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Windows & Doors
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Replacement window  to match bench height
Replacement window with  head flashing
French doors in thermally modified wood
Replacement laundry window
Louvres replaced with split rail sashes
Display shelves in black walnut
Fascia repairs to original pattern
Flyscreen door
Verandah screen window
Replacement sill and jambs

Specialising in the repair and replacement of timber windows and doors, we know how to make your timber joinery perform as intended.
Providing a pragmatic, customer oriented service, we repair, build and fit quality replacement windows using time- proven methods and quality materials to maintain and enhance the value and appeal of your home. We glaze our own work, ensuring this work is completed on time and to a high standard.
We work throughout the greater Auckland area and travel is no issue.

- All styles of timber windows and doors repaired, rebuilt or replaced
- Sill and frame repair or replacement
- Window un-sticking and hinge replacement
- Custom doors and windows
- Sash cords replaced and sash windows re-glazed and rebalanced
- Replacement sashes made and fitted, to replace rotten or damaged units. Yes, we can match all the original dimensions and profiles.
-Replacement doors supplied and hung
- Seals fitted to all types of timber windows to eliminate cold drafts and reduce noise intrusion.
- Healthy Homes compliance work- improving ventilation, ensuring windows operate easily and can be secured, eliminating drafts, replacing louver windows and fitting weather seals
- Window hardware supplied and fitted
- Glass replacement and re-putty work
- Quality weatherboard, scriber and exterior trim repair work
- Solid timber cabinetmaking
- Reglazing and rebalancing of double-hung (sash) windows
- Sash cord replacement
-Leadlight and coloured glass repairs
- Heritage building windows
-Replacement mouldings, brackets and other period details
-Replacement sashes for double glazing

What we do
Residential Building, Furniture & Cabinetry, Windows & Doors, Timber & Vinyl Flooring, Glazing & Glass, Locks, Kitchens & Bathrooms, Handymen Services
Areas served
Auckland, Franklin, Manukau, North Shore, Papakura, Waitakere, Waikato
Business type
Sole Trader

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Rotten window replaced to original pattern
Replacement window- sill height raised to suit kitchen bench
New cedar sashes glazed in opalucent glass
Replacement double hung window- sill height raised to fit kitchen bench
Replacement sash window
Bungalow bay window sill...
sill rotten through...
sill replaced, sealed and painted
Replacement kitchen window
Replacement laundry window including head flashing to pattern
Replacement window with night sash added
French doors in Thermowood and laminated glass
Bay window roof in cedar shingles
Replacement laundry window to original pattern
Laundry window interior
Replacement tilting sash to original pattern
Replacements for louver windows
Replacements for louver windows
Replacement front door and frame
Replacement shingles- only lasted 110 years
Examples of previous work

Windows and doors....

New front door in original frame
Replacement sashes fitted into original frame
Replacement windows
Single sash changed to split rail style
Glazed porch
Screen door
Bench seat in Macrocarpa
with useful storage
Barn doors on pantry
Display shelving inBlack Walnut
Wall niches in White  Oak
Planter in recycled timber
Replacement front door
Floating shelves in Black Walnut
Replacement corner facings
The BIG barn door
Replacement window ready to be fitted
Fitted window seat
Replacement double-hung window
Glazed porch
Examples of previous work

Windows, and doors, and some special showcase jobs...

Rebuilt bay sash windows- new external sill, jambs and replacement sashes. All to match original.
Rebuilt bay sash window- including relaid Kauri floor.
Replacement front door
Repaired verandah screen- replacement lower rail and mullions to match original
Replacement "Venetian" style window to original pattern
Windows unstuck, new sash cords, beads and fasteners
Upper sash unstuck, replacement pulleys, new sash cords, beads and fasteners
Repaired and reglazed cedar sash
Replacement verandah screen window including glazing
Double hung window rebuilt with new cill and jambs to original pattern
Double window rebuilt with new cill and jambs
Replacement sash to match original pattern
Replacement sash to replace rotten or broken sash, fitted and glazed
Classic timber joinery to replace louver window
Replacement window to replace rotten original
Sash, jamb and sill repairs, St Bride's Church, Mauku
Sash repairs and sill replacement, St Bride's Church, Mauku
Louver replacements
Curved Birch plywood seats
Bathroom shelf in recycled Rimu
Examples of previous work

Windows, mainly windows...

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Final cost kept to the quoted cost
Job kept to schedule
Professional and responsive
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