How we have improved the service this month…

Changed the way we handle jobs that have been completed without the job value given

When a job was secured and closed without a job value being given, we sent a number of reminders and opportunities to supply the job value. After some time, if the job value was still not supplied, we set the job value to $15,000 and sent an invoice of $750 to the tradie who had secured the work. We have had strong feedback against this functionality. We will no longer be automatically setting the job value to $15,000, and invoicing $750. In cases where a job value is persistently not given, we will be inquiring with homeowners as to the value of the job, and setting it manually. Please remember to add job values to all jobs you secure to eliminate incorrect invoices.

Improved the way we remind you about adding your accreditation/licencing numbers to your account when chasing jobs that may require them

Off the back of some negative publicity around a tradie who appeared on our platform, and undertook restricted work without proper licencing – we’ve added some messaging to remind you to add your licence numbers to your account if you are subscribed to certain categories (building, plumbing, electrical & architecture). We validate this licence. Your account is then endorsed as being licenced for that work, and this is clearly shown to homeowners along with a badge adding further comfort and trust.

Updated the way we verify your details on an ongoing basis

We now require that account holders re-verify and update their details from time to time. This ensures we always have your correct contact details.

Feedback driven improvements across our service

Various improvements related to messaging and minor process improvements.

App improvements

Performance improvements, refreshments and fixes