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THE DESIGNFIRE Architects & Fire Consultants

Architecture & Design
North Shore
THE DESIGNFIRE Architects & Fire consultants We are a team of highly experienced design architects with a strong building compliance background. Our top Auckland architects will work seamlessly on your building projects through every facet of the design process. Our holistic, multi-disciplinary design approach simplifies the process and saves you—the client—time and resources during the building process. We are also very effective with architecture projects where fire engineering des

Hallmark Architectural Ltd

Architecture & Design
Hallmark Architecture Ltd Dependable Architectural Services | Exceptional Designs

Modal Architecture

Architecture & Design
Modal Architecture is a high-performance, sustainable, and lifestyle architectural design firm specialising in residential projects around New Zealand. Our homes are designed to make the best use of natural light, ventilation, and energy efficiency, while still looking good. Our team is passionate about creating environmentally-friendly homes that meet the needs of our clients – from everyday kiwi families to busy professionals or retirees. We believe that good architecture should be accessibl
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Metropolitan Design

Architecture & Design
I am a licensed architectural designer (Design LBP --- ) with nearly ten years of experience in residential design, from single-room renovations to complete concepts to the construction of medium-density developments of up to 50+ residential units. My services are characterized by a clear design process, quality documentation, and clean contemporary design. Drawing from my extensive experience, I can assure you that these elements consistently add economic value to your project, providing a

Versatile Design Ltd

Architecture & Design
Versatile Design is a Boutique Architectural Design practice which offers a complete Architectural service from Concept Design to Building Consent through to Construction. From an intital FREE consultation we will develop your sketched designs by exploring all other alternatives and options in completing your project. No matter how big or small, simple or complex. All projects are managed and directed by a NZ qualified Architectural Designer, with 20 years experience in new residential, re

Reef Architectural Design Ltd

Architecture & Design
Reef Architectural Design Ltd can help you with all your design requirements big or small new builds or renovations from concepts to final working drawings and all documentation required for building consent lodge meant to council including Resource consents if needed. We work closely with clients to ensure they get the results they want, provide the necessary consultants like engineers planners, etc. As I have a Diploma in Quantity Surveying an have project managed jobs in the past and get
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NATIVE Design Workshop

Architecture & Design
Based in Morningside, Auckland, NATIVE Design Workshop works on projects across Aotearoa and the Pacific. We believe that every project is an opportunity to create beautiful spaces for those who use them and that architecture should be available to everyone. With these beliefs, we create beauty through our approach space and use simple and accessible materials to do so. The performance of our buildings and passive design principles are integral to every project we undertake, be it a home in

3DFactory Ltd

Architecture & Design
3D Factory is a boutique architectural design agency specialising in architectural design & photo-realistic imaging. With projects throughout New Zealand, the 3D Factory have experience that crosses many disciplines: from technically demanding earthquake re-builds in Christchurch, to multi-duplex developments in Auckland. We pride ourselves on the ability to combine architectural skill and technically minded logic in order to deliver a successful scheme. Right across to visual communication a

DJP Architects

Architecture & Design
DJP Architects has the ability to deliver small to medium sized commercial, residential and refurbishment projects to an exceptionally high level. We have a wealth of knowledge in all stages of the building process from concept to ensuring the design meets your expectations on site. Director David Phillips has huge experience working for nationally and internationally elite architecture practices such as Peddle Thorp (NZ) and Grid Architects (UK). As a 'project architect' at Grid Architects, Da
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Architecture & Design
Kevinsons Ltd is a reputable company specializing in architectural drafting, decking, lock installations, timber window and door installations, bathrooms and general maintenance work.With a strong focus on craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, Kevinsons Ltd is dedicated to providing top-quality services that enhance the aesthetics and functionality of residential and commercial properties

Five AM Design Studio

Architecture & Design
At Five AM, we provide professional consideration to all aspects of the design and construction process. As well as commercial projects, we specialise in new residential architecture, renovations, and everything in between. Designing high-performance bespoke residential homes is Codi’s passion and he loves working with clients who are enthusiastic about taking on the challenge of something a little different. Codi is a professional member of ADNZ, Superhome Movement, Passive House Inst

Pahnia Skinner Architecture

Architecture & Design
Free lance Designer offering Build & Design services with a solid working background in the construction industry for 20 years available to accomodate projects needs from small renovations to house builds, sub divisions and council consultation.Diploma in Draughting + Architectural Degree, specialising in all aspects of design documentation from 3D models, concept design to full working drawings for council lodgement. Competitive rates, located in central Auckland,LBP registered with Design spe
Showing 1 to 12 of 1812 profiles

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Best Architects in Manukau for Your Project

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Expert Architect and Designer Services in Manukau

Embarking on a construction or renovation project can be an exciting but daunting task for any homeowner. In Manukau, finding the right trade professional to turn your vision into reality is crucial. Architects and designers in this region are well-acquainted with the unique challenges presented by Manukau’s temperate maritime climate, diverse geography, and varied architectural history. From Art Deco houses to modern apartments, they have the expertise to create designs that are both stylish and functional.

Why Choose A Reviewed Professional

Professionalism and safety are paramount when it comes to architectural and design work. That’s why it's beneficial to ask if the architect or designer you hire is registered with the New Zealand Registered Architects Board (NZRAB). Such registration may assure you that they adhere to high professional standards. By choosing a reviewed architect, you can minimise risks and ask about ensuring that your project is completed to high standards of quality.

Adapting to Manukau’s Unique Climate

The changeable weather in Manukau demands innovative and practical architectural solutions. High rainfall paired with mild temperatures calls for effective water drainage systems, while the region’s proximity to the sea means regular breezes that architects can harness with eco-friendly designs such as natural ventilation. Reviewed professionals in the area may have a wealth of experience in designing homes that withstand these elemental challenges, while still remaining aesthetically appealing.

Innovative Solutions for Varied Terrains

Manukau’s diverse landscape requires architects to be adaptable and inventive. Whether your project is set on a slope, a flood-prone area, or a typical suburban lot, skilled architects in Manukau can tailor your design to best fit the site’s specific characteristics. Their familiarity with the local landscape may ensure that your home not only meets but exceeds your expectations, optimising both functionality and beauty.

Ensuring Structural Integrity in High-Wind Areas

High winds are another consideration when building or renovating in parts of Manukau. Architects in the area are adept at incorporating wind-resistant features into their plans, providing you with peace of mind. Their comprehensive approach can ensure that your home is not only built to last but also to withstand the environmental challenges common in the region.

Collaborate for Success

Effective communication is key to a successful project. Regular consultations with your architect or designer will ensure that your construction or renovation project remains on track and any concerns are promptly addressed. Engaging a reviewed professional provides you with the expertise and support needed to navigate any challenges, ensuring your vision is realised seamlessly and to your satisfaction.

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