Over the next month, we will be asking all of our trade partners to read and agree to our new Code of Conduct.

If you haven’t seen this notification in your account yet, it will be visible over the next month. We’re slowly releasing it to groups of tradies until we get through everyone.

What is the Code of Conduct?

It’s a way of formalising how the vast majority of our trade partners operate, how Builderscrack as a business operates, and to make it clear to everyone using Builderscrack what is expected.

The Code of Conduct brings together key values that create great long-term outcomes for everyone using Builderscrack.

We’ve defined these values in everyday language and put them into the context of how you operate your business and interact with homeowners and Builderscrack, to form our Code of Conduct:


  • Operate with honesty and respect
  • Use Builderscrack in a manner consistent with our Terms & Conditions


  • Maintain professionalism in all aspects of your work, on and off-site.
  • Hold applicable trade licenses, registrations or memberships when undertaking restricted work, and meet the standards or regulations set by your trade’s industry body.
  • Deliver appropriate certifications of work in good time


  • Ensure homeowners understand the work required to complete their job, and what to expect from start to finish.
  • Communicate timing or pricing variations as early as possible.
  • Respond to clients as soon as possible, and notify Builderscrack as soon as you secure work.

What is our motivation for this?

Our motivation is to make it clear what our key values and expectations are in a simple format.

These values are critical to homeowners having a great experience, while growing our trade partners’ ability to secure high-quality work through us.

We will be proudly displaying the Code of Conduct on our site so it’s available for both homeowners and tradespeople to read at any time.

We have also updated our Quick Start Guide for homeowners to include a set of equivalent use guidelines – we believe it’s equally important to remind homeowners that behind the messages are real people with real businesses, and respectful conduct is two-way. You can read the homeowner version here.

Why has this come about now?

Builderscrack has been operating for over a decade. Through this time we’ve identified the key values that create great experiences on our platform for both tradespeople and homeowners.

With our service seeing ongoing growth across both trade and home users, ensuring Builderscrack continues to be known as a service that holds high values and expectations of our users is key to our continued growth and success.

We do on occasion see jobs where expectations aren’t met or an account has operated in a fashion that’s detrimental to all parties involved. By implementing this Code of Conduct and Quick Start Guide, we want to make clear the values and service standards we expect and uphold, and instil confidence in all users of the platform.

What’s next?

We have made other changes over the past few years in this same vein – including more stringent verification processes for trade accounts, and sophisticated fraud & dishonesty algorithms.

Over the next few months, we will be refining our job matching algorithm with the aim to produce more successful matches between homeowners and tradespeople. We’ll be lifting the importance of the volume of jobs a trade partner is being awarded through our platform and customer experience (ratings and reviews) amongst other factors.

If you have any questions on the Code of Conduct please get in touch with our Customer Support team.