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Malhi Tiling & Renovation limited

Floor & Wall Tiling

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Floor & Wall Tiling, Waterproofing
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Auckland, Franklin, Hauraki Islands, Manukau, North Shore, Papakura, Rodney, Waitakere, Waiheke Island
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New Zealand Tile Association

Modern Bathroom Renovation Black & Grey

We recently completed a stunning bathroom renovation for a satisfied client, transforming the space into a modern oasis. Scope of Work: · Removed existing fixtures, tiles, and fittings · Installed new black and grey tiles on walls and floor · Painted the interior bathroom walls and ceiling black · Installed new bathroom fixtures, including vanity, toilet, and shower · Added modern lighting and accessories Result: · A sleek and modern bathroom with a cohesive black and grey color scheme · Increased functionality and usability · A bathroom that exudes luxury and sophistication We're proud to showcase this project as an example of our expertise in bathroom renovations. Contact us to discuss your own bathroom renovation project!

Shower Leak Repair: Watertight Solution

Is your shower leaking and causing damage to your bathroom floor or walls? Our expert technicians will diagnose and repair the issue, ensuring a watertight seal and restoring your peace of mind. Scope of Work: · Identify and repair the source of the leak · Apply Ardex waterproofing membrane to the shower area · Install new shower seals and grout, sealed with Sika products · Replace damaged or rotten flooring and walls as needed · Test and ensure a watertight shower enclosure Result: · A leak-free shower that prevents further water damage · Improved safety and reduced risk of slipping hazards · A refreshed and renewed bathroom space, protected by the industry-leading waterproofing technology of Ardex and Sika. Trust us to fix the leak and get your shower back to its optimal condition, with the added assurance of top-quality waterproofing products!"

This one is another toilet renovation
Timeless Elegance Toilet Remodeling Project

Transform your toilet into a serene oasis with our remodeling expertise! Scope of Work: · Wall and floor tiles replaced with light grey tiles for a clean and modern look · Feature tile installed to resemble brown wooden color tile, adding warmth and texture · New vanity installed with ample storage and counter space · Fresh paint and finishing touches to complete the look Result: · A tranquil and sophisticated toilet space that exudes elegance and calmness · Increased functionality and storage with the new vanity · A perfect blend of modern and natural elements with the light grey and wood-like tiles Get ready to unwind in your new relaxing retreat!

Hill Road, Manurew, Auckland
Old look
New look In Golden Oasis
Shower Niche
Gold Bathroom Remodeling design

Step into the epitome of luxury with this breathtaking gold-accented bathroom! The shower interior shines with gold accents, setting the tone for a lavish experience. The shower mixer and rain shower head gleam in gold, providing a spa-like ambiance. The vanity tape and gold trims add a touch of sophistication, while the window and door skirting adorned with gold accents elevate the space to new heights. Even the shower waste and towel rail are finished in gold, ensuring a cohesive and opulent look. This bathroom is a true masterpiece, perfect for those who appreciate the finest details and crave a space that exudes glamour and luxury.

· Tiling · Waterproofing · Bathroom remodeling · New build house · Renovation

“Services: · Tiling · Waterproofing · Bathroom remodeling · New build house · Renovation · Shower leak repair · Regrout & silicone Scope of work: We, top-tiler, proudly partner with trusted suppliers Tile Depot and Tile Space to deliver exceptional bathroom renovations. Our projects feature industry-leading products from Ardex, Sika, Bostik, and Mapei, ensuring long-lasting and waterproof results. · Comprehensive waterproofing membranes and systems · Thorough sealing and tapping of all areas, including taps, vanity, toilet, shower, and corners · Tiling (inside & outside) · Waterproofing services for: · Bathrooms · Balcony, patio, or exterior cladding · Grouting and silicone sealing Contact us today to discuss your new build house bathroom, bathroom renovation project & other tiling work and let us help you create a beautiful, functional, and waterproof space that exceeds your expectations!”

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