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When you've got a job that needs doing around your home, Builderscrack is here to connect you with top quality tradespeople who want to do your job.

Here's how our service works, and how to get the best outcome using it.

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Whether you're ready to post your job or not, you can quickly and easily sign up to Builderscrack. There's no cost for homeowners to join and use our service.

Post your job

Whether you need repairs to renovations – or anything in between – you can find a great tradesperson with Builderscrack. You'll get the best quality tradespeople chasing your job if it is detailed, and includes photos.

We match tradespeople to your job

When we receive a new job post, we consider many things to determine who should receive your job post like; which tradespeople and businesses have the skills you need, what their ratings are; and how responsive have they been to job posts in the past. Once we've put together a suitable pool of tradespeople, we send out your job to them.

Tradesperson chase the job

Tradespeople will use the details of your job post to determine if they'd like to chase it. We'll let you know once you have tradespeople chasing your job so you can begin reviewing their Business information and deciding who you'd like to grant communication access to.

Grant the tradespeople access

Once you've looked over the profiles of the tradespeople chasing your job and decided who you'd like to communicate with, you need to grant them access so they can begin talking with you directly.

Sorting the job details

Now it's time to discuss the details of your job and begin gathering quotes or job costs from the tradespeople you're engaging with. We recommend communicating with tradespeople using the ‘interact' function. This way you've got a digital record of what's been agreed and discussed on a job, ensuring everyone's expectations are the same. Don't be afraid to ask the tradespeople questions – it's your job and your money. You should feel confident you understand what needs to be done and how this is accounted for in any job quote.

Receiving a quote or a job cost

Tradespeople will provide you with either a quote or job cost through Builderscrack. You can review, query, accept or decline the quote or cost. By accepting the quote or cost you are confirming the tradesperson will complete your job.

Dropping a tradesperson

If you decide you're not interested in a tradesperson, you can remove them from chasing your job by dropping them. You can leave a review on their communication style if you'd like.

Awarding the job to the tradesperson

When you've found a tradesperson you like and you're happy for them to complete your job, it's important to award it to them. This confirms that your chosen tradesperson has been secured to complete your job and lets other tradespeople know the job is being undertaken by someone else. We'll ask you to confirm the job cost – if you don't know at this point you can still award the job, and enter the cost once you do.

How do you pay the tradesperson?

Builderscrack doesn't take payment from homeowners, you pay your tradesperson directly for the job. It's not uncommon to pay a deposit on jobs but avoid paying large amounts upfront. Our service is free for homeowners to use and a tradesperson should never pass on their Builderscrack fees to you – if you do encounter this, please let us know.

Job done, review your tradesperson

One of the cornerstones of Builderscrack is the authenticity of our review system and the visibility of reviews for homeowners. If you engage with a tradesperson through Builderscrack, we ask that you review them. Our reviews provide valuable feedback on the tradespeople and ensure homeowners are assessing them based on the most up to date customer experiences available.

Getting the best outcome

Builderscrack has been built to create great outcomes for homeowners and tradespeople. To ensure the success of your job, be sure to keep the following in mind:

Keep job details updated and accurate

  • Ensure your job is awarded to the tradesperson undertaking the work.
  • Assign the job cost as soon as it's known.
  • If anything changes please update your job.

If you are communicating with a tradesperson and you decide you won't use them, please drop them from your job.

Respond to tradespeople quickly and clearly

Responding quickly and clearly to the tradespeople you're in contact with lets them know you're reliable and keen. If you need time to figure out things your end, just let them know. Quick, clear communication is key to building a good relationship, and getting a great outcome.

There are some small fees for tradespeople using our service and occasionally we might request information from you to make sure we're getting these details right, we appreciate timely responses too!

Leave a fair review

Reviews provide valuable insights into how tradespeople operate, the experiences they've given homeowners and ultimately help homeowners to make informed decisions. Reviews are key to tradies building a great profile and reputation on Builderscrack.

So please take the time to leave reviews. Be fair and realistic when measuring the quality of workmanship, if costs aligned with quotes and the tradesperson's communication.

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