Zeppelin, the Swedish Vallhund, has been a long awaited addition to one couples home. But before this bundle of energy could be let outside, some backyard gate improvements were necessary…

MJ’s dream dog had always been a Swedish Vallhund. After moving to Christchurch and settling in, the time was finally right to make this dream come true.

MJ and her husband, Josh, tracked down a breeder, got themselves on the list, and settled in to wait for their ball of fluff to arrive. Once they got word their new family member was on his way, they went about preparing for his arrival. At the top of the list was “puppy proofing” their backyard gate.

The Problem

They wanted to feel secure letting Zeppelin out into the backyard without the worry of him escaping, and their existing gate wasn’t doing enough in the way of reassurance. The gate was wire mesh, potentially “quite chewable” for those razor sharp milk teeth. This is where Builderscrack enters the story…

The Solution

MJ, a self confessed millennial that likes a good email trail over phone calls, turned to Builderscrack. A “no brainer”, having used it several times in the past. “We used the platform for a lot of jobs on our first place when we were doing it up to sell, anything we couldn’t do ourselves we put on Builderscrack and it was really amazing”.

Having posted her job, MJ sat back and waited for tradies to chase.

Choosing a Tradie

After waiting 24hours to allow all interested tradies the chance to chase, MJ used the reviews to decide which three to grant contact.

The tradie she ended up awarding the job to was Anthony from A & K Contracting. MJ had used Anthony before, so when he chased her job she had no hesitation granting contact. She still did her due diligence though, and talked with the other two tradies to compare all their quotes.

Anthony came out on top and was awarded the job.

The Job

Anthony has a great deal of experience working with wood, having been a joiner for years. Most recently, he built his own house after it was damaged in the Christchurch earthquakes, so building a gate was a breeze. He offered his expert advice on how to build it, agreed to fit a lock and even “suggested he could do the gate in the same pattern as the rest of the fence, which was great”. 

The Result

The end result was a beautifully executed lockable wooden gate, that perfectly matched the existing fence pattern. The workmanship by Anthony was excellent, both in the wood and in the steel work. The only thing left to do for the couple is a coat of paint. Something they plan on doing when they paint the whole fence.

MJ’s Advice For Other Homeowners

Having successfully completed her most recent job, MJ shares her tips on using Builderscrack and picking the best tradie.

“I think the real key is being discerning about who you accept contact with, that’s how you get really great quotes”.

Her top tips are:

  • Wait 24 hours  – to allow time for all interested tradies to chase your job
  • Reviews – read reviews and be discerning, rather than going with the first tradie that contacts you
  • Compare quotes – to make sure you are getting a fair price
  • Messaging system – use the Builderscrack messaging system to keep a record of all your interactions

Thoughts on The Tradie

“We can’t say enough good things about Anthony! He gave us a really thorough quote, the work was completed quickly and efficiently, and we now have a fantastic new puppy-proof gate!”

Thoughts on Builderscrack

“Anything that comes up now that we can’t do ourselves, we’re just like, oh yeah, I’ll stick that on Builderscrack…I just think it’s such a great tool, technologically amazing and everyone should use it”.