furniture fixtures as this can save space and add function to the area.

  • Colours: Use lighter colours to give the illusion that the space is bigger.

  • Furniture: Downsize furniture and ensure it is functional and resourceful in the limited space.

  • Doors: Opt for pocket-doors to create separation without taking up room.

  • Decorating: Use vertical mirrors and decor to give the appearance that there is more space, but avoid overcrowding your space.

  • Storage: Prioritise having somewhere to store utilities and other items to avoid clutter.

  • Electrical appliances: Ensure you have electrical appliances tucked away. Small homes are great for adding things like built-in vacuum cleaner systems or wall-mounted TVs.

The reveal: Jemma & Alvaro’s Glen Eden home. Photos: Three’s House Rules NZ

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