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    Thanks for getting in touch Ron, we really appreciate getting feedback from tradies, its a crucial part in helping us improve our service and support. So thanks for raising your thoughts on the verification of both tradespersons and homeowners. Firstly, we will always do our absolute best supporting a tradie, with any issues they encounter, including Homeowner related.

    Secondly, as it happens we are currently looking into reworking the sign up process for Homeowners, which will cover the issue you raise.

    Thanks again

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    Ron Sperber

    As a tradie I entirely endorse the verification system proposed by Builders’ Crack. It will weed out fly-by-nighters and dodgy sorts. It’s great to see Builder’s Crack do due diligence for homeowners, but how about due diligence for tradies as well? In other words, how can tradies be sure their clients, for example landlords, are giving their real name, billing address and other details. Sure, the tradie can ask for these, but asking to require proof of ID or address would be a bit of an affront to many clients. Of course the vast majority are great homeowners/clients who appreciate good work, but you do get some bad eggs. I would feel greatly reassured that if clients fail to pay and don’t provide (accurate) details then Builders Crack can at least supply enough details for them to be served with legal action successfully. Have you got our backs on this one Builders’ Crack?

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