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ometimes, its the simple home improvements that make the biggest difference, without breaking the bank or turning your home into a construction site.

Whether you’re looking to increase functionality, or just give your home a fresh look for the new year, a little investment can go a long way in transforming your home.

So, if you’ve got a bit of extra cash in your pocket this year, consider these five home improvement jobs under $3,000 to kickstart your 2024.

Weather is unpredictable, but your home doesnt have to suffer the consequences

#1: Exterior Upkeep Is Key

When it comes to your home, it’s easy to fall into the trap of ‘what’s out of sight, is out of mind’. But it’s never too late to start the year off fresh with a few simple exterior odd jobs.

  • Exterior jobs: Roof Leaks, Timber Repairs, Cladding Repairs, Spouting & Downpipes

  • Price range: From $100 – $2,000+ (See our Cost Estimator)

  • Trades: Roofers, Builders, Painters, Landscapers

Exterior maintenance and repair jobs not only protect your home from the elements, they can also contribute to better energy efficiency all year round.

Even minor adjustments, like adding door seals, can create a more inviting and cosy home for your and your family. And, a skilled tradie will bring the quality and expertise to seal those gaps, and fortify your home against draughts and harsh weather down the line.

Regular appliance check ups can help prevent disruptions to your day-to-day

#2: Assess Your Appliances

Appliances are the unsung heroes of our daily lives, silently supporting us until they decide it’s time to call it a day.

So, instead of rushing into replacements, consider assessing, maintaining and repairing these appliances to bring them back up to scratch.

  • Appliance jobs: Ovens, Stoves & Cooktops, Washing Machines & Dryers, Fridges & Freezers, Aircon & Heating

  • Price range: From $100 – $500

  • Trades: Appliance Technicians, Handymen

Fortunately, most appliances these days have built-in smart technology, allowing you to monitor the health of your appliances in real-time.

However, even those technologies need a proactive approach towards keeping them maintained and functional, so that you can avoid in disruptions to your day-to-day.

A reliable appliance technician or handyman can assess and repair your everyday essentials, and even potentially extend their lifespan for years to come.

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A tradie can transform your home’s interior in a matter of days

#3: Spruce Up Your Indoors

Your living area is said to be a reflection of you, and sometimes a simple refresh with a few simple home improvements is all it takes to make the space feel near new again.

  • Indoor jobs: Ceiling Repairs, Repainting, Furniture Assembly, Curtains & Blinds

  • Price range: From $100 – $3,000+ (See our Cost Estimator)

  • Trades: Painters, Plasterers, Builders, Handymen, Curtain & Blind Specialists

Small indoor changes not only elevate your home’s aesthetics but also contribute to its functionality. And the best part is, you get to choose the vibe.

So, whether you’re experimenting with colours, themes, lighting, or furniture, or simply addressing cracks and chipped paint, a skilled tradie can work wonders, transforming your indoor space in a matter of days.

A clean home lays the groundwork for identifying hidden repairs and maintenance

#4: Spring Cleaning All Year Round

Forget the notion that spring cleaning is a once-a-year affair. Keep that fresh, clutter-free feeling alive all year long with these simple home improvements.

  • Cleaning jobs: Moving & Removals, Cleaning Services, Oven Cleaning, Pest Control, Mould Removal

  • Price range: From $100 – $400

  • Trades: Waste Removalist, Cleaner, Pest Control Expert

There’s nothing more satisfying than starting the new year with a fresh space. Not only does it keep your home looking sharp, it also creates a healthier living environment.

Additionally, a clean home lays the groundwork for identifying hidden repair and maintenance tasks, setting the stage for what you might need to prepare for in future.

Restoring order to an overgrown backyard may be all you need to visualise your dream outdoor space

#5: Freshen Up Your Backyard

If your goal this year is to unwind in a backyard oasis, then start by organising your outdoors.

  • Odd jobs for backyard: Lawns, Gardening (weeding, trimming trees, mulching), Tree Removal, Green Waste Removal

  • Price range: From $100 – $1,000 (See our Cost Estimator)

  • Trades: Landscaper, Gardener

Whether you prefer a more hands on approach to your backyard, or if you want it to thrive with little to no effort, consider hiring a professional landscaper or gardener who can provide the expertise to ensure it thrives all year round.

Alternatively, restoring order to an overgrown backyard may be all you need to visualise your outdoor space without the long wait and hefty costs.

Allocate your spare cash with something low-cost and less time-consuming.

In essence, these five simple home improvements under $3,000 offer you the chance to breathe new life into your home without the stress of doing a major renovation.

Whether you choose to tackle multiple simple home improvements at once, or if you decide to space them out over the year, either way youre love and care will always be an investment.

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