In the days and weeks after an earthquake, priorities turn towards repairing the damage to your home. We’ve put together this handy post to give you some tips on repairing your home after an earthquake.  Your first step should be to contact the Earthquake Commission and your insurance company to register a claim. They will advise you on what steps need to happen before the damage can be repaired. You can however, do an immediate clean up and repairs around your home. For more information about this, please read our article What Can I Clean Up After an Earthquake?

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What Can I Clean Up After an Earthquake?

During a large earthquake, considerable damage can be done to both your home and your belongings. While the first thought is to clean up the mess yourself, should you be calling the professionals to come and do it or your insurance company first?


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Earthquakes are unpredictable and the best form of defence is to be prepared. Keeping a well-stocked survival kit with food, water and other essential supplies is one way we can care for our family after a shake. We can also prepare our homes too, with the aim to avoid as much damage as we can to both the building and our family members. Read on to learn more about earthquake preparedness for your home and family.

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At some point in your life, your home may become too small for your family. Undertaking a major renovation such as adding a house extension will give you extra space. But are you better off building a second floor instead? Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages between adding a storey verses building a new addition.

House Extension

How to Choose Between Another Storey or a House Extension

A need for extra space in your home is why most renovations are undertaken. Depending on the size of your backyard, you can choose to build up or build out. (more…)

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Smart homes are the way of the future and 2017 will see more use of these automated features within our homes. Created to make life simpler for homeowners, intelligent homes are still seen as a luxury rather than a necessity by many. However, we’re 100% certain in that you’ll want these must see smart home features as much as we do!

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